One of the reasons which caused the popularity of JYP Entertainment’s girl group is their visual maknae. Yes, indeed, their songs are amazing and phenomenal. Who doesn’t know Nobody by Wonder Girls, Good Girl Bad Girl by Miss A, TT by Twice,  and their 4th generation girl group, ITZY, who got a quick success with their debut song, Dalla Dalla? But all those girl groups are popular, especially in Korea, with the stunning visual of their maknae. But we’re not going to talk about JYP Entertainment’s maknae in general. Instead, we will talk about the maknae of the latest JYP Entertainment girl who got success in the year of their debut. It’s ITZY’s Yuna! Yuna is the maknae or the youngest member of ITZY. She’s one of the five members who made a debut in February 2019. They were so popular even when they just made a debut. Their first song, Dalla Dalla, got the first win just a few weeks after the song was released. Let’s learn more about Yuna, and you will understand why people love her so much!

ITZY’s Yuna’s Profile

We will help you to learn more about Yuna, starting from the basic info about her. We may know her name, but we don’t know where she came from, her real name, her family, etc. Then again, even though it’s just the basic info, but you will surely fall in love with her and understand her better. Let’s see Yuna’s basic info from her profile! Full name: Shin Yuna Korean Name: 신유나 Chinese Name: 申有娜 Nickname: Shin Nayu, Hussey, Syushin, Energizer, Human Vitamin, Queen Yuna, Yunabongs, God Yuna, Ariel, Maknaengi, Barbie, etc. Birthplace: Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Nationality: Korean Birthdate: December 9, 2003 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Chinese Zodiac: Goat Education: Suwon Hwayang Elementary School Youngbok Girls Middle School Hanlim School of Performing Arts Position: Main vocal Occupation: Singer, idol Blood Type: A Weight: 48 kg Height: 169 cm MBTI: ENFJ Family: Parents, 1 older sister Debut date: February 12 Debut year: 2019 Agency: JYP Entertainment Instagram:

ITZY’s Yuna’s Facts

We can’t let you learn the basic info about Yuna without knowing some interesting facts about her. Wait no more, let’s fall in love with her even deeper by learning some facts that you may or may not know about her yet!

Yuna is the only member of the group who doesn’t have a main position, but her dancing and singing are good without missing any parts. Yuna is the tallest member in the group, but just like the other maknae, she has a lot of aegyo or cuteness to show to her members. Although Yuna has a bright personality, when she’s doing a broadcast VLive alone, she is calmer and talks with a soft tone instead. Yuna got her nickname, “Ariel” because she looks stunning with her red color’s hairstyle. In her debut year, 2019, Yuna already ranked 68th in the 100 most beautiful faces in 2019. Yuna’s pupil color is pretty light brown. Yuna’s favorite food is pizza. She likes Hawaiian, sweet potatoes, and pepperoni toppings. Yuna has an outgoing personality and likes to go outside, such as shopping, dressing up, exploring restaurants, etc. Yuna felt so shy when she got appointed as one of the members that will debut in ITZY. She thought that she’s still not enough. But gladly, her skills are improving a lot after she debuted. ITZY’s Yuna was rumored to be dating ENHYPEN’s Jay because they went to the same place around the same time and posted the pics on social media.

ITZY’s Yuna’s Pre Debut

After learning her profile and interesting facts, we know that Yuna is indeed such a lovable person. But before she turned into the beauty icon of the 4th gen of K-pop idols, Yuna was a little girl from Suwon, Gyeonggi. She was born on December 9, 2003. Just like what she is in ITZY, she’s also the youngest child in her family. In Suwon, Yuna lived with her parents and her older sister. Her relationship with her older sister is so close. JYP Entertainment’s scouter recruited Yuna when she and her older sister watched the year-end music festival together in 2015. Before she debuted with ITZY, Yuna once appeared in BTS‘s music video, Love Yourself, and other female trainees from other companies. Yuna, ITZY’s Ryujin, a trainee too, just like her, also appeared in the music video. Yuna made every fangirl envy her because she got paired with BTS’s golden maknae, Jungkook. But Yuna proofed that she’s not just one lucky girl. She showed such impressive acting despite her young age. Yuna is just like Jungkook, after all. She’s indeed maknae on top!

ITZY’s Yuna’s Debut with ITZY

JYP Entertainment has a good record producing their girl group. Especially after the huge success of Twice, people are anticipating the new girl group from JYP Entertainment. Starting in 2018, people have speculated the line-up for JYP Entertainment’s new girl group judging from their female trainees. Some name has been mentioned. Including Somi, a trainee under JYP Entertainment has made her name big by joining Produce 101 Season 1 and debuted in I.O.I. Sadly, Somi had to leave JYP Entertainment for a reason which didn’t get published. But some female trainees were also rumored to be members of JYP Entertainment’s new girl group, such as Yeji, Ryujin, Jisu, and Chaeryeong. Finally, in January 2019, JYP Entertainment announced that they were about to debut a new girl group called “ITZY”. They released the teaser of their members one by one. People got surprised with Yuna, who didn’t get mentioned a lot in the line-up rumored. But Yuna slayed the teaser so well. People were excited to see the beautiful maknae from ITZY. Let’s see the teaser of Yuna down below! Just by seeing the teaser, we can say what kind of girl group ITZY is. If Twice has a boy crush concept with a cute concept on their first debut song, ITZY is the other way around. They successfully be the girl crush in the first appearance of them in public. The teaser shows the blink-blink of ITZY and their music video, which has got the love showered by fans. The music video got 100 million views only months after their debut. This breaks the record of rookie K-pop group that got over 100 million views on their debut days. Here is the phenomenal music video of ITZY!

If you can’t get over the song, well, same! That’s because Yuna and her eonnies (older sisters) in ITZY did so great for their first title song! Not to mention that their title song, Dalla Dalla has a theme about self-love. No wonder people are loving the song even more. It’s not just that cheesy love song about people who fall in love. The lyrics of Dalla Dalla are just like motivating us to appreciate ourselves. ITZY also broke another record by winning their first trophy in music shows only a few weeks after their debut.

Congratulations, ITZY!

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