Many people have been surprised upon learning that there’s a member who was born in 2007, which makes her the youngest member of IVE. Who is she? If you want to know more about IVE members’ age order, check out this article below by Channel-Korea!

IVE Members’ Age Order

Let’s look at the table below for further details about IVE members’ age order!

IVE’s Unnie Line

The unnie line of IVE consists of Gaeul and Yujin; both of them were born in the same month but with a difference of one year. Gaeul was born in September 2002, and Yujin was born in September 2003. As part of the unnie line, both Gaeul and Yujin are very considerate and act like the ‘mothers’ of the group since they are the oldest members of IVE. They somehow radiate the leadership vibes but in a polite way and still make the other members feel safe and comfortable around them. Moreover, Gaeul is even considered the ‘comedian’ of IVE since she likes to joke around and lift the mood among the members. Meanwhile, Yujin used to be in the maknae line in her previous group, but she grew even more mature in IVE as the group’s leader. Wonyoung once revealed her thoughts on Yujin becoming the group’s leader, “As expected, she [Yujin] has been doing such a great job as our leader. I think she is the best member to be our leader.”

IVE’s Middle Line

IVE’s Rei, Wonyoung, and Liz have filled up the middle line of the group. The three of them were born in 2004 where Rei was born in February, Wonyoung in August, and Liz in November. Even Liz once revealed that she feels the closest to Rei out of all of the IVE members. On the other hand, Rei admitted that if she were a fan of IVE, her bias would be Liz. Meanwhile, Rei also chose Wonyoung as the cutest member. Well, the three of them are completing each other, aren’t they? The middle line very often teases the unnie line and the maknae members. They can be very playful and cheerful simultaneously, but in the meantime, they are very caring and considerate to other members. And even according to Wonyoung, Rei can be very protective sometimes but in a good way.

IVE’s Maknae Line

IVE’s maknae line consists of Lee Hyun-seo or IVE’s Leeseo only since she is the youngest among all of the members and she was born in 2007. Although Leeseo is the youngest one, her talent and her passion as a K-Pop girl group member are worth noticing. As the youngest member, Leeseo is very energetic and can do the aegyo very well, even the other IVE members are taking care of Leeseo. According to Yujin, she chooses Leeseo as the most difficult member to take care of because Leeseo has many friends and doesn’t listen when her friends are around. But still, the unnie line and middle line of IVE are protective toward Leeseo and always encourage her to do her best. That’s everything about IVE’s age in order from oldest to youngest! Although they all have different ages, it doesn’t matter since they’re all very talented and have amazing teamwork as a girl group. Let’s always root for them and hope for the best in terms of their future career ahead! What do you guys think about IVE members’ age order? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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