It also makes people wonder about Somi’s love story in real life. Some frequently asked questions include who was Somi’s boyfriend, did she ever date someone in the past, was she involved in dating rumors with other idols, and many more. In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about that, so keep on reading!

Jeon Somi and Her Ex-Boyfriend: Only Lasted for Two Weeks!

Jeon Somi has become one of the famous female K-pop singers right now. But, when it comes to a relationship, she can be very open about that. Somi’s past relationship was revealed after she appeared on Hwang Tae and Yang Miri’s YouTube channel. At first, the singer explained that she is rarely into dating, but she had once been in a relationship in the past. She and her ex-boyfriend started dating, but their relationship only lasted for two weeks! Moreover, Somi said that her ex-boyfriend started to date her friends right after the breakup. And, her explanation got a lot of attention in such a hilarious way since she also kind of dissed her ex-boyfriend. “I was in a relationship with him for about two weeks, and then he broke up with me. Right after we ended our relationship, he started dating my friend, that ba****d.” Somi also explained that her ex-boyfriend looked like the actor Kim Woo-bin, and the guy was from the school’s soccer team and used to put hair wax in his hair.

Dating Rumor: Somi and BTS’ Jungkook

Aside from Jeon Somi’s dating experience in real life, the K-pop singer was once involved in a dating rumor with a fellow K-pop idol. Jeon Somi and BTS’ Jungkook once were linked by fans even though they were not dating in real life. The rumor started since some of Somi and Jungkook’s fans loved to see their idols together. They started to link them, connect them, and even make some fan picture edits to make Somi and Jungkook look like they are together. Moreover, the fact that they have the same first name Jeon also made fans thrilled to connect them as a couple. Well, do you also think that Somi and Jungkook could be a couple someday?

Somi’s Ideal Type

After the hilarious explanation from Somi about her past dating experience, many people started to be curious about the singer’s ideal type. Somi once explicitly revealed that she’d love to have a boyfriend who can cook well. “I wish I could just sit down and my man come to give me a meal he had prepared himself. I added ‘met a guy who can cook well’ to my bucket list.” Aside from that, Somi is also hoping to find someone who can handle a relationship as a public figure since she realized that it is quite hard for K-pop idols to go public with their relationships. That’s everything about Jeon Somi’s ex-boyfriend and her dating rumor! Since she isn’t dating anyone right now, let’s hope that she can meet a good person who can be her boyfriend sometime in the future! What do you think about Somi’s openness about her dating experience in the past? Share your thoughts through the comment section below, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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