Jungkook also earned the title of musical prodigy because of his singing talent due to his skill in reaching a certain range during both live performances and spontaneous times. Let’s crack some interesting facts about BTS’ Jungkook’s vocal range in this Channel-Korea article below! Stay reading!

BTS’ Jungkook’s Vocal Range and Analysis

Jungkook’s vocals have been analyzed by a vocal coach who stated that he actually has the range G2-Bb5. He can reach E3 and EB3 without any hustle, and he’s comfortable in the middle voice up to Eb4/E4. Instead, he can’t sing below D3, but his falsetto is smooth. Jungkook who is the main vocalist of BTS can also touch the female vocal range which makes his voice so interestingly capable. His voice is possibly called light lyric tenor type in a way.

BTS’ Jungkook Shows His Perfect Pitch Vocal Range

On the reality show Run BTS along with all BTS members, Jungkook showed his brilliant octave range of vocals. He sang “Saturday Night” by Son Dam Bi with an original female-based-key vocal. He delivered it beautifully while others asked to lower the key. Amazing perfect pitch!

The Reason BTS’ Jungkook Is Called a Musical Prodigy

In the games they played on Run BTS, Jungkook succeeded in imitating the pitch of the test without any mistakes in only one try. Moreover, he is able to sing acapella without any reference, and also in live performances, Jungkook totally impresses people with his voice without being off-pitch. People said this kind of ability is rare and only happens in less than 1 in 10,000 individuals in the world, which includes Mozart. He deserves to be called a musical prodigy. His clips of winning the pitching games in one try trended on Twitter in South Korea with 442k tweets. 절대음감 means absolute pitch, so cool!

BTS Members Comment on Jungkook’s Wide Vocal Range

Besides Jungkook, the other three members, V, Jimin, and Jin, are also vocalists in the group. BTS members admire Jungkook’s capability in guessing the right pitch on the game on RUN BTS. Jungkook has made them drool when he’s showing his skills. J-Hope showed his awe to Jungkook. He said, “I know he’s in our group, but I’m not saying this because I’m biased.” BTS members also admitted that Jungkook is a legend. Do you agree?

Musicians Comment on Jungkook’s Vocal Range

Many people including musicians are also praising Jungkook’s pitch range. Musicians have also complemented the vocal range of Jungkook, including KOO (Twitter account @winterkoobear) who said absolute/perfect pitch is very difficult for classical majors to have, and they must be born with it. Jungkook’s absolute perfect pitch is rare. Some said that Jungkook has live raw vocals, is all acapella, has perfect pitch, and is very neat while warming up his voice. He has such a heavenly sound that is truly an instrument on its own. Jungkook has also been praised for being able to touch the high note in the song “ON” perfectly. That’s all about BTS’ Jungkook’s legendary vocal range. Which song from BTS have you chosen as Jungkook’s best vocal performance? Put your thoughts below and share them, too, on Twitter. Keep always supporting Jungkook along with BTS!

Interesting Facts About BTS  Jungkook s Vocal Range That Led to Becoming a Musical Prodigy - 98Interesting Facts About BTS  Jungkook s Vocal Range That Led to Becoming a Musical Prodigy - 98Interesting Facts About BTS  Jungkook s Vocal Range That Led to Becoming a Musical Prodigy - 47