To find out the truth about the rumors, with this article, Channel-Korea provides you with all the information about MAMAMOO’s disbandment and the predictions after the group’s disbandment. So, stay tuned!

MAMAMOO Disbandment Possibility

Since 2021, there’s a rumor about MAMAMOO’s exclusive contract expiring in 2021. The rumors are saying that the group led by Solar will not renew their contracts and is predicted to disband. These rumors got stronger after looking at MAMAMOO’s latest activities and their comeback with the extended play WAW. Because these rumors were increasingly spreading, the agency (RBW Entertainment) decided to issue an official statement as a response to the rumors. They said that MAMAMOO members have already renewed their contracts (Solar and Moonbyul), so there’s no possibility of disbandment.

Wheein Didn’t Renew Her Contract with RBW

Solar and Moonbyul have already renewed their contracts with RBW Entertainment. Then, there was a positive response from HWASA regarding the renewal of her contract, but at that time, only Wheein had not given any response. After a long time waiting, fans were surprised by Wheein’s decision to not renew her contract, which means she would be leaving MAMAMOO. In June 2021, Wheein decided to not renew her contract with RBW Entertainment and she directly wrote a handwritten letter to her fans, MooMoo. In the letter, she expressed her feelings for her fans and the agency that had supported her since she was a trainee. She promises that she would still work hard and always be together with MooMoo as well as MAMAMOO members.

MAMAMOO Will Comeback After Wheein Left

Even though Wheein has chosen to leave the agency, RBW Entertainment mentioned that Wheein remains a part of MAMAMOO. Currently, Wheein also has signed an additional contract with RBW Entertainment for the MAMAMOO promotion until 2023. The agency announced that MAMAMOO will make a comeback after Wheein left the group. Currently, they’re preparing to release a best-of album for 7 years with hit B-side tracks. In 2022, Wheein was still in MAMAMOO’s 2022 Season Greeting as a MAMAMOO member. However, at this time, she is preparing to join her new agency named THE L1VE.

Predictions About MAMAMOO Members’ Future After Disbandment

MAMAMOO will not disband, it’s only Wheein who has chosen to take a different path from the other members. Despite that, there are so many assumptions and predictions about each members’ activities if they disband. So, here are the predictions of what might happen with each member and what are their next steps.

Wheein Released the Mini-album Solo

After leaving MAMAMOO, we can see Wheein’s activities in the future. She would be a solo singer and become even more famous than before. In January 2022, Wheein released her 2nd mini-album titled WHEE. Even though it’s only been a few months, this mini-album has already gotten a place on some charts. This album was released under her new agency THE L1VE with 7 tracks, including the main track “Make Me Happy”. There are several famous songwriters who participated in Wheein’s album so no wonder her songs are popular.

Moonbyul Being a Solo Artist After Disbandment

Same as Wheein, if MAMAMOO disbands Moonbyul will be a solo singer who can rap as well. In 2022, she released “LUNATIC” alongside the MV and “6equence”. Based on her statement, Moonbyul wants to show her obsession in this single. Three months later (precisely in April 2022), Moonbyul will be making her comeback (again) with the release of her new album.

Solar Will Be a Solo Singer and a YouTube Creator

Solar definitely will be a singer after MAMAMOO disbands. It can be seen as she recently made a comeback with the release of the mini-album FACE with the title track “Honey” on March 17th, 2022. Through this single, Solar successfully got to the top of the chart on iTunes. Not only she is a solo singer, but Solar is also a YouTube content creator on her personal channel (Solarsido) which already has 3.38 million subscribers. Solar is very consistent in making videos on her personal channel, so she will be successful in the future after MAMAMOO is disbanded.

Hwasa Went to the Paris Fashion Week

Among all the members, HWASA is the MAMAMOO member who has made the most comebacks with many hit songs and she is also the richest member of her group. In November 2021, HWASA finally made her comeback with her 2nd single album Guilty Pleasure after more than a year of her previous release in 2020 with Maria.  If MAMAMOO officially disbands, HWASA will be a great singer as well as a model. We can see on March 1st, 2022, that HWASA surprised fans with her arrival in Paris to be a fashion show model for the Louis Vuitton brand. So, those are all the predictions about the future of MAMAMOO members’ careers if they have to disband. To support them, please kindly drop a line with your thoughts in the comment section and also share this article with your fellow MooMoos. Don’t forget to follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial and stay tuned for more articles on Channel-Korea.

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