INFINITE H was launched in 2013 by Woollim Entertainment. The group was marked as the first subunit of the group INFINITE. Basically, INFINITE H consists of two members only, Dongwoo (Main Rapper) and Hoya (Rapper/Vocals). INFINITE H made their debut in January 2013 with the release of their first mini-album Fly High which contains 5 songs on its tracklist with the promotional single “Special Girl”. The single was featured with Bumkey, and successfully made a good impression on the audience. For the music genre, INFINITE H have emphasized several music genres such as Pop, Hip-Hop, and Dance as well. INFINITE H made their official promotional performance in M! Countdown promoting the album Fly High. At the promotional performance, INFINITE H performed “Special Girl” and “Without You”. Before their official debut as a subunit duo, from 2012 Dongwoo and Hoya were famously known for their appearance as a duo in INFINITE. Both of them have performed several singles such as “Crying”, “Without You”, and “You Look Good”. And finally, Woollim Entertainment made Dongwoo and Hoya a real Hip-Hop subunit duo in 2013 which they named INFINITE H.

Music Video & Concept

In the “Special Girl” MV, INFINITE H came up as two different guys who fell in love with the same girl. Both of them were dressed well in their own styles and gave their best efforts to confess their feelings to the girl. However, it turned out not to be as easy as they thought it would be because those guys would become extremely nervous whenever they got near her. Dongwoo and Hoya mostly appeared with Hip-Hop outfits style, then in other scenes, they also appeared with manly styles in suits and ties. In the first scene, Hoya acted as an actor who became the girl’s partner in a movie, while Dongwoo acted as the guy who was chasing the girl’s love. INFINITE H’s fangirls must have been jealous of the girl because she was received a bunch of love from Dongwoo and Hoya in the scene. Watch the “Special Girl” music video, here:

The “Without You” MV came up with beautiful art scenes, such as the aesthetic paint of heart, burned rose, fallen feathers, and some other magnificent visual effects. Dongwoo and Hoya appeared dressed in suits and ties which emphasized their masculine charms. In the other scenes, the duo appeared with other classy/chic outfits. The MV didn’t deliver a specific storyline like the “Special Girl” MV, it only highlighted Dongwoo, Hoya, and Zion. T’s appearance as well as their talents. It also has a monochrome minimalistic concept and a mixture of visual effects, which made people focus their attention on the artists. Watch the “Without You” music video, here:

Lyrics Meaning

Special Girl Basically, “Special Girl” narrates the story of a guy’s feelings for a girl. The girl was very special to him because he would do anything for her. His feelings grow stronger each day, each season, making the guy unable to stop his feelings. Just like the translation of the lyrics saying, “If only I can see you be on your way to see me, I will give you everything, whatever it costs.” Moreover, the guy would appear in such a perfect way to steal the girl’s attention, so there is no other guy who could make the girl fall in love with him, instead of him. Well, it sounds romantic yet it is slightly an obsessive love, right? Without You “Without You” might be considered as one of the sweetest songs of INFINITE H as the lyrics were beautifully written with such a meaningful story. The song is about a guy’s feelings without his lover around. Even if they have to be separated for a while, the guy has been missing her all day long. Every little thing that remains of their relationship is really precious, such as the text messages, the time when he drove her home, her picture in his wallet, and a lot more. It is also written in the translation of the lyrics: “I pay attention to each of my text messages, I feel like I’m becoming a fool when you’re not here.” It is indeed such a romantic song!

Album Unboxing

The physical album was one of the must-have items for K-Pop idol fans, especially for the INFINITE H fandom! In one of the album unboxing videos, from a foreign INFINITE H fan, the details of the Fly Again physical album are explained, as well as the other stuff included in it. Fly Again was INFINITE H’s 2nd mini-album which was officially released in January 2015. Basically, the album package contained a CD, an INFINITE H photobook, one folded poster, and two randomly selected photocards of INFINITE H members as well. The fan also informed that the album was purchased through an online shopping website named KTown. The cover of the Fly Again album is in white color with a glittery pattern on the INFINITE H logo and the album title. The details of the album unboxing were mostly focused on the photobook content, which was fulfilled with exclusive pictures of Dongwoo and Hoya. Other than that, there was a tracklist explanation on the pages. Overall, the Fly Again album came with a great design and an impressive look, especially the photobook of INFINITE H members. Watch the full album unboxing video, here:

Stage Performances

Music Show In one of the INFINITE H comeback stages, the group appeared in MBC’s Show! Music Core and performed their hit single “Pretty”. Dongwoo and Hoya appeared with their iconic Hip-Hop style, while their performance was accompanied by a bunch of back dancers. At the live performance, INFINITE H made the crowd go crazy and turn very loud with their amazing rap and magnificent vocal skills as well. Their choreography was pretty cute, and it was combined really well with the cheerful music of “Pretty”. At the end of their performance, Dongwoo looked surprisingly adorable with his funny dance moves which made Hoya glance over his groupmate.

Showcase In their showcase, INFINITE H performed their hit single “Special Girl”. Since it was a showcase, their performance looked even more special with a huge stage, a bunch of back dancers, and lighting decoration as well. Dongwoo and Hoya’s performance looked more powerful than ever with their own charms, with the mixture of energetic people in the crowd of their fans.

Radio Show During INFINITE H’s appearance in MBC’s SimSimTapa radio show, they talked about their music with the Radio DJ Shindong of Super Junior as well as show-off their performance of the “Alone” single. Even though they only sang it for a little bit, their amazing vocal skills were something that you couldn’t deny. Moreover, their voices sounded even clearer without any musical instruments accompanying them, as though it was an acapella version.

  Let’s keep supporting both Dongwoo and Hoya’s future careers. Also, kindly let us know who’s your bias from INFINITE H in the comment section below.

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