In this article, there’s detailed information about BTS for everyone who wants to know about the genre of their music. BTS have released several top hits in numerous genres including Hip-Hop, R&B, EDM, and many more. But, are BTS still considered K-Pop? Let’s get straight to the answer in the article below.

BTS Are Still K-Pop

BTS are still K-Pop since they debuted in South Korea and every member is Korean. Many people say that BTS have more than one specific genre in the albums that they have released.

BTS’s Music Genre

BTS have released many albums since 2013 and have tried various genres. The boy group that consists of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, V, Jimin, and Jungkook itself has released many songs during their career in the music industry. They have had a career for years and each album has a different genre. In 2013, BTS released 2 Cool 4 Skool and O!RUL8,2? with old-school hip-hop.

In 2014, BTS released Skool Luv Affair and Dark & ​​Wild with R&B.

In 2015–2016, BTS began the HYYH (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life) era with orchestral strings and EDM.

In 2016–2017, BTS released Wings and You Never Walk Alone with neo-soul, gospel, and moombahton.

In 2017–2018, BTS released Love Yourself with bass, Latin pop, and jazz hip-hop.

In 2019–2020, BTS released Map Of The Soul with emo rap, rap-rock, afro-pop, nu-disco, trap, pop-rock, and pop-rap.

In 2020–2021, BTS releases Dynamite, Butter, and Permission to Dance with dance-pop and disco.

BTS’s RM’s Response and Explanation Of Their ‘Status’

BTS started their career as a hip-hop artist but have since experimented with different styles of music, to the point where the music BTS creates is BTS music, they are no longer tied to any particular sound or genre. “I know that many fans don’t see BTS as part of K-pop,” Rolling Stone interviewer, Brian Hiatt, told RM (Rap Monster). “And you yourself, have said that ‘BTS are a genre’. What do you think?” Regarding this question, RM as the leader also revealed his opinion. He started by talking about the expansion of K-Pop and how K-Pop music is no longer only created by Korean musicians. “It was a very important debate. Because of what they call K-pop, the genre is evolving very fast. For example, some so-called K-pop groups only have foreigners, from Europe, India, China, like, and everywhere. There are no Korean members, but they do the K-Pop thing, they change parts, and so on,” RM replied. “BTS are growing very fast too. And K-pop is now very broad. One can say that K-pop is for Koreans who sing Korean songs. It could be K-pop. But what about Dynamite?” he continued. “We sing the song in English. But we’re all Korean, so someone might say it’s a K-pop song. Or they might say it’s just a pop song because it’s in English,” RM said. RM said that despite the “What is K-Pop?” debate being an important one for the music industry, BTS members actually don’t really care about how they are defined. “But we really don’t care whether people see us as inside or outside of K-pop,” RM replied. “The important fact is that we are all Korean, and we sing pop songs. So that’s the reason why we say that. Our genre is only BTS. The debate is very important for the music industry, but it doesn’t mean much to us members,” RM concluded. Well, that was all the information about BTS and their true music genre. Let’s continue to support BTS and hope that every song they release can keep other people inspired. If you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media, and stay tuned for more, interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!

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