Full Profile of IN2IT’s Inpyo

Name: Lee Inpyo (이인표) Stage Name: Inpyo (인표) Birthday: August 14th, 1995 Birthplace: South Korea Zodiac: Leo Blood Type: B Height: 182 cm Weight: 66 kg Nationality: Korean Years Active: 2016–present Group: IN2IT Agency: MMO Entertainment, Stone Music Entertainment Occupation: Singer

Fun Facts about IN2IT’s Inpyo

Inpyo is the youngest member that became the leader of the group. Beside being the leader, he also holds a position as lead vocalist. He has an older brother. Inpyo is his best friend. Inpyo is the member who is best at cooking, and his ramen tastes really good. Although he can cook ramen, he doesn’t like to eat noodles. Tteokbokki is his favorite food. Inpyo eats some foods at night as a snack; the foods are usually fried chicken or grilled pork rib. White is his favorite color because it can be combined with anything. The other members gave him the title “eomma” in the group which means “mom”. Inpyo is really competitive. He was in Unit Green. “Someone Like You” by Adele is his favorite song because the song can make him warm when the weather is cool outside. Inpyo has an ideal woman type, the type is: “the person that resembles his personality.” “Snapshot” is his favorite song from his group, IN2IT. Inpyo is a really kind person. He has a special skill, that’s makeup. He got the “wild card” from the staff to join IN2IT.

Inpyo Career Journey In Boys24

Lee Inpyo started his career as a member of Boys24. Boys24 was a pre-debut group that was formed by CJ E&M and also as a result of the survival program with the same name. The survival show official went on the air on June 28th, 2016, and was then aired on tvN and Mnet for a total of 8 episodes. The auditions for this program were conducted from January 18th to February 19th, 2016, with more than 4000 applicants, and then filtered again until the final audition on March 11th, 2016. Lee Inpyo made it into the top 28 participants who competed against each other to secure themselves a place among the top 8 to be promoted and debut as a group. In that program, several units were formed, those were Unit Green, Unit Sky, Unit Yellow, and Unit White. Lee Inpyo was added to Unit Green along with Sungho, Jinhyeong, Chani, Minhwan, Kang San, and Chae Hocheol. Boys24 selected members to enter the final round, and the show’s lineup consisted of 8 members, they were Yoo Jiahn, Jeong Yeontae, Hwang Inho, Han Hyunuk, Isaac Voo, Kim Jisub, Kim Sunghyun, and Lee Inpyo. Lee Inpyo successfully made it to the final lineup position and gained 6th place with a vote of 38.58, and he got a wildcard selected by the staff. Inpyo often showed his dancing skills when he was part of Boys24, for example, in Episode 1. So, here are some videos of his performances in this survival show.

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