For this reason, many people wonder if the Dreamies have their own living space, especially since their group’s concept has changed. So, do the Dreamies have their own dorm? What is the dorm like? In this article, Channel-K will provide you some details about the Dreamies’ dorm, including its location, its features, some interesting stories about the dorm, and many more!

The Location of NCT Dream’s Dorm

The Dreamies indeed have their own dorm provided by their agency SM Entertainment. However, it isn’t revealed exactly where the dorm’s location is. We just know for sure that the Dreamies’ dorm is located in Seoul, South Korea, the city where the group is based on. The location of the dorm should not be disclosed to the public, so that sasaengs don’t easily disturb the Dreamies’ personal lives.

The Features of NCT Dream’s Dorm

Through several NCT Dream’s reality shows, we can get a glimpse of what the Dreamies’ dorm looks like. We can safely say that the dorm is very comfortable and spacious. Basically, there are kitchen and three bedrooms within the dorm. There seems to be a living room and a dining room as well, but those rooms are merged into one big room. It’s reported that not all Dreamies live inside the dorm. The three bedrooms are only used by Renjun, Jeno, Jaemin, and Jisung. Renjun and Jeno have their own rooms, while Jaemin sleeps together with Jisung in the same room. The other Dreamies, Mark and Haechan are often reported to live in NCT 127’s dorm. Meanwhile, Chenle doesn’t live in the dorm and has an apartment in Seoul. Here are the snippets from the dorm.

Talking about the dorm, there are some funny stories that the Dreamies tell in their interviews. Here are some of their stories.

NCT Dream’s Jeno Revealed that the Dorm is Haunted

The first dorm story comes from Jeno, where he once revealed in an old interview that the Dreamies’ dorm is haunted. Jeno said that one night, there was a glass bottle in Renjun’s room. Before Renjun went to sleep, Jeno saw the bottle on Renjun’s bed stairs (Dreamies used bunk beds in the dorm). However, the next morning, the bottle disappeared, and Renjun suddenly found it under his bed. The bottle didn’t break at all. Renjun agreed with Jeno’s story, because he really experienced that. It turns out that the one who moved the glass bottle was Jisung. But there was something fishy about the bottle. Jisung admitted that while looking for his missing earphones, he broke the bottle and ran away because he felt he had screwed up. He heard the sound of broken glass, so he was absolutely certain that the bottle had really broken. However, Renjun found the glass unbroken, and it remained a mystery for them. Jeno also revealed another ghost story in 2021. One day, Jeno slightly opened the door of his room. He suddenly gasped because he saw someone walking back and forth in front of his door regularly. That shadow walked in an abnormal way and in a constant speed. When he tooked a closer look at the shadow, he realized that it was Jisung. At that time, Jisung was exercising by walking sideways. He did that because he was injured, and he needed training to strengthen his outer muscles.

NCT Dream’s Mark Revealed that the Dorm is Messy

During a promotion for their latest comeback, in a TMI interview, Mark revealed that the Dreamies’ dorm was messy. He was shocked when he entered Jeno, Jisung, and Renjun’s room, because their belongings were everywhere (at that time, the three of them still shared a room together). Mark also revealed that the messiest Dreamies is Jisung. Renjun admitted that his room was messy, but he remembered where everything was, and there was a place for every stuff. He admitted that the body lotion was splattered everywhere. Mark then compared their dorm with NCT 127’s dorm, and he felt that the NCT 127’s hyungs were very clean and the Dreamies were very dirty. The dorm’s kitchen is also known to be the messiest room, especially when one of the Dreamies has finished cooking. It was revealed in an old interview, where Mark asked Chenle if he really made fried egg by himself. Chenle nodded, and Renjun revealed that he saw oil all over the floor. Jisung also said that at that time, he saw a raw egg on the floor. To keep the kitchen clean, the members take turns washing dirty dishes. They usually play a game to determine who washes the dishes that day.

NCT Dream’s Dorm is Visited by NCT’s Non-Dreamies Members

It seems the Dreamies’ dorm is rarely visited by other NCT members. There’s no popular story about the visitation. However, there are rumors that NCT leader Taeyong sometimes visit the Dreamies’ dorm to check them and ask if they’re doing well.

Several Shows by SM Entertainment about NCT Dream’s Dorm

To satisfy and entertain NCTzens (NCT’s fans), SM Entertainment sometimes posts and uploads videos related with the Dreamies’ daily life and their dorm. Some of them are a video series called as “NCT Dream Stay Under the Blanket” or “이불 속은 안전해”, where the Dreamies highlighted their activities in the dorm. SM Entertainment also released 24-hour relay cam for each NCT member. Through their relay cams, the Dreamies often recorded themselves when they were in their dorm.

Besides that, NCTzens are so creative by creating meme and crack videos about the Dreamies and their dorm. Here is one of the videos created by NCTzens.

That’s all you need to know about NCT Dream’s dorm! So, what do you think about the dorm? Do you think that SM Entertainment has provided a proper dorm for the Dreamies to live in?  

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