Standing Egg has now become one of the popular K-Indie groups. The poetic lyrics performed by Standing Egg also have a different meaning for people, but of course with a deep meaning. A lot of Korean celebrities have covered a song by them such as Park Shin-hye, Minhee from Cravity, etc. If you’re not familiar with Standing Egg, let’s check out this article below to find out more about their profiles, members, songs, and their latest news!

Standing Egg’s Profile

For some K-Pop music lovers, the name Standing Egg must be familiar. Debuting in 2010, they kicked off Korean Pop music, with the concept of an acoustic band that released easy listening songs. This group seems to purely want to present music for the listeners. Their three main members never introduce themselves to the public. Their profile is also more commonly referred to by the names Egg 1 as a composer, Egg 2 as a composer and vocals, and Egg 3 as a lyricist. Acoustics are the hallmark of the group that released an album titled Dramatic in 2017. Even though it only carries acoustic music, the songs they create always sound different and not boring. “So far, the music style of Standing Egg has continued to change and we’ve tried various things. But it seems that the point that never changes is that our music can be accepted by the hearts and ears of listeners and that we always make music that is comfortable to listen to,” they said. When asked about current music trends, Standing Egg said they would still make music that could bring happiness to their listeners. “Lately, there seems to be a lot of strong and aggressive music or lyrics. We think that at a time like this, we should be more determined to continue (making) music that can produce smiles or small joys, or (express feelings of) longing,” they continued. The musicality and unique concept of Standing Egg certainly makes many people curious about the figure behind their easy listening songs. Many want to see or meet the three main musicians of this band. Invitations to appear in concerts or music events came. As if wanting to be consistent with the concept of not revealing the identity of the main musician, Standing Egg has a partner when holding a live performance. There are six musicians who usually perform during live performances under the auspices of the Standing Egg. They are Windy (vocals), Lee Ye-seul (vocals), Clover (vocals and guitar), Lee Ye-ni (keyboards), Lee Han-kyul (double bass, electric bass), and Song Ha-na (Djembe and percussion). Even though they don’t want to reveal the identity of each of their members, Egg 1, Egg 2, and Egg 3 don’t want to stop making music that can bring happiness. “We only make the music we want and only contain music that we are good at making. Because acoustic music sounds normal, maybe someone will feel bored when they first listen to this type of music. However, the advantage is, it gets easier over time and it’s comfortable to listen to,” Standing Egg added. Standing Egg has had a good career journey from the time they debuted until they released some of their newest songs which quickly got a positive response from the public. Standing Egg’s 1st full album, With, which was released on November 25th, 2010, also managed to reach the highest rank on the Indie Music Chart Melon. Thanks to their popularity on social media, Standing Egg are also able to consistently release albums and several singles every year. Debuting as another indie musician, Standing Egg didn’t focus on introducing their members as singers, but the members professionally worked together to release songs and introduce their music genre so that everyone could get to know Standing Egg well. Standing Egg have pursued their career by strengthening vocals and also growing as great musicians. They also have the identity to release songs mostly acoustic and also musical instruments that are used very beautifully in their songs. With acoustic guitar and bass always there, the instruments in their music are always overlaid by creating a simple but easy listening sound for everyone who can listen to the songs popularized by Standing Egg. Beside that, the vocal abilities of the members are impressive as they have smooth and relaxed voices, making each listener not easily bored to listen to each playlist from Standing Egg.

Standing Egg’s Ryu Seok-won’s Profile

Real Name: Ryu Seok-won (Hangul: 류석원) Stage Name: Clover (Hangul: 클로버) Birthday: May 23rd, 1988 Height: 175cm Weight: 65kg Position: Vocal, Guitar Official Sites:

Instagram (swryusw) YouTube channel (류석원)

Facts about Standing Egg’s Ryu Seok-won

Standing Egg’s Lee Han-kyul’s Profile

Real Name: Lee Han-kyul (Hangul: 이한결) Position: Double bass, Electric bass Instagram: (sciencefacility)

Facts about Standing Egg’s Lee Han-kyul

Standing Egg’s Song Hana’s Profile

Real Name: Song Hana (Hangul: 송하나) Position: Djembe, Percussion Instagram: (hanasssong)

Facts about Standing Egg’s Song Hana

Standing Egg’s Lee Ye-ni’s Profile

Real Name: Lee Ye-ni (Hangul: 이예니) Position: Keyboardist Instagram: (xxinhxxyiy)

Facts about Standing Egg’s Lee Ye-ni

Standing Egg’s Lee Ye-seul’s Profile

Real Name: Lee Ye-seul (Hangul: 이예슬) Position: Vocalist

Facts about Standing Egg’s Lee Ye-seul

Standing Egg’s Windy’s Profile

Stage Name: Windy (Hangul: 윈디) Position: Vocalist

Facts about Standing Egg’s Windy

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