On some performances, yes, Aespa have been lip-syncing, but on Coachella, the extravaganza event of a music festival, they performed live without lip-syncing. Check out the reason Aespa have been lip-syncing and when they have and have not, here, in this Channel-Korea article below. Stay tuned!

Aespa Being Judged About Lip-syncing Performances

In the past, SM Entertainment would usually make their new groups lip-sync. NCT, their popular boy group had also been lip-syncing for 2–3 years at the beginning of their debut although they could do live performances well. Aespa were criticized for lip-syncing some performances, especially during their debut in the USA. People realized that Aespa’s performance only focuses on their choreography in some cases of their stages. Check the details below!

Aespa’s Performance at Coachella

Coachella is a big music festival for artists and musicians. K-pop stars who have performed on the Coachella stage are BLACKPINK, CL from 2NE1, who were successful to make the stage so live.

In the beginning, the news that Aespa will perform at Coachella led people to both shock and excitement about their achievement. Some people support them wholeheartedly since it opens a new path for a new generation of K-pop, but some people questioned whether Aespa could do it well or not because they debuted during the pandemic where they had to perform without an audience at the beginning of their career. Aespa finally performed at Coachella well, however, speculations about lip-syncing have risen. Some comments about their performance said that they didn’t hear any voice from them. But, actually, Aespa didn’t lip-sync, they performed live and showed their true talent in both vocals and choreography. They eat the vocal!

Aespa’s Performance on The Nick Cannon Show and The Kelly Clarkson Show

The lip-sync accusations didn’t appear out of thin air. On their debut on The Nick Cannon Show and The Kelly Clarkson Show, they were using pre-recorded videos and were lip-syncing. This became apparent when Ning Ning’s part came and she was singing soundly well, but in fact, the microphone wasn’t properly located. It’s not against the law to lip-sync; it’s becoming normal for K-pop stars to lip-sync due to circumstances and better output in production.

What Netizens Said About Aespa’s Lip-syncing

Some people judge harshly Aespa’s performances, but some support them too. It is kinda harsh when it comes to performance in the USA. People said that western audiences want real singers: if you can’t sing live — don’t bother. People also commented that they need to improve their live singing if they don’t want to become a laughingstock. Aespa are also compared to BLACKPINK who have successfully been making live performances. However, Aespa are already doing their best in performances. They could be presented with singing quality if they were allowed and believed to do it. In some performances, Ning Ning, and Winter showed live singing and they have nice vocal colors and great voices, too!

The Pros and Cons of Lip-syncing in Aespa’s Performances

In fact, lip-syncing is now part of K-pop performances, due to production and somewhat the rules of the company. Even though the artist might already be prepared for the live stage, it may be part of the game to get the perfect result. As it happened to the NCT unit, SM Entertainment wanted them to lip-sync some years after debut before finally performing live. Aespa experienced the same and they need to adjust to every situation. In their SM training, doing performances live is part of their daily routine, so it’s not true that Aespa couldn’t perform without lip-syncing. That’s all about whether Aespa have been lip-syncing on Coachella, The Nick Cannon Show, and The Kelly Clarkson Show. What do you think about it? Put your comment below and share your thoughts on social media, too!

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