In this article, there is a detailed information for you who want to know more about IU and are ready to join as her fans. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about IU’s fandom name, the meaning, official color, and logo in this article below!

IU’s Official Fandom Name: UAENAS

IU is one of the K-Pop female singers who started her career at a very young age and has many fans, but IU did not immediately have an official name for her fans. Why? After a long wait of 9 years, IU fans have finally paid off with the formation of this beautiful singer’s official fandom. The hitmaker of “Through The Night” official fandom name is UAENA. While some K-Pop groups and singers have official fandom names, IU’s fans have to wait a few years for their agency to release their official fandom names. Previously known, IU already has a lot of fans from South Korea and internationally. Her ability as a singer is unquestionable. IU has also managed to get many awards for her hard work and amazing vocal skills. her achievements during a career of more than 10 years are also big support from her fans. In 2017, IU released an official statement regarding her official fandom name. Her agency, FAVE Entertainment immediately provided an opportunity for fans to join the fan club. With the opening of IU’s official fan club, the fans are also able to purchase a membership. This will be a huge benefit for their fans, because they will get several offers, such as special goods, early ticketing for IU’s fan meetings, concerts, and more, including a membership card.

IU’s Fandom Name Meaning

Looking back, IU’s stage name comes from the words “I”, and “You”, which means me and you. More than that, “IU” means “we” can become one through music. No less interesting, IU’s official fandom named UAENA also has a super sweet meaning. UAENA is taken from IU’s official Daum cafe, which means “you love me”. U-AE-NA, ‘U’ means ‘you’ which in English means you. ‘AE’ is taken from sino-korean (original Korean language) which means love, and ‘NA’ in Korean means ‘I’. UAENA surely has a deep meaning for IU and her fans, isn’t it?

IU’s Fandom Name Ideas

UAENA is the official fandom name that was created for IU’s fans. However, there are also several nicknames for IU’s fans outside of their official fandom. IU wrote on her fan cafe and said that her male fans are 건빵 (geonbbang) or also known as biscuits because that’s one of IU’s snacks. For female fans, she called them as 별사탕 (byeolsatang) which means star candy. So, do you have any new recommendations for IU’s fandom name?

IU Released Her Fandom Logo And Color

If some fans expect IU will choose pastel colors that give soft vibes, but it’s different from what was released in 2017. The agency released IU’s official lightstick and also fandom colors for the UAENAs. It can be seen from the color of the lightstick, IU’s fandom color is green lime. IU’s lightstick has a shape like a mic in which there is IU’s engraved name. Previously, fans thought that IU was more suited to purple, which is also IU’s favorite color. Knowing what the fans want, the agency finally decided to keep it included purple as one of IU’s official fandom colors, but somehow used on other occasions. Just like the official color of UAENAs, IU’s official fandom color is lime green and soft purple. The logo itself has a shape of a heart and in the center is a musical note with a line joining the heart. IU’s official logo represents IU’s as a musical note because she is a singer who is loved by the UAENAs and is in the shape of a heart. The logo itself looks simple and cute at the same time because it represents IU’s image as an innocent yet sweet female singer. What do you think about IU’s fandom logo and color? Well, that was all for the information about IU’s fandom and the meaning of UAENA’s logo and color. Are you one of IU’s fans? If yes, let’s keep sending a lot of love and support to IU, so her career will shine bright in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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