This also contributes to surgery rumors among idols. If celebrities or idols are looking super beautiful or handsome, people tend to be curious about if they underwent surgery or not. Let’s learn whether Sana had plastic surgery in this Channel-Korea article! Stay tuned! You might also like: TWICE’s Sana’ Boyfriend: Dating Rumors, Her Ex-Boyfriend, Ideal Type, Etc.

TWICE’s Sana and Possibility Undergoing Plastic Surgery

Sana has a specific feature on her face that becomes her charming point. She is Japanese where both her parents are also of Japanese descent. Sana is popular with her adorable cheeks and jawline. These features are rumored as something that was taken into surgery, and South Korea has developed sophisticated cosmetic surgery for the world.

Possibility of a Double Eyelid Surgery

Becoming a famous member of the girl group that was mentioned as a national girl group in South Korea, Sana along with the other members of TWICE are always getting comments about their looks in each era of their comebacks. Sana possibly had eyelid surgery according to her pre-debut picture, but there’s no real confirmation about this. In the beginning, Sana looks like she had beautiful monolid eyes, and she now obviously has double eyelids. Eyelid surgery actually is common in South Korea even among teenagers, so it is considered not a big deal. However, makeup techniques may also contribute to the new appearance. Double eyelids are can be done by applying tape/glue or also by losing weight.

Possible Cheekbone Reduction

In her early debut time, Sana had strong cheekbones. However, in 2017, she possibly had cheekbone reduction. Sana’s jawline is looking smooth and more adorable. These cheekbone features make a difference to her face in a good way. This could be true or not, and there is no confirmation about Sana’s cheekbone reduction. It’s always possible that it is caused by weight loss or sophisticated makeup techniques. You might also like: TWICE’s Sana’s Weight Loss Tips: Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and More!

TWICE’s Sana’s Charming Beauty Explained

Sana has a cute chin dimple and an alluring jawline. This is confirmed by Dr. Trio, a South Korean surgery doctor who made commentary about Sana’s beauty. He said Sana has the vibe of a Western face with a dimple. Moreover, Sana’s lips, nose, and chin line profile are the definition of the beauty standard. He also stated her cute face looks like a hamster, which is a compliment.

TWICE’s Sana Before and After Debut

Sana who has the real name Sana Minatozaki was born in Osaka and had her school life in Japan. Since TWICE became more popular, each member had their graduation photo circulated on the Internet. From the graduation photo, Sana is portrayed as beautiful as she is right now. In earlier days, she was chubby, but the way she smiles is the same. Look at this picture! Her nose arguably had surgery. Looking at her picture, Sana’s nose bump and low nose bridge have always been there until now. It is quite difficult to say if she had nose surgery since her nose looks natural with the low nose bridge. Mostly, nose surgery is done to perfect the bridge with no bump. So, speculation says that Sana still has her ordinary nose since the very beginning. What do you think after looking at the picture below? Mostly, Sana’s before-and-after-debut pictures look different because of her weight loss. Her exercise and daily routine as a girl group member include dancing and moving around. They also tend to diet to be in great shape for each comeback. That’s all about TWICE’s Sana and whether she underwent plastic surgery or not. So, what do you about this? Put your comment below, and don’t forget to always support Sana’s career in TWICE.

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