Lia is one of the five members of ITZY. With her group, she made a debut on-screen on February 12, 2019. Netizens in Korea or outside Korea have been anticipating the new girl group of JYP Entertainment which has been discussed since 2018. And now that they made a debut, people can’t help but talk about them. Especially ITZY’s concept and debut song really rock! No wonder Lia got really popular. She’s one of the talented members of ITZY. She is also fluent in English. International fans, don’t worry about the language barrier; Julia Choi or Lia will definitely understand what message you’re trying to say to her. So, no need to wait a little longer. Let’s explore more about the pretty and talented Lia from ITZY in the sections below!

Itzy’s Lia’s Full Profile

The first thing we should do if we want to explore more about Lia is to know basic things about her. For example, her real name (wait, is Lia not her real name?), or birthplace, where did she come from and why is she good at English, does she has brothers or sisters or not, any basic info that will lead us to understand her better. So, here it is. We provide you the full profile of Lia from ITZY. Check it out! Full name: Choi Jisu Korean Name: 최지수 Chinese Name: 崔智壽 Nickname: Lya, Lovely-a, Choi Lia, Lotteria, Gullia, Saria, Jyuliah (Julia with English pronunciation), Toylia, etc. Birthplace: Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, South Korea Nationality: Korean Birthdate: July 21, 2000 Zodiac Sign: Cancer Chinese Zodiac: Dragon Hobby: Listening to music, shopping, etc. Education:

Incheon Shinseong Elementary School Shinseong Middle School North London Cambridge School Jeju Seoul of Performing Arts High School

Position: Main vocal Occupation: Singer, idol Blood Type: AB Height: 162.3 cm Motto: Live a happy and meaningful life MBTI: ENFJ Family: Parents, 1 younger brother Debut date: February 12 Debut year: 2019 Agency: JYP Entertainment

Itzy’s Lia’s Facts

After seeing Lia’s basic info from her profile, it really makes us understand her better. We even know her MBTI and blood type too! But it still doesn’t feel like we know her better if we see her profile. Let’s see some interesting facts about Lia (things that you probably won’t predict that Lia did that), so we can love her even deeper! Let’s see some of Lia’s interesting facts!

Despite being the oldest, Lia has a lot of aegyo or is a cute person. Lia has a pure personality and has loud laughter. Lia has a different atmosphere when she’s smiling or not. When she’s smiling, her eyes turned into a half-moon shape. While when she’s performing, she looks fierce and charismatic. Lia joined JYP Entertainment after auditioned at the center. Lia almost became a trainee in SM Entertainment because she has passed the audition. But she left without sign the contract. Lia’s role model is Ariana Grande. Her hairstyle in the “Dalla Dalla” era is quite similar to Ariana Grande’s hairstyle. Although her family had a dog, Lia has a dog allergy. She always takes medicine when she was at home. Lia couldn’t eat sashimi because it’s raw. Lia likes pasta and rice, especially Kimchi fried rice and beef stew.

Itzy’s Lia’s Pre Debut

Lia was born with the name Choi Jisu. She is the only daughter in her family. She has a younger brother who was born in 2004 named Junsu. Lia and her family also raised a dog named Bella, a pretty name just like the owner, Lia herself. When Lia was in elementary school, she studied abroad in Canada for around three years. She went back and forth to Korea and Canada around that time. It made her English skills are excellent, just like a native speaker. Lia is also good with her dictionary and pronunciation, making her look like a high-class English native. While she was studying abroad, Lia passed the global audition held in Canada by SM Entertainment. But she didn’t continue it and leave before she signed the contract. While she was in middle school, Lia transferred schools too. She was initially enrolling at Shinseong Middle School, but she transferred to NLCS Jeju, a British international school in Jeju where she used British English. Here in this school, Lia used her English name “Julia”. Later on, after returning to her hometown, Lia continued studying in Shinseong Middle School and graduated. After that, she went to Seoul of Performing Arts High School. It’s because attending the performing arts high school makes her easier to attend school while still being a JYP Entertainment trainee.

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