In Boys24, he was part of the Purple Unit and the Black Unit. He sang the song “My Way” for the soundtrack to the 2017 tvN drama Revolutionary Love. And he is… Well, want to know more details about Yeontae? Don’t worry because we’ll tell you everything that we know about him in the article below!  

Full Profile Of IN2IT’s Yeontae!

Stage Name: Yeontae (연태) Birth Name: Jeong Yeon-tae (정연태) Position: Main Vocalist Date of Birth: July 6th, 1992 Zodiac Sign: Cancer Height: 178 cm (5’10”) Weight: 57.5 kg (128 lbs) Blood Type: A  

Fun Facts about IN2IT’s Yeontae

In the final episode of Mnet’s survival competition Boys24, he was ranked 2nd with a total vote of 69.17 points, and therefore he finished as the runner up In Boys24, he had been eliminated in episodes 4 and 8 before he returned twice with voting from fans He was in Unit Purple and Unit Black in Boys24 Prior to joining Boys24, he and Jiahn were part of Def Dance School On a Vlive anniversary, he shared that has a fear of balloons He was Xia Junsu’s big fan He has a dog Has no siblings He tried rapping and Jiahn said it was good He often treats the other members with good food He is very good at math His all-time favorite comfort food is pork belly His favorite color is purple He’s closest to Jiahn He is the oldest member of IN2IT and the 3rd oldest of BOYS24 Together with LUCENTE’s Taejun, he tried to follow SBS’ Fashion King in 2015 He once filled the OST of the 2019 tvN drama Revolutionary Love, entitled “My Way” He wasn’t the type to drink a lot during college but he knew a lot about the drinking games He can drink two bottles of beer before getting drunk He became the first winner in PUBG’s solo round at the 2018 Game Olympics. He’s roommates with Jiahn His ideal type is someone who has good feelings


Career Journey In Boys24

Before debuting as a member of IN2IT (인투 잇), Yeontae, alongside other twenty-four trainees were part of the Mnet survival show and CJ E&M’s pre-debut project Boys24. The survival program aired from June 18th, 2016, to August 6th, 2016, on Mnet for a total of eight episodes. A total of 25 billion won ($20.6 million) was invested by CJ E&M Entertainment in the project group to perform throughout the year at a permanent venue. CJ E&M had named the boy band and the project name Boys24, and they aired the whole process from selecting members to performing in front of audiences through Mnet’s channel. Out of the 5500 applicants, only 49 were selected and passed the audition. There were four stages in the audition: excavation, competition, growth, and evolution. After that, among the 24 people that were selected, a few select members who had the highest level in all aspects would make their debut in the final group. In the big seven selection, there were 49 participants and they were divided into seven units and each unit was filled by seven participants. In the final chapter, there were 28 participants remaining and divided into four units: white unit, yellow unit, green unit, and sky unit. Even after the event ended, this event never made a debut with the final members.

Since the very first time, he has attracted the judges’ and audiences’ attention with his stable and impressive voice. Singing a ballad song in Episode 2, his low yet full of emotion voice magically transformed the room into one concert venue filled with his voice alone.

Sadly, he was eliminated two episodes later, in Episode 4, through the live audiences voting. Fortunately, the other audiences were enraged when they found out that he has been eliminated and decided to bring him back through the fans voting. Well, at least before he was eliminated in Episode 8 (yes, seriously) while… guess what? Was brought back because of the fans voting (again). Thus, in total, he has been eliminated not only once, but TWICE, and both of them were saved by the loyal fans’ votes. In the show, he was both a part of the Purple Unit and the Black Unit. Along with Choi Seong-hwan, Choi Seong-hwan, Kim Jin-sub, Kim Sung-hyun, Lee Woo-jin, they mostly performed ‘sexy’ songs and made them their own, like Sistar 19’s “Gone Not Around Any Longer” below!

Aside from Unit Purple, Yeontae also became a part of Unit Black in the show. The Unit Black was the first promotional unit of Boys24 that was formed in 2017 with members: Park Doha, Hwang In-ho, Oh Jin-seok, Kim Sung-hyun, Han Hyun-uk, Yoo Youngdoo, and Yeontae. They debuted on the Mnet M! Countdown stage on April 11th, 2017, performing the song “Steal Your Heart” from their first single album of the same title.

Yeontae managed to become one of the stand-out members of the show. After completing a total of 260 concerts, he was selected to debut in the final group during The Final round, along with the other seven members Jeong Yeon-tae, Hwang In-ho, Han Hyun9uk, Isaac Voo, Lee In-pyo, Kim Jin-sub, and Kim Su-hyun. Not only that, he successfully finished the show with remarkable votes of 69.17 points, and thus, he was ranked 2nd and finished as the runner up of the show. On September 9th, 2017, Boys24 finally set the permanent group name, IN2IT (인투 잇). The name IN2IT is taken from the words ‘Intuition’ and ‘Into It’ and they officially debuted on October 26th, 2017, by releasing their first mini-album titled Carpe Diem. On the same day, IN2IT promoted their debut song “Amazing” on the Mnet M! Countdown stage. He occupied the position of the main vocal in the new project group.

  About IN2IT’s Yeontae That You Should Know

Okay, first thing’s first: He’s a pillow collector. That’s right ladies, you don’t have to worry about whether he’s having a nice sleep or not because he has tons of pillows, most of them are really unique and cute. He even proudly introduced his collection to us. What a goofball, right?

And well… since he is the oldest member of the group (both in IN2IT and Boys24), it’s no wonder that he has developed a hyung aura toward the other members. Since he has no siblings, perhaps he’s projecting his ‘hidden older brother’ side onto his members. Although at times, he still gets teased by the other members aka his dongsaengs kkk.

He has also got a dazzling variety of skills and dare we say… drama skills? Lol… he likes to do a parody drama with other members, and he seriously nails it. Seriously. Don’t believe us? Get ready to laugh at his funny acting!  

IN2IT’s Yeontae’s Singing Compilation

Since he was first known to be having a low, yet unique singing voice from Boys24, it’s only fair that his voice became his charming point. He managed to be the runner up of the show and the main vocalist of the group with that voice, after all! Check out his singing compilation videos below!


IN2IT’s Yeontae Being Cute Compilation It is no secret that Yeontae has a very cute demeanor. Almost every single one of his streaming videos or interactions with fans has resulted in us aww-ing and swooning over him. With that kind of smile and child-like free attitude, he is surely one of the cutest beings on Earth!!


Focus Fan-cam

Yes, we do understand your thirst for Yeontae’s fan-cams. That’s why we have compiled a few of his fan-cams that you can watch and rewatch over and over again. Check out the videos below!


Became Part of the Millenasia Project

According to UNESCO, the closure of schools and universities due to the COVID-19 outbreak has affected a total of 1.5 billion students around the world. Therefore, in order to ignite the students’ spark and spirit, UNESCO decided to launch a single featuring K-Pop artists IN2IT, AleXa, and Dreamcatcher for a music video titled “Be the Future,” filmed and recorded just outside of Seoul in late April 2020. K-Pop’s massive popularity around the world has made UNESCO decide to launch the single as part of UNESCO’s launch of Global Education Coalition. The artists involved in this UNESCO project also became part of the Millenasia Project, and the purpose is to encourage students to study at home. The lyrics of the song included a message like: “Wash your hands soapy clean, clean. Put your mask on, simple indeed,” and other similar social-distancing messages. Yeontae, along with fellow member Jiahn, was in charge of writing the lyrics and collaborated with the band Love X Stereo. The lyrics are mostly sung in English and placed great importance on the connection while being apart. “Don’t let the seclusion get you down, it’s important to stay connected to school, teachers, and friends,” the lyrics stated. “My third-grade teacher taught me that at the very least we should all try to make a difference with our lives. Now, I can make a difference by staying at home and caring for my parents,” Yeontae also inserted a little bit of his personal experience into the song. The 2020 Global Teacher Prize finalist, Yun Jeong-hyun, also appeared in the video to show the importance of teachers that motivate and inspire the student. The song is available on Millenasia’s YouTube channel, Apple Music, Spotify, Melon, Anghami, Boomplay, and 25 music platforms around the world. Visit to see more details. Check out their MV below!

  So, those are all the things that you need to know about Jiahn and his journey with Mnet’s Boys24 and IN2IT. Well, what do you think about him? Do you think he’s more on the cute side or on the sexy side? Kindly share with us all your thoughts in the comment section below!

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