ITZY Members and Their Pets

ITZY is one of the famous K-Pop groups whose members are well-known for their love of the animal. Aside from that, each ITZY member is also the owner of pets, from dogs to cats! Besides that, the group made a special appearance through the “Dogs are Incredible” variety show, which gives the members more knowledge about their pets. The members also show many fluffy and adorable moments with doggies there. Well, speaking of pets and animals, you can check out the list of pets from ITZY members here:

Yeji’s Pet Dogs

Yeji has two dogs named Hongsam and Insam. Insam is a male dog with black fur. Meanwhile, Hongsam is a male dog as well with brown fur. Insam is a black toy poodle, then Hongsam is a red toy poodle. Many fans have known Insam and Hongsam for quite a long time since Yeji has always mentioned her dogs and even showed off them through several V-Live videos. Initially, Yeji only owned Hongsam, but eventually, she introduced Insam to the fans. Yeji also mentions that Insam has more aegyos than Hongsam, and she always shows off her affection toward her pets. You can also check out some of Yeji’s moments with her dogs here:

Lia’s Pet Dog

Lia has a dog named Bella, and its breed is Pomeranian! Bella is a female dog with beautiful white fur. Lia was adopted her for the first time when Bella still a few months old. She has also introduced Bella through V-Live where the fans eventually realize that Lia has a pet. Just like the common pet owner, Lia often brings Bella to walk outside, playing along with her and showing-off lots of attention to her! Check out Lia’s moments with her pet Bella here:

Ryujin’s Pet Cats

A little bit different than Yeji and Lia, Ryujin’s pets are cats! The idol has two cats named Byullie which means star, and Dallie, which means moon. Through one of her videos, Ryujin explained, “I have 2 cats at home, and I named them personally. The older one is called Byullie, and the second one is Dallie.” On many occasions, Ryujin always brought Byullie or Dallie along with her and even introduced them to the fans as well. Dallie has a mixture of white and grey fur. Meanwhile, Byullie has a mixture of black and brown fur. According to one of Ryujin’s V-Lives, both of her cats are male. You can also check out Ryujin’s moments with her cats here:

Chaeryeong’s Pet Dogs

Just like Yeji and Lia, Chaeryeong is the dogs’ owner in ITZY as well! Technically, it isn’t ‘officially’ her dogs since her family also owns them. They are female dogs with Maltese breeds named Chaeri and Chaeso. Their name kind of reminds us of Chaeryeong’s name and her sister’s name, Chaeyeon and Chaemin, right? Both Chaeri and Chaeso are living in Chaeryeong’s parent’s home, and Chaeryeong will play along with them once she gets to visit her parents as well!

Yuna’s Pet Cat

Last but not least, there’s Yuna with her lovely cat name Shin Sarang or simply ‘Sarang’ which also means ‘Love’. In many V-Live sessions, Yuna always brought Sarang very often, which made the fans could see the adorable interactions between Yuna and her pet. From how they played around, Yuna teased her while feeding her, and many more! According to Yuna’s V-Live, Sarang is a female cat with full-grey fur and adorable action. Don’t miss out on their interactions here:

That’s everything about ITZY members’ pets! All of them are amazing and thoughtful pets owner who have shown them lots of care and love. We do hope to see more of ITZY’s moments with their pets in the future! What do you think about ITZY members’ pets? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and you can also share this article on your social media!

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