IN2IT consisted of eight talented members. Among the members, there was a young Malaysian. His name is Isaac and he is the first idol that came from Malaysia. During the audition for IN2IT, Isaac showed his incredible dancing skills. Not only he excelled in basic idol skills like dancing and singing, but he is also able to speak in various languages. Due to his language ability, he was chosen to host the SBS The Show. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk all about the first Malaysian Idol, Isaac. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile of IN2IT—Isaac

Name: Isaac Voo Kai Meng Stage Name: Isaac Korean Name: Isaac Voo Date of Birth: December 12th, 1994 Nationality: Malaysian Height: 176 cm Weight: 56 kg Blood Type: O Zodiac: Sagittarius Chinese Zodiac: The Year of The Dog Position: Vocalist, lead dancer, lead rapper Instagram: official_in2it Twitter: Official_IN2IT Facebook: official.IN2IT

Fun Facts about IN2IT—Isaac

Isaac is the youngest of four siblings. He has two sisters and one brother He is a multilingual idol and is able to speak Malay, English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Korean Currently, Isaac is learning Spanish His favorite colors are black, grey, and white Isaac gained a total of 43.58 points at Boys24 and finished in the sixth position Initially, he wanted to be an Alphabet participant but in the end, he chose to participate in Boys24 He loved eating Mee Goreng with the other members in the IN2IT dormitory His favorite food is his mother’s home cooking food Dimsum He doesn’t like Korean spicy rice cake, tteokbokki because of the taste. He said that Malaysians love spicy food but Korean tteokbokki has a different kind of spicy taste He used to eat pizza as a late snack in his dormitory Isaac has a tattoo on the inner side of his left arm Isaac can’t drink well. His face becomes red when he drinks a can of beer His favorite drink is bubble tea and oolong tea. He loves sweet drinks He used to teach dance at a Malaysian K-Pop academy Isaac loves playing with claw machines and he is extremely good at it. In his dormitory, half of his bed was covered with dolls from the clay machine Malaysia has no cherry blossoms, therefore he frequently sent pictures of cherry blossoms to his family His family lived in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia He had an experience of hosting The Show with Inho He used to be a hair model in Malaysia His favorite fruit in Korea is the Korean peach

Career Journey In Boys24

In the first episode, Isaac introduced himself and explained to the judges his language skills. Apparently, he had just learned Korean by himself around three months before deciding to be an idol and moving to Korea. He performed one of the BTS songs and Innovator’s “More Than A TV Star.” His performance earned him a 70.8 score and he peaked at rank 5 overall.

In the fourth episode, his Korean had improved drastically. His Korean language pronunciation slightly resembled native Korean pronunciation. Isaac was placed in a difficult group and faced elimination. He cried when he learned about his status as one of the eliminated candidates.

He thought about his parents and friends in Malaysia. He said that they must be very disappointed if he is to be eliminated. Miraculously, he survived the elimination and climbed to a safer position. Isaac promised to fans, supporters, and judges to try harder and practice more. Isaac performed Winner’s song and received 250 points out of 300 points. He ranked fifth out of seven participants. From the second episode to the fifth episode, Isaac performed with the Unit Sky group. He joined the White Global group from the sixth episode to the ninth episode. In the final episodes, he became a member of the White group.

In the 19th episode, three contestants gave their first and current impression of Isaac. Changmin explained that Isaac looked like a vampire during the first impression. Isaac’s hair was white and his skin was white as well. He looked like a vampire character in a horror movie. About his current impression, Changmin said that Isaac performed live as a vampire on the stage but off the stage, he looked like the friendly neighborhood guy. Hongin said that Isaac looked very much like handsome actor Lee Soo-hyuk. His nose and facial structure were really similar. However, currently, Isaac looks like a baby, cute and charming. Isaac blushed when hearing about the comparison with the handsome actor. Another Boys24 participant, Doha told his first impression of Isaac. At first, Doha noticed Isaac’s weird Korean pronunciation. He realized that Isaac was a foreigner. Currently, he said that Isaac looked like a very handsome foreigner. Jihyong praised Isaac’s dancing talent and called him a dancing machine. At first impression, Isaac looked like a person who knew hip-hop and performed hip-hop dances very well. Nowadays, Jihyong doesn’t see Isaac’s hip-hop style anymore. Throughout the Boys24 program, Isaac was among the steadiest participants. He rarely ranked last or last two in each group. In the final episode, Isaac was selected as one of the best nine participants. He ranked sixth overall and received the well-deserved chance to debut with the other Boys24 winners. Isaac gained a total of 43.58 points.

What You Should Know About IN2IT’s Isaac

He has a pure heart, he is innocent and childlike, according to IN2IT’s Sunghyun Isaac is confident in doing a sexy anchovy dance He believes that he is a sexy guy but when asked to do cute things, he becomes stiff His ideal type is a good girl that treats her parents well Isaac believes that the left side of his face looks better than the right side Isaac loves listening to Sam Kim’s “Seattle” because the lyrics remind him of his life story He has a talent in drawing. He oftentimes uploads his own drawings to the fan café and SNS Isaac was the vitamin and the energy of IN2IT Isaac was responsible for aegyo acts in IN2IT He learned the Korean language by himself in three months, before moving to Korea He introduced himself as the sexy oppa during the Boys24 competition program

IN2IT’s Isaac As The Show MC

Isaac and Inho had the honor to host the SBS music program The Show from August 7th, 2018. The duo hosted the program through a VLIVE live show as idols completed their participation at the SBS music program and headed out from the SBS TV station. Isaac and Inho greeted the idols and asked them about their latest news, albums, and other things. Through the program, each idol group was given a chance to greet fans directly. Isaac amazed the K-Pop fans with his talent in languages. As we all know, some members of Korean idol groups come from foreign countries, mainly China and Japan. The foreign members were given special time to greet foreign fans in English or/and tell fans about the latest singles and promotions in their own language. However, due to his proficiency in English, Korean, Mandarin, and Cantonese, Isaac could host the program in various languages. in one of The Show episodes, CLC won first place and expressed their feelings to fans. Sorn was in charge of speaking in English and her own native language, Thai. Elkie was in charge of speaking Mandarin and Cantonese. Elkie was quite surprised when Isaac spoke to her in Mandarin.

Inho and Isaac’s duet was very friendly when hosting The Show special segment “On The Way Out.” Isaac was lively and energetic, while Inho complemented him with his handsome charm. The duo had good chemistry because they have been together for a long time. However, Inho seemed slightly surprised when Isaac suddenly acted cutely.

IN2IT’s Isaac Speaks Malay

Isaac is famous as a multilingual idol. He can speak at least five languages: Malay, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. Malaysians are usually able to speak at least two languages, Malay and English. Isaac’s mother taught him and his siblings Malay. Nowadays, he rarely uses Malay and his Malay language has deteriorated. In a recent live session from June 2020, Isaac greeted fans from his house. Apparently, he was staying at his parent’s house at the time of the broadcast. His fans asked him to make Mukbang with Malaysian food. Isaac immediately thought about nasi lemak. He talked to his mother who happened to be close to him. Isaac can speak English fluently but he tried hard to use complete Malay sentences. He explained about nasi lemak ingredients in Malay words such as peanut sauce, anchovy, and spicy sauce. He mentioned special leaves as wrappings for the entire ingredients. He mentioned leaves because he didn’t remember the leaves’ name. It turned out that he talked about banana leaves. Isaac laughed shyly when his mother mentioned banana leaves.

In one of the Vlive sessions, a fan asked him about his favorite Malaysian food that he misses. He smiled when thinking about the food that he missed. However, he wasn’t very comfortable speaking in Malay.

IN2IT—Isaac’s Fan-cam

IN2IT performed at Simply K-Pop. Their performance was broadcast by Arirang TV on April 5th, 2018. The audience shouted and cheered IN2IT throughout their performance. The audience screamed at Isaac, especially when he moved his pelvis and shook his body in a sexy way.

Isaac was given a chance to shine and show his talent. During a Malaysian showcase, Isaac performed solo and entertained the audience. He sang a popular Malay ballad song. As he was singing, the audience was singing along with him. Aside from dancing, he showed his talent in singing as well. Toward the end, Isaac surprised the audience when he reached high notes without any problem. That was all the information about IN2IT’s Isaac, the first Malaysian idol. Find out detailed pieces of information about other IN2IT members in the collection of Channel-Korea articles. Let’s hope that Isaac can make a comeback performance with IN2IT in Korea or other countries really soon.

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