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American actor Born: December 19, 1980 (age 40 years), Los Angeles, California, United States Height: 1.82 m Upcoming movies: Ambulance, Morbius, Spirit Untamed Siblings: Maggie Gyllenhaal TV shows: Man vs. Wild, Inside Amy Schumer, Southpaw: Extras KNOWN FOR Jake Gyllenhaal is an Oscar-nominated actor known for his work in films like ‘Donnie Darko,’ ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ ‘Prisoners’ and ‘Nightcrawler. NICKNAME: Jake, Jakey FULL NAME: Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal PROFESSION: Film Producer, child Actor, Film Actor NATIONALITY: American AGE: 40 years old (in 2021) DATE OF BIRTH: December 19, 1980 BIRTHPLACE: Los Angeles, California, United States ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius HEIGHT: 6 foot (1.83 m) WEIGHT: 77 kg (170 lbs) CHEST: 44 Inches WAIST: 33 Inches BODYTYPE: Straight BICEPS: 16 Inches HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown EYE COLOR: Blue

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Gyllenhaal’s sister, actress Maggie, is married to actor Peter Sarsgaard, Gyllenhaal’s co-star in Jarhead and Rendition. In December 2006, Gyllenhaal and his sister escaped a fire that destroyed Manka’s Inverness Lodge, a famed lodge and restaurant in Inverness, California, at which they were vacationing. The Gyllenhaals were among a dozen or so guests who fled after the fire, sparked by a falling tree, broke out at about 3 a.m. Co-owner and celebrity chef Daniel DeLong said the pair were supportive despite having to brave the wind and cold. “Jake was helping me pull things out of the fire” DeLong said. Gyllenhaal’s niece, Ramona Sarsgaard, was born on October 3, 2006. Gyllenhaal has both literal godparents and what he describes as “celebrity godparents”. Actor and director Paul Newman was his godfather, and actress Jamie Lee Curtis is his godmother. Other godparents of unknown status include a gay couple and cinematographer Robert Elswit. Gyllenhaal is the godfather of Matilda Rose Ledger (born October 28, 2005), daughter of his Brokeback Mountain co-stars Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams. Gyllenhaal dated actress Kirsten Dunst from 2002 to 2004. He dated his Rendition co-star Reese Witherspoon from around 2007 until 2009. He dated singer-songwriter Taylor Swift from October 2010 to March 2011, and model Alyssa Miller from July to December 2013. Gyllenhaal has been in a relationship with French model Jeanne Cadieu since 2018. He is a much sought-after bachelor who has dated several beautiful women including Kirsten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift. He is very close to his parents and sister. Along with his entire family he supports the American Civil Liberties Union. He regularly recycles and supports the ‘Future Forests’ program. He also helps raise funds for cancer research through the television fundraiser ‘Stand Up To Cancer’. He was named as one of the “50 most talented, intelligent, funny, and gorgeous Jewish men in the world” by ‘Shalom Life in 2012. Began acting professionally by the age of 11 Parents didn’t allow him to take a role in 1992’s The Mighty Ducks because it required a two-month location shoot Paul Newman, a family friend, gave him his first driving lesson at age 15 Sang in a rock band called Holeshot Auditioned for the role of Christian in Moulin Rouge On-screen sister in Donnie Darko was played by his real sister, Maggie Appeared on the London stage in 2002 opposite Anna Paquin and Hayden Christensen in This Is Our Youth Developed friendships with Brokeback Mountain costars Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams Is godfather of their daughter, Matilda Rose Ledger In 2006, won the MTV Movie Awards’ Best Kiss category with Ledger for Brokeback Mountain Supports Rock the Vote and the American Civil Liberties Union, among other causes Gyllenhaal once dated Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 actress Kirsten Dunst. When Tobey Maguire suffered from back problems before filming Spider-Man 2, Gyllenhaal was almost brought in to replace him. Gyllenhaal was considered to play Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange in Doctor Strange.

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