On top of having the visual and the skills (three positions at once!), Jian is also a very thoughtful team leader that can lead the group very well. Are you curious to know him better and get personal with him? If so, scroll down the article below to find out all the details!

Full Profile of IMFACT’s Jian

Stage Name: Jian (지안) Birth Name: Lee Dae-kwang (이대광), but he legally changed his name to Lee Ji-an (이지안) Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist Date of Birth: November 8th, 1993 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Height: 174 cm (5’8”) Blood Type: O  

Fun Facts about IMFACT’s Jian

He likes to read history books He participated in the composing of their debut song along with Eung-jae, titled “Lollipop,” especially the rap part He and Taeho created the choreography for the debut song “IMFACT” He can speak Japanese He’s afraid of heights Making raps and doing choreography are his specialties He was a backup dancer for B1A4 and Juniel He participated in the KBS2 survival program The Unit, but he was eliminated and ranked 49th overall One of his wishes was to invite his parents to go on a trip to Japan He is the member who cooks the best He is considered the ‘Mother’ of the group because he cooks for the members and wakes them up in the morning


IMFACT’s Jian’s Appearance In The Unit

In 2017, a year after IMFACT’s debut, things were going quite well when they created a project called IMFACTORY, held a mini fan meeting and mini-concert, as well as releasing digital singles like “In the Club,” “Please Be My First Love,” and “Tension Up.” Although the group hadn’t met a big mainstream success, their projects were quite full for the year. And that’s why it kinda surprised the public when it was revealed that the members of IMFACT were taking part in a survival program called The Unit that aired on KBS2 in September that year. The program itself was intended for groups or solo artists who have debuted but have not received the spotlight from the public. Four of the five members of IMFACT, namely Jian, Jeup, Taeho, and Ungjae decided to appear in The Unit and they all passed the auditions. Aside from IMFACT, many idol groups that are also not really well known to the public also appeared on the show such as Big Star, Brave Girls, LABOUM, Dal Shabet, and others.

The group’s stable voices and synchronized dance wowed the judges at the audition and the judges decided to pass all of them. In the show, Jian continued to wow the judges and other contestants with his amazing rap skills and performances.

But sadly, he had to be eliminated and ranked 49th in the show. The other contestants were sad when he was eliminated. Although he was eliminated, he said that he gained a lot of experience in the show and he learned a lot. He said that it was “a valuable experience.”

It’s such an unfortunate piece of news that he was eliminated so early in the show. But even though he didn’t win and get to debut in The Unit’s group project, he still gave a priceless gift to the fans with his unwavering passion and determination. He deserved the best outcome. A fan compiled the reasons why Jian deserved to be still on The Unit. Check out the video below to find out about the reasons!


Things You Should Know About IMFACT’s Jian

Almost all the fans agree that Jian is a massive dork. He didn’t mind acting silly and making funny gestures. Basically, he is a living meme. You don’t have to be afraid that things will get awkward when Jian is in the room because he will brighten up the aura where he’s in. He’s very talkative and full of expressions.

He also likes to give fan service to the IF (IMFACT’s fandom) and likes to communicate with them. He said that he went to the fan café and turned on the V-Live broadcast often because he wanted to use all channels to communicate with the fans. He’s also very deep and articulate. He said that he liked to write up all of his emotions into writing when he’s in the middle of composing songs. He said that it’ll help him. It’s no wonder that he’s very articulate since he likes to read (especially history books). We stan the smart king!

On top of it all, Jian is a really great leader. He is considered the ‘Mother’ of the group because he cooks for the members and wakes them up in the morning. He is also the member who cooks the best and he likes to break the ice in the room. In conclusion, he’s a very attentive person both to his fans and his members. He is also involved in the group’s music-making. He participated in the composition of their debut song along with maknae Eung-jae, titled “Lollipop,” especially the rap part. He also created the choreography for the debut song of IMFACT with fellow member Taeho.  

IMFACT’s ‘Clumsy’ Leader

Despite all of his awesomeness, Jian also has a weakness and that is he is actually very clumsy.

There are already so many videos and records of his clumsiness such as falling off the chair suddenly, dropping something on the floor, etc.

Despite all that, this clumsy trait of his actually makes fans fall even deeper in love with him. Since he feels relatable, fans feel close to their idol, like there’s no wall separating them from Jian. That’s why his imperfection is one of the things that make him perfect xixixi.  

IMFACT’s Jian & Jeup’s Shipper

In IMFACT, fans are no stranger to the group’s shipping. They like to pair up the members because of their strong bond and teamwork, so it seems that all of them are really close to each other.

One of the most famous ships of the group is Jian and Jeup, often shortened as JeJi couple. Fans started to ship the two when Jian revealed that he went on a business trip with Jeup (yes, just the two of them) and he praised Jeup’s looks by telling him that he has sharp features and looks very manly, but in the end, he’s actually very cute. Since then, the two of them often showed off their bromance in front of the camera. Often, Jian can be seen showing his attentive side to Jeup such as feeding him. Jeup is also very clingy to Jian and they even are not afraid of showing skinship such as kissing the cheek and holding hands. Both of them are looking really cute and really in love with each other kkk. We approve!


Focus Fan-cam

As we already said before, Jian is a very talented member. His main position is rapper but he can also dance and sing, and he’s good at it! It’s no wonder that he’s a great dancer since choreographing is his passion. In the fan-cams, he looks really focused and passionate about the performance; it is shown in the way he moves and sings. Check out his fan-cams below to see how talented he is!


Only U

In 2020, IMFACT surprised fans when they revealed that they would be releasing a new song and album in April 2020. One year after their last comeback with the single album “Only U” on January 24th, 2019, they startled fans by releasing a teaser photo which displays the word “거짓말이야” which translates to “Lie.”

They released the song and MV on April 20th, 2020, as a pre-release of the group’s upcoming mini-album L.L. The song “Lie” dives into the question, “If all promises made between lovers are lies, then isn’t the farewell that you spoke of also a lie?” and composed by member Eungjae along with Yoo Jong Hoon, HOKID, etc. Meanwhile, a week later, they released their first mini-album L.L on April 28th, 2020, KST. The album consists of the songs titled “I’m Fine,” “Lie,” “LALIDA,” “WiFi,” “Don’t Say Anything,” and “When This Stage Ends.” Check out the full tracklist below and don’t forget to take a listen! So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding the multi-talented yet clumsy leader of IMFACT, Jian! What do you think about him? Have you already fallen in love with him, just like us? If so, kindly show your love and support in the comment box below!

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