Especially after IKON released “Love Scenario” in 2018. The song became a hit, it plays all over the country. Not only K-pop fans, but even non-Kpop fans and the kids are liking the song too. It became a trend to the point that elementary school students think if they don’t know “Love Scenario” then they are not cool. IKON might be one of the big groups in K-pop, but let’s admit that we don’t really talk about them. Some fans think that IKON got mistreatment in their company. IKON rarely released a new song whereas other K-pop groups released new songs more than once a year. So, let’s talk about one of the members in IKON to appreciate their hard work. It’s Song Yunhyeong, one of the eldest members of IKON. Check out more about Yunhyeong in the sections below!

IKON’s Yunhyeong’s Profile

Full Name: Song Yunhyeong Given Name: Yunhyeong Stage Name: Yunhyeong/ 윤형 Korean Name: 송윤형 Nickname: Yoyo, Song Chef, Song Ajae, Song Bokchi, etc Birth Date: February 8, 1990 Birth Place: Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Nationality: Korean Height: 174 cm Weight: 58 kg Blood Type: A Family: Parents, younger sister Education: Hanlim Arts High School Position: Sub vocalist, visual Instagram: @sssong_yh Debut Year: 2015 Agency: YG Entertainment Group: iKon

IKON’s Yunhyeong’s Facts

Yunhyeong really likes lip balm from Nivea, he became the brand ambassador of Nivea because of that. Yunhyeong’s motto is everything begins with etiquette. Yunhyeong has saved Junhoe’s life one time when he almost drowns. Yunhyeong and Chanwoo are being called Twin Monster because of Bobby in “Mix and Match” Yunhyeong’s MBTI type is ENFJ. Yunhyeong can speak English. Yunhyeong sometimes gets mistaken as the oldest.

IKON’s Yunhyeong’s Pre Debut

Song Yunhyeong or we can just call him by his given name, Yunhyeong, was born in Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. He lived with his parents along with his little sister. Yunhyeong spent his childhood and teenage life there. However, after he graduated from middle school, Yunhyeong went to an art school and majored in acting. Yunhyeong has been dreaming to be an entertainer since he was young. That’s why he enrolled in Hanlim Multi Arts High School and learned acting there. But one day, there’s an audition for a K-pop agency, YG Entertainment. Yunhyeong would like to give it a try. Who knows that he could be accepted or not, at least he would have the experience after that. But Yunhyeong’s choice to join YG Entertainment’s audition was really a destiny. He passed the audition after sing two songs and showed a few dance moves. Yunhyeong learned some dances in school, so he showed that dance when he auditioned. Actually, Yunhyeong also wasn’t really into music, so he just sang the songs that he likes at that time. It only took two days after the audition until he got the notice about the result. Yunhyeong was so shocked and excited at the same time. Although he prepared to be an actor instead of a singer, he was ready to learn more to sing and dance as YG Entertainment’s idol.

IKON’s Yunhyeong in Who Is Next

Yunhyeong appeared on the public for the first time when he was introduced as YG Entertainment’s trainee. Yunhyeong was included in the line-up for “Who Is Next”, the survival show of YG Entertainment’s trainees to get the upcoming boy group from YG Entertainment. The show aired in Mnet starting from August 24, 2013, until October 27, 2013. There were 11 trainees who are Lee Seunghoon, Kim Jinwoo, Song Minho, Kang Seungyoon, Nam Taehyun, Kim Jinhwan, Song Yunhyeong, Bobby, B.I, Koo Junhoe, and Kim Donghyuk. All of them divided into two teams, the five older ones get into Team A, while the rest joined Team B. Yunhyeong was a part of Team B along with Jinhwan, Bobby, B.I, Junhoe, and Donghyuck. They were practicing some songs and did some challenges on each episode to compete against Team A. There was also an episode where YG Entertainment’s trainees had a battle against JYP Entertainment’s trainees. Those trainees of JYP later known as GOT7 and Day6’s members. Let’s see some clips of Yunhyeong in “Who Is Next”!

Although Yunhyeong along with other members in Team B did really well, but the final decision has made. It said that the team that is going to debut is Team A. They will be a group of five people, just like the line-up of Team A, and their name will be WINNER. Then again, the vote has shown that Team A won the competition, they also had a solid talent. But it was a pity since Team B was also great, they just had a different style with Team A. So, the last episode of Who Is Next was really touching the fans’ hearts, both Team A and Team B supporters.

IKON’s Yunhyeong in Mix and Match

It’s not that fans don’t like Team A and they don’t want them to debut as WINNER. It’s just the fact that Team B would not be debuting despite their struggles that made fans upset. Especially, after fans see how much effort they have given during their trainee days and the show as well. So, the fans who already fall in love with Team B signed a petition to keep them together as a group. They wanted YG Entertainment to debuting Team B as the new boy group as well. Because of this, YG Entertainment created another survival show called “Mix and Match” which aired starting from September 11, 2014, until November 6, 2014. The show aimed to have a new boy group based on Team B. But there were three other trainees added to the show, that could be joining Team B as well. There were three members that have been a fix member of Team B. It’s B.I, Bobby, and Jinhwan. The three of them filled the rap, composing, and vocal parts. While the other trainees needed to secure their position in Team B. Let’s see some clips of Yunhyeong in “Mix and Match”!

The fans had to vote to decide which members that will be in Team B and debuted as YG Entertainment’s new boy group. While the other members that couldn’t join will leave the agency.

IKON’s Yunhyeong’s Debut with Ikon

Yunhyeong’s journey to be the Yunhyeong from IKON that we know today was quite challenging. He didn’t insist to be an idol at first. As you may know, he enrolled acting department in high school. He probably thought of auditioning as an actor after he graduated. But in fact, he joined a K-pop audition and passed. He also needed to face two competitions, “Who Is Next” in 2013 and “Mix and Match” in 2014. Even though Yunhyeong couldn’t debut in 2013, he still had a second chance in 2014. The final episode of “Mix and Match” showed that the fixed line-up for Team B is B.I, Bobby, Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, Junhoe, Donghyuk, and Chanwoo. In September 2014, YG Entertainment revealed that their new boy group’s name would be IKON. And later after the “Mix and Match” show ended, Team B that we know from “Who Is Next” changed their name to be IKON. However, IKON didn’t debut right after the show ended. The seven of them prepared for the debut for several months. Since they have loyal fans, the fans were fine waiting for them until they officially debut. Finally, on September 15, 2015, IKON released a pre-single called “My Type”. Let’s see the music video of “My Type”, and you will know if they are your type or not!

And now, it’s time to see IKON’s live performance for their song called “My Type”!

What do you think about IKON’s debut era? They really produced hot stuffs since the day 1. Yunhyeong may be lacking in some factors back then. But he trained so hard that he was capable to became one of the members of IKON. Good job, Yunhyeong!

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