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Meet Jamison Bachman, One Of The Subjects Of Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever “Serial Squatter” Jamison Bachman is one of the subjects of Netflix’s five-part series Worst Roommate Ever. Alex Miller, a 31-year-old woman, offered her spare bedroom on Craigslist in 2017. She received an offer from a man named Jed Creek, who turned out to be Jamison Bachman, two weeks later. Jed pretended to be a lawyer and told her she needed to get a place because his family was unwell and he needed to look after them. Jamison gave Alex an $800 check when they agreed to live together. Alex didn’t notice the lack of an address on the check because it cleared the next day. Alex got into a rhythm of living together, getting up early to exercise his dog, but things quickly deteriorated. Jamison claimed the money covered the period before he ever moved in when Alex asked him to pay $140 for his portion of the utility expenses. “We can handle this in court if you prefer,” he texted her when she pressured him to pay. When Alex returned home one day, Jed had removed all of the lightbulbs from the communal living room for his lamps, as well as the six dining room chairs, which he had converted into a workstation. Alex’s mother became skeptical of Creek and started to search him up online, only to discover his true name and several stories, one of which said that he attempted to evict a woman named Melissa Frost from her house in New York during Hurricane Sandy. Alex wrote Jed a letter after learning of his true name from her mother, informing him that the authorities had been informed of his conduct and that he had to leave. He ultimately departed, but not before emptying the toilet of cat litter. He returned to the property later that day and attacked Alex. Jamison was arrested and charged with aggravated assault when Alex phoned the cops. When he left, she found a box with bullets and a cleaning kit for a 0.380 caliber pistol in his belongings. Jamison Bachman isn’t alive. He reportedly hung himself in prison at the Montgomery County prison. In 2017, Jamison Bachman was reported to be 60 years old, according to the tweet of Montgomery County DA. He would’ve been at least 64 years old had he not committed suicide.

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According to Georgetown University, Jamison Bachman is a graduate of 1995. According to Wiziq.com, he earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Miami School of Law in December 2002. He had also attended Universiteit Leiden, the Netherlands from 1993 to 1984. He also stated on his profile, “I also studied at Tulane (1975) and Penn State University.” Jamison wrote on his profile, “I’m a great believer in the Socratic Method and have been a student of history and politics for over 30 years. Among other things, I lived, worked, and studied in Europe and the Middle East for many years.

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