So, are you curious to get to know him better and get personal with him? If so, scroll down the article below to find out all the details!  

Full Profile of IMFACT’s Taeho

Stage Name: Taeho (태호) Birth Name: Kim Won-jin, but he legally changed it to Kim Tae-ho (김태호) Position: Main Dancer, Main Vocalist Date of Birth: November 1st, 1993 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Height: 172 cm (5’8”) Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs) Blood Type: O Instagram: @11taeho_1  

Fun Facts about IMFACT’s Taeho

He was the last member to join the group He has undergone training at Happy Face Entertainment and MBK Entertainment Initially, he was not part of the group but then he replaced another trainee who left the agency Actually, his birth name was Kim Wong-jin, and he later changed it to Kim Tae-ho, which means ‘bright star’ He helped write and compose IMFACT’s debut songs and also choreographed IMFACT’s debut song He can speak Chinese Cooking is his hobby His specialties are lyrics writing, songs composing, and choreography Michael Jackson is his role model He also likes Queen and Freddie Mercury His nicknames are Baby Body and Beast Face He is the shortest member of IMFACT He pays great attention to his hair and can’t get away from the mirror and hair oil His nickname from Sang is Thanos He is the only member of the group who can’t successfully do a cartwheel He has a driving license He takes the most time to get ready The only things he would want if he was ever stranded would be a mirror, a hairdryer, and an iron When he warms up for vocal training, he screams He participated in an EBSkids’s show titled Scienstar Q “Do thinks to the very end of my life,” is his motto He participated in the KBS2’s survival program The Unit along with other IMFACT members and finished at rank 27


IMFACT’s Taeho’s Appearance In The Unit

In 2017, a year after IMFACT’s debut, things were working quite well when they created a project called IMFACTORY, held a mini fan meeting and a mini-concert, as well as released some digital singles like “In the Club,” “Please Be My First Love,” and “Tension Up.” Although the group hadn’t met a big mainstream success, their schedule was quite full for the year. And that’s why it kinda surprised the public when it was revealed that the members of IMFACT were taking part in a survival program called The Unit that aired on KBS2 in September that year. The program itself was intended for groups and solo artists who have debuted but have not received the spotlight from the public. Four of the five members of IMFACT namely Jian, Jeup, Taeho, and Ungjae decided to appear on The Unit and they all passed the auditions. Aside from IMFACT, many idol groups that are also not really well known to the public appeared on the show such as Big Star, Brave Girls, LABOUM, Dal Shabet, and others.

The group’s stable voices and synchronized dancing wowed the judges at the audition and the judges decided to pass all of them.

In the show, Taeho showcased his talent which is being the vocalist. He wowed the judge with his stable singing skills, especially in the episode of vocal position battle, when he hit the high note perfectly with his smooth voice.

On top of it, as a decent dancer, he also captured the viewers’ attention with his smooth moves.

Sadly, he didn’t manage to get to the final line-up and debut with the show’s project group. But his appearance in the show was also a success since he finished at the 27th rank.  

Things You Should Know About IMFACT’s Taeho

As we’ve already covered, Taeho is a very talented singer. He LOVES singing and doing cover songs. And not only singing, but he is also quite passionate about doing music as he got talents in lyrics writing, song composing, and choreography. He even helped to write and compose IMFACT’s debut songs and also choreographed IMFACT’s debut song. That’s how much talent and passion he has.

He knows he got the talent AND the face, and that’s why he is such a self-assured and confident guy. He really loves himself, and that is a good thing! In a world where there are many insecurities and doubts, he conquers it by being sure of himself and that’s wonderful.

And well, he is very well-loved by his fans and the other members. Seriously, the other members are really loving him and enjoy cling to him. And we get why!

I mean who can resist this cutie, right?

A post shared by 태호 (@11taeho_1) on Sep 7, 2020 at 8:32am PDT And we STAN an aesthetic king!  

IMFACT’s Taeho’s YouTube Channel

Maybe people are already aware of this. But for those of you who don’t know, Taeho has a knack for content creating! When he’s not busy filling his schedule with the idol thing, he is busying himself by making YouTube content on his own. His content varies from vlogging his daily activities to doing a cover song. His YouTube is currently doing well with over 5.4K subscribers. His fans must be spoiled by the constant content that he shares.

It’s really surprising how he pays so much attention to making content with such an aesthetic quality. Even the production value of his cover videos deserves a thumb up.

Well, it is no wonder that he is such an aesthetic king since even his Instagram feed is really organized. He likes posting grids and all.

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