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American rapper Born: July 8, 1998 (age 23 years), Malibu, California, United States Parents: Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith Siblings: Willow Smith, Trey Smith Also Known As: Jaden Christopher Syre Smith Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Males Father: Will Smith Mother: Jada Pinkett Smith Siblings: Willow Smith (Sister) Born Country: United States Actors Dancers Height: 5’7″ (170 cm), 5’7″ Males U.S. State: California

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Smith’s father, Will, revealed that his son sought an emancipation ruling, with the consent of his parents, as a present for his 15th birthday. Will revealed to the media that Smith’s primary motivation is the establishment of his own residence and also explained that his children are not subject to strict parenting conduct: “We generally don’t believe in punishment. From the time Jaden was five or six we would sit him down, and all he has to do is be able to explain why what he did was the right thing for his life.” However, Smith and his father appeared together on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on May 15, 2013, and Smith said: The thing that people don’t get is everything at his house is free. So I can get anything and everything at his house, so I’m going to be there for 20, 30 more years. He says that as soon as I have a movie that’s bigger than one of his movies I can get my own house. In June 2017, Smith moved out of his parents’ house into a $4 million home in Hidden Hills. Smith is an avid “conspiracy theorist” and his statements often generate controversy. This includes theories about the Illuminati, and tweets about chemtrails. In 2013, Smith generated controversy when he criticized traditional education and advised people to drop out of school. Discussing teenagers who attend public school, Smith said “kids who go to normal school are so teenagery, so angsty.” Smith dated Sarah Snyder from 2015 to 2017. The two broke up after “growing apart” amid cheating rumors. Snyder inspired numerous songs on Smith’s debut album, Syre. Smith is a vegetarian. He started a mobile restaurant providing free vegan dinners for the homeless (but where others pay when they dine).  His vegan lifestyle caused his parents to stage an intervention, following a rapid decline in health that led to his skin turning gray. He was later diagnosed with lactose intolerance and celiac disease. His declining health, however, resulted in Smith returning to vegetarianism. Beginning in November 2018, Smith has claimed that rapper Tyler, the Creator is his boyfriend. Tyler, however, denied this claim despite freely acknowledging being bisexual, and it’s unclear if Smith was joking or not. Smith has been called a non-binary icon for his work in popular media challenging traditional gender roles. He is often seen in gender-fluid clothing, wearing dresses, skirts, and high-heels.  For his Vogue Korea editorial in 2016, he attracted attention for wearing traditionally female attire: a black skirt, blue nail polish, and a flower in his hair.  He has made public comments such as “If I Wanna Wear A Dress, Then I Will, And That Will Set The New Wave…”. Smith is reported as saying that the reason he wanted to wear skirts was to ultimately help kids get bullied less in schools.

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