Her success in dramas has made many people curious about her love life. So, do you want to know more about her love life? Don’t worry guys. We’ve got you covered! In this article, Channel-Korea will explain the details about Jo Bo-ah’s past relationship, dating rumors, and more!

Jo Bo-ah Is Currently Single

Jo Bo-ah is a single woman for now. She once revealed her ideal type during an interview in 2017. In that interview, Jo Bo-ah talked about her work in Temperature of Love. After she talked about the drama, she revealed to the host her ideal type. She wants someone who is like a pushover in a drama and someone who loves her very much. She said if she could receive a lot of love from the man, she could love him very, very much. The actress wishes to have a man like that in real life.

Jo Bo-ah’s Past Relationship With On Joo-wan

Most K-drama lovers probably know that Jo Bo-ah once had a romantic relationship with On Joo-wan. They met for the first time when they became co-stars in The Idle Mermaid, also known as Surplus Princess (2014). They declared to the public that they had become a couple officially in March 2015. However, in January 2017, they ended their two-year relationship. Jo Bo-ah’s own agency SidusHQ confirmed the news of her breakup. The agency representative stated, “It’s true that Jo Bo-ah and On Joo-wan have broken up. We can’t give a detailed explanation about the cause and when they broke up because it’s a personal matter for both of them.” After Bo-ah’s agency released the breakup statement, On Joo-wan and his agency didn’t give a response. There wasn’t any statement released from On Joo-wan’s side. However, after the news of his breakup with Jo Bo-ah spread, he deleted his Instagram account.

Jo Bo-ah Was Rumored To Be Dating Yoo Seung-ho

The beautiful 31-year-old woman was rumored to have a relationship with Yoo Seung-ho. The rumor was spread since Bo-ah and Seung-ho co-starred in My Strange Hero. In the drama, Bo-ah played her role as Seung-ho’s first love. Through the drama, they emphasized their great chemistry, and they seemed to be attracted to each other in the drama. However, that rumor was just a rumor. It hasn’t been stated clearly that they really had a romantic relationship. Both Bo-ah and Seung-ho never gave a personal statement about their relationship, and there’s no further news about their relationship since then.

Jo Bo-ah’s Dating Rumor With Lee Dong-wook

As written in the opening paragraph, Jo Bo-ah shared a role with Lee Dong-wook in Tale of the Nine-Tailed. In the drama, Bo-ah’s character is called Nam Ji-ah, the past lover of Lee Dong-wook’s Lee Yeon. Again, because of the great chemistry between them, many people spread rumors that Bo-ah was actually dating Dong-wook in real life. However, the rumors haven’t been proven because no official statement has been issued regarding them.

Jo Bo-ah Admitted That She Dated Someone She Never Met

Despite the many romantic rumors spreading around her, Jo Bo-ah released an official story about one of her romantic stories. When she guest-starred on JTBC’s Knowing Brothers, she told a strange story that she once dated someone she had never met. Sounds weird, right? So, how did this relationship come about? Let’s find out!

It was in high school when Bo-ah dated someone whose face she had never seen. Bo-ah told the brothers that she once got a message from an unknown number. The message said that the sender is a senior from her school. She added, “He asked me out a few times, but I avoided him.” So, how did Bo-ah date them? Jo Bo-ah said, “One day, he revealed his feelings to me. I was afraid to reject him at that time, so I said yes.” Although Bo-ah said yes to him, it seemed like he didn’t have any interest in meeting her personally. Bo-ah stated that they never went on a date, and she didn’t see his face, not even once! It was revealed that during the relationship, they only talked to each other online. After they talked online for months, the couple ended their relationship. They broke up after three or four months. The actress said that they broke up because they never met. That’s all the information about Jo Bo-ah’s current status, ideal type, past relationships, and her dating rumors. So, what do you think about her dating rumors and her current single status? Do you think that the rumored man would be a suitable boyfriend for Jo Bo-ah? Anyway, whatever your opinion, don’t forget to share this article with your friends if you like it. Also, don’t forget to support Jo Bo-ah by watching her dramas and giving positive responses.

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