“Jaljayo Good Night” is a song recorded by TWICE. The song was released on October 30, 2017, as the 13th track from their first full-length album Twicetagram and its reissued version Merry and Happy. The title of this song is also alternatively written as “Sleep Tight, Good Night.” This is a calming and sweet lullaby song at the end of the album tracklist. This song truly highlights the soothing voices of the members with acoustic music and a slight touch of bossa nova at the post-chorus.  What made “Jaljayo Good Night” sound a lot more personal and comforting compared to any other song on the album was the smooth monologue by Sana at the end of the song. This made the song stand out from any other track sung by TWICE. 

Background of “Jaljayo Good Night”

Back in early September 2017, it was reported by NAVER that TWICE was in Canada to begin shooting a music video for an upcoming song. Later in the same day, JYP Entertainment officially confirmed the report and stated that TWICE would have a comeback in late October despite the date still being tentative. During the group’s second day of a fan meeting on October 15, 2017, it was publicly announced that their first full-length album is titled Twicetagram and will be launched on October 30, 2017. The surprise trailer for Twicetagram was also presented at the fan meeting. The group’s main teaser images were revealed on October 19th. During the live broadcast held the next day, TWICE’s members mentioned that there will be 13 tracks that will be featured in the new album.  On October 21, 2011, TWICE released a photo of the album tracklist which included “Jaljayo Good Night” as the 13th track of the album. An audio preview for all the tracks including “Jaljayo Good Night” was uploaded on October 29, 2017.  The album, along with the “Likey” MV, was officially released on October 30th as a digital download on various online digital music platforms. Meanwhile, the physical album of Twicetagram was released a day after.

Story of “Jaljayo Good Night”

“Jaljayo Good Night” was composed by Kevin Oppa (Mr. Cho), who is known as a composer that previously wrote songs for JYP groups like DAY6 and Wonder Girls. This song has a different musical nuance in comparison to any other track on the album. While the majority of the songs on Twicetagram and Merry & Happy are categorized as bubblegum pop, “Jaljayo Good Night” is described as an acoustic ballad song with a soft playing guitar. According to a source, it was mentioned that “Jaljayo Good Night” was dedicated to ONCE as a special song to listen to at the end of the day. The pauses between sections slowly ease the brain and make the song sound a lot more calming and dream-like. The other aspect that makes this song stand out from any other track is the fact that it successfully emphasizes the members’ strengths, for example, Jeongyeon hitting high notes and Jihyo’s flawless voice. The lyrics of “Jaljayo Good Night” were also written by Kevin Oppa. The lyrics aimed to convey a story about a couple who just spent a whole day together until late at night. They wanted to give sweet and encouraging messages to one another before finally parting ways to return home and say good night.

“Jaljayo Good Night” MV

There is no official music video for “Jaljayo Good Night.” However, the official audio for “Jaljayo Good Night” was uploaded on YouTube through JYP Entertainment’s official channel. As of July 2021, the “Jaljayo Good Night” official audio video has gained over 804,000 views.

“Jaljayo Good Night” Performance

This song was performed on the MBC music show Tei’s Dreaming Radio. Since the song itself is an acoustic song, there was no elaborate choreography being presented at this performance. All of the members were present in this performance and dressed in casual attire.  At the end of the song, Momo slightly modified her monologue. At the same time, Momo managed to make fun of Nayeon for winning a prize. The other members could not resist giggling.

  About three years later, “Jaljayo Good Night” was performed again at TWICE’s 5th Anniversary Special Live WITH on October 19th, 2020. It was performed as a medley with “One in a Million.” It was the last song sung by TWICE in this live show. The stage set was decorated with miniature houses and dominated with purple. Again, the members did not perform any dance or choreography with this song. Instead, they performed together in a rendition-style performance, casually sitting on their purple benches. There were only eight members who performed in this show as Jeongyeon was absent due to mental health reasons. The monologue part in this performance was done by Jihyo (as TWICE’s official group leader) instead of Momo. The monologue was also done as a closing message at the end of the show.

“Jaljayo Good Night” Achievements 

The song has ranked on South Korean digital music weekly charts such as GAON.  Since “Jaljayo Good Night” was not a lead single nor a title track, the song hasn’t made it to the mainstream music charts like Billboard yet. As of now, “Jaljayo Good Night” also has not received any award nominations.

“Jaljayo Good Night” Weekly Charts


Jaljayo Goodnight  2017  by TWICE - 6Jaljayo Goodnight  2017  by TWICE - 80