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Jimmy came to the realization that sticking to his ritual of early morning workouts, with some tweaks to Butler’s diet, would be the ideal roadmap to maintaining the level of fitness that’s made Butler one of the league’s most ripped athletes. So effective was his plan, that Butler took the court on Aug 1 against the Denver Nuggets with more muscle and less body fat than his last game in March. “Just from a whole mental, um, kind of readiness, we didn’t know if this was going to be two weeks or two months or a year,” Scott tells Muscle & Fitness. “At the beginning, training was sort of ambiguous. We saw people were doing Zoom workouts and stuff like that. Finally, we just said, you know, screw that, let’s go ahead and do this the right way. Let’s have an offseason mentality.” Butler knows all about what it takes to be ready for whatever life throws at him. “I’d be lying if I were to be able to tell you what tomorrow brings,” Butler told M&F in January, following a loss to the Brooklyn Nets. “I can’t tell you how my body’s going to feel. I can tell you how I can prepare for hoping that this is the way that my body’s going to feel.” While the rest of the nation was battling a different kind of “quarantine 15,” over the past four months, Butler added weight to his 6’7’’ frame, hitting a solid 230 pounds, while at the same time dropping his body fat percentage to a ridiculous 4.3%. With the NBA season on hold, Scott had Butler switch to a carb-backloading—limited carbs throughout the day and loading up on carbs at night—approach to his diet. And the strategy, he says, worked. “Since Jimmy wasn’t playing any games, he didn’t need so many carbohydrates to recover or need for fuel,” Scott says, saying that at Butler’s final meal, around 7 p.m. each night, his carbs would usually consist of healthy grains, some rice, quinoa or sweet potatoes. “Our thing was like, if it came from the earth, we would eat it,” Scott says. From a physical standpoint, the time off may have helped Butler today, Scott says. Prior to the shutdown, Butler was averaging more than 20 points a game for the Heat (At the same time, however, a host of injuries began piling up, including foot, back, hip, knees, ankle issues as well a toe injury that kept Butler out of the Heat’s last game against the Charlotte Hornets in March.) “In a way, it was actually kind of a blessing because it gave Jimmy time to heal all those gentle bumps and bruises you get after 60 games in the season,” Scott says. “I’m sure most of the NBA players were feeling that way too. At that point in the season you’re kind of putting bandaids on a lot of things. Working with Butler, Scott incorporates his own variation of the conjugate method of training, the popular formula made famous by Westside Barbell in which you constantly rotate exercises in and out of a program. “We don’t incorporate many max lifts for a basketball player,” he says. In any given workout, Scott will have Butler perform dumbbell presses and rear-elevated split squats to increase strength, also adding in trap-bar and Vertimax machine jumps to increase explosive strength. One constant in every workout, Scott says, is incorporating a medicine ball. For Butler, or any basketball player, quick reflexes are essential in any situation, from dishing to the open man to no-look passes. So Scott will throw in any number of variations—overhead throws, rotational throws, catch-and-pass, both single- or double-arm passes into Butler’s routine. “Concentration can be a split-second decision for an athlete like Jimmy,” Scott says. “It could be the difference between winning and missing an assignment and giving up the winning basket.” The physical and mental push Butler receives from Scott, has helped keep him focused and ready to continue his All-Star season.

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American basketball player Born: September 14, 1989 (age 31 years), Houston, Texas, United States Height: 2.01 m Salary: 16.4 million USD (2017) Parents: Londa Butler Current teams: Miami Heat (#22 / Small forward, Power forward), United States of America Education: Office of Residence Life (2008–2011), Tyler Junior College (2007–2008), Tomball High School Since his rise to fame as one of the most promising talents in the present NBA roster, Butler has mended his relationship with his parents. He once said in an interview, “I don’t hold grudges. I still talk to my family. My mom. My father. We love each other. That’s never going to change.” There were rumours in the social media that his biological father is basketball legend Michael Jordan but they were unfounded. In 2015, Butler dated a woman named Charmaine Piula, who is of Polynesian descent. A marketing representative for Auto-Owners Insurance, Piula loves to run, travel, shop, and party. They eventually split up as both were career-oriented individuals who did not have enough time for a relationship. For a long while, Butler has been vocal about his admiration for actress Shay Mitchell, who rose to prominence for portraying Emily Fields in the Freeform series ‘Pretty Little Liars’. In 2016, they were seen together on multiple occasions, giving way to speculations that they were dating. According to reports, Butler spent a considerable amount of his time in Los Angeles with Mitchell and less time with his teammates in Chicago. The relationship, if there was one, most likely has since ended as Mitchell has been spotted spending time with Matte Babel, an ET Canada reporter. Butler used to play the guitar but stopped after seeing the callused hands of American singer-songwriter Garth Brooks.

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