Debut Era of INFINITE F

INFINITE F was formed in 2014 as the second subunit of INFINITE. The group includes three members: Sungyeol, Sungjong, and L. Before their official debut, INFINITE F had already managed to gain a lot of attention from the fans because the members came from the vocal and maknae lines. The name INFINITE F stands for Ace/Flower. December 2nd, 2014, marked INFINITE F’s official debut in South Korea with the release of their single album Azure with the promotional single “Heartthrob”. According to Woollim Entertainment, the single was considered as something fresh, clear, and fulfilled with youthful vibes which matched really well the Azure single album. As for their stage debut, INFINITE F performed “Heartthrob” on Music Bank on December 5th, 2014. Previously, the single “Heartthrob” was revealed as the official soundtrack of the K-Drama Hi! School: Love On which also starred INFINITE F’s Sungyeol and another INFINITE member, namely Woohyun. Not only in South Korea, but INFINITE F’s popularity also expanded to Japan since the subunit actually made a debut in Japan with the single album Koi No Sign (which was later released in South Korea as Love Sign). It was released in November 2019, and entered the top of the Oricon Weekly Chart and provided good sales as well. Moreover, INFINITE F also held their Japanese showcase tour which took place in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

INFINITE F Music Video & Concept

In the “Heartthrob” music video, INFINITE F were focused on their vocals as well as the youth-themed concept. The video portrays the youthful spirit of the members appearing in cheerful and casual outfits, oozing fresh and young vibes in the scenes taking place in a comfortable neighborhood. In the first scene, we can see Sungjong pleasantly writing musical notes. Followed by L’s appearance in a room full of art while gripping a ‘magical’ pen and drawing everything that he wants. Then Sungyeol pops up in a white room sitting on a windowsill. Their own activities lead them to gather up together. In front of a piano, INFINITE F members are singing beautifully with a lot of passion. In the next scene, the members are walking around together as well as dancing with several fancy cars in the background. In the final scene, INFINITE F make their dream air balloons and glance over through the beautiful scenery around!

Lyrics Meaning

Even though the “Heartthrob” music video presented something cheerful and dreamy, it was quite opposite from the actual meaning of the song. Basically, “Heartthrob” is a narration of the feelings of love that have been developed in the first place. Even the smallest things done by the person that they love could make their heart flutter. The single also reminds us of the first love in our high school era as well. Just like the title of the song itself, “Heartthrob”, the feelings that it evokes also make people’s hearts throb and flutter. The single also provides an explanation of how someone can be really nervous about confessing their feelings to someone, even though those feelings are pure and sincere. With the mixture of upbeat rhythm and lightweight love lyrics, “Heartthrob” is something that you need to add to your playlist. Some of the lyrics were beautifully translated into: “When I secretly think of you, I keep smiling and shake my head,” and also, “Your scent that slowly comes to me, makes my heart flutter.”

Album Unboxing

In the album unboxing video, a fan explained that the single album Azure consists of a CD, INFINITE F’s photobook, and 2 random photocards as well. The album cover mostly looks fresh and cheerful, while the back of the album has a simple yet chic design. INFINITE F’s album had a landscape form, and inside the album dominated the white color, with a little mixture of blue gradation which made it look even more gorgeous. The most exciting part came up when the fan showed the full content of the exclusive photobook since people could see a bunch of amazing concept pictures there! At the end of the album’s page, it was filled with a ‘thanks’ letter from INFINITE F and the album credits. Overall, the single album is pretty chic and eye-catching, especially the photobook. Watch the full album unboxing video, here:

Stage Performances

Music Show INFINITE F have presented one of their best live performance of “Heartthrob” in MBC’s Show Music Core! The members appeared with classy striped blazers with black pants. Their performance was also completed with a bunch of back dancers, and supportive fan chants from the crowds as well. When the music instruments started playing, INFINITE F came up with powerful energy and amazing vocals which made them look even better. Their voices were soft and deep, but with a strong presence. At the end of their performance, INFINITE F made their cute finger love sign.

Tour Performances In their live performances in the Dilemma Tour, INFINITE F performed their hit single “Heartthrob” and “My Girl” as well. Sungyeol, Sungjong, and L appeared in casual outfits similar to student uniforms making their appearance even more youthful, just like the concept of “Heartthrob”. Their performance was unlike any other performance because they sang the single in Japanese, but still with the same charm as ever. The magnificent stage also complemented their performance, and the powerful aura of each member, as well as the crowd, made it even more precious. INFINITE F members made several tiny interactions with the fans in Japanese, and it was beyond adorable. Aside from that, they also picked up some of the gifts from the fans who were standing near the stage during the “My Girl” performance. Radio Show INFINITE F showcased their amazing vocal skills in a performance in the SimSimTapa radio show hosted by Super Junior’s Shindong. As they were guests on a radio show, their style was kept casual and they wore comfortable outfits in which they felt free and pleasant. Not accompanied by musical instruments or backsounds, INFINITE F sang part of the song “Crazy”. Their voices were stable and it felt as if though they were in one of their rehearsal sessions. And let’s not forget that they even slayed the high notes.

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