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Full profile of IN2IT’s Hyunuk

Stage Name: Hyunuk (현욱) Birth Name: Han Hyunuk (한현욱) Position: Vocalist, Visual, Rapper Birthday: September 26th, 1994 Zodiac Sign: Libra Height: 178.8 cm (5’10”) Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs) Blood Type: AB  

Fun facts about IN2IT’s Hyunuk

He finished the Mnet survival competition show Boys24 at rank #9 with a total of 38.44 points He was chosen as a wildcard member by the staff to join IN2IT In the show, he was placed in Unit Red and Unit Black He has two siblings, which are one older brother and one older sister who work at a café When Inho had to choose a member for his sister, Hyunuk mentioned he owned a lot of lands which made the fans think he is rich but he isn’t (he said it’s not money, it’s land) and in the end, Inho chose Pyo for his sister and Hyunuk for himself It is said that Hyunuk’s thoughts are too complex for others to understand Isaac is his food buddy and they both have good food chemistry When eating out he would choose a different food than the person he eats with so they can share and eat both Mee Goreng cooked by Isaac is his favorite food “My one and only love jajangmyeon” (black-bean-sauce noodles), he said when asked about his all-time favorite comfort food He changes his favorite color constantly He said that he has abs He said that he wants to be way sexier in future concepts because the “Snapshot” concept was not sexy enough for him “Geronimo” is his favorite song from IN2IT He can drink one can of beer Prior to joining Boys24, he was an engineering student He can play the piano He is good at sports He appeared in the 2nd season of Lemon Car Video as one of the main characters He, along with Inpyo, Jiahn, and Inho acted as the members of the White Ocean alongside solo artist One, in the drama Her Private Life His ideal type is someone that loves him for a long time and makes him a better person


IN2IT’s Hyunuk’s Career journey in Boys24

Before debuting in IN2IT (인투 잇), Jiahn, alongside other twenty-four trainees were part of the Mnet survival show and CJ E&M’s pre-debut project group, Boys24. The survival program aired from June 18th, 2016 to August 6th, 2016 on Mnet for a total of 8 episodes. A total of 25 billion won ($20.6 million) were invested by CJ E&M Entertainment in the project group to perform throughout the year at a permanent venue. CJ E&M had named the boy band and the project name Boys24, and they aired the whole process from selecting members to performing in front of audiences through Mnet’s channel. Out of the 5500 applicants, only 49 were selected and passed the audition. There were four stages in the audition: excavation, competition, growth, and evolution. After that, among the 24 people that made the cut, a few select members who had the highest levels in all aspects would make their debut in the final group line-up. In the big 7 selection, there were 49 participants and they were divided into 7 units and each unit was filled by 7 participants. In the final chapter, there were 28 participants remaining and divided into 4 units: white unit, yellow unit, green unit, and sky unit. Even after the event ended, this event never made a debut with the final members.

In the show, Hyunuk is known to be the ‘engineering student’ oppa due to his occupation prior to joining Boys24. With his deep voice, he managed to amaze the room and pass the audition. In the show, he also joined the two subunits Unit Red and Unit Black. Unit Black was the first promotional unit of Boys24 that was formed in 2017 consisting of Hyunuk along with members Park Doha, Oh Jin-seok, Kim Sung-hyun, Jung Yeontae, Hwang In-ho, and Yoo Youngdoo. They first debuted on the Mnet M! Countdown stage on April 11th, 2017, performing the song “Steal Your Heart” from their first single album of the same title.

Meanwhile, Unit Red consisted of Hyunuk along with members Tak Jin-kyu, Jin Sung-ho, Choe Chan-i, Lee Hae-joon, Kim Hong-in, and Park Yong-kwon. The group was known to be performing cool hip songs from Korean boy groups. And they were all blessed with stunning visuals!

Hyunuk is known to have a jjang visual, along with deep vocal skills, and good rap flow. After competing in a total of 260 concerts, he was selected to debut in the final line-up of the group with the other 7 members Jeong Yeon-tae, Yoo Youngdoo, Hwang Inho, Isaac Voo, Lee In-pyo, Kim Jin-sub, and Kim Su-hyun. He finished #9 at the show with a total of 38.44 points and was chosen as a wildcard member by the staff to join IN2IT. On September 9th, 2017, Boys24 finally set the permanent group name, IN2IT (인투 잇). The name IN2IT is taken from the words ‘Intuition’ and ‘Into It’ and they officially debuted on October 26th, 2017, by releasing their first mini-album titled Carpe Diem. On the same day, IN2IT promoted their debut song “Amazing” on the Mnet M! Countdown stage. In the group, Hyunuk holds the three positions that are visual, vocalist, and rapper.  

Everything you should know about IN2IT’s Hyunuk

Compared to other members, Hyunuk is a bit more introvert and awkward. He likes to play the piano, stay in the corner, and think about complex things. Yes, you could say that he’s a very deep and contemplative person.

He’s also a good friend of Isaac because they both have the same ‘tastebuds’ and Isaac is his eating companion.

And he likes to drink! He can drink one can of beer and he likes karaoke-ing while drinking with the members. He even sang a song about it kkk.


IN2IT’s Hyunuk’s eating moments

Perhaps one of the famous noticeable things about Hyunuk is that he is a very passionate eater! He said once: “I’m the happiest when I’m eating,” and all the members noticed it. Even when he’s supposed to be on a diet, he can’t deny himself from eating snacks here and there. Seriously, even when he’s just minutes away from performing, he still manages to snatch a slice of pizza!

When asked about his all-time favorite comfort food, he said that he really loved jajangmyeon (a Korean dish of black-bean-sauce noodles). He also said that Isaac is his food buddy because they both have good food chemistry and tastebuds. Even his favorite food is a Mee Goreng that is cooked by Isaac. When eating out he would choose a different dish than the person he eats with so they can share and eat various dishes. Very considerate, right? So what do you think? Are you interested in being his eating companion? winks  

IN2IT’s Hyunuk’s visual

As we already knew, Hyunuk is known to have a jjang visual, even when he first appeared on the Boys24’s audition. It’s hard to believe that he once was a regular engineering student with that face. He’s got the look of a ‘reliable’ boyfriend if you know what we mean. With a kind smile and soft features, he’s like trying to convince you that everything will be fine. It gives you a sense of calmness when seeing his features. He truly deserves a visual position, right? Be careful, you might fall in love with him if you look at him for too long.  

Focus fan-cam

Although he has an impressive visual, his talent is also no joke! He’s got the voice, the dance, the aura, everything that makes him stand out from the crowd whenever he’s performing!

And it seems that we are not the only ones who have realized this. Fans also gather giving him praise for his performance and visual on his videos, just like the few selected comments below. “His handsome face, his deep voice, PERFECT,” one user commented. “This is gold😍😍😍 he’s so sexy😍❤️😘,” another added. “Hyun-wook oppa, who is so cool even if I keep looking at it 💜 I remember many times when I was active in Ulala and I miss it again,” another also left a heartful comment.

Well, it’s hard not to notice and appreciate him when he is THIS good, right?

So, those are all the things that you need to know about the visual king and foodie of IN2IT, Hyunuk. Well, what do you think about him? Have you fallen in love with his calm persona and passion for food? Tell us all your thoughts in the comment section below!

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