When summer comes, everything shines brighter than before, and the sun gets hotter. But, almost everyone loves summer. And, in the summer, a refreshing and cheerful song suits summer well. One song that suits accompanying summer is TWICE‘s song “In the Summer.” Just like the title, the song mainly talks about days in the summer. “In the Summer” is the seventh song on the Perfect World album. It is a TWICE Japanese album that was released on July 28th, 2021, not long after their Korean comeback “Alcohol Free.” The Perfect World album that was released by Warner Music Japan has ten tracks in total, and the genre gives a different feeling.

Background of “In the Summer”

Marking their first Japanese album in 2021, TWICE announced that they would soon release a Japanese album. The first announcement was posted on their SNS account with a teaser picture and the date of the album release along with the album title Perfect World. After the release of the first picture teaser, TWICE released the tracklist for Perfect World on June 22nd, 2021. For the group teaser, TWICE released four group teasers with a red and black theme showing TWICE sitting around a red chair in front of the theatre.

Story of “In the Summer”

When summer comes and everything gets brighter, you are supposed to have fun. In the summer, the sky looks bluer and the ocean looks like paradise. It’s enough reason for you to give yourself a reason for a reward through struggling days. In the summer, the beach and ocean can be perfect places to spend time. You can feel sun rays through your skin and the soothing sound of waves that gives an exciting feeling, not to mention the delicious fruit to feel in the summer. You can enjoy yourself for a while and forget about tomorrow. Let’s laugh freely and hope for happiness to continue when star shooting. Everything sounds like a perfect holiday, right? Summer is beautiful, and even your bare face will look beautiful. Just like summer, everything about you is beautiful. The song that perfectly suits summer was written by Yuka Matsumoto. As the music composers, there are Andy Gilbert, Charlotte Churchman, Mark Angeline Thomson, and Nicole Simpson. To make the song suit the summer feeling, there are also the producers to make sure the song comes out well. The producers of “In the Summer” were Mark Angelico Thomson, Andy Gilbert, Charlotte Churchman, and Nicole Simpson.

“In the Summer” Achievement

TWICE’s refreshing image suits summer, and “In the Summer” has pleasant vocals. “In the Summer” gained positive reviews and debuted at number 1 on the iTunes chart for Japan, Taiwan, and Brunei.

In The Summer  2021  by TWICE - 33In The Summer  2021  by TWICE - 38In The Summer  2021  by TWICE - 36