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Jo Jae-hyun’s Marriage and Family

Actor Jo Jae-hyun was born in Seoul, South Korea, on June 30th, 1965, and he got married to a woman that attended the same college as him, namely Chung-Ang University. The actor who played the role of Kim Gil-do in Take Care of My Dad (2015) got married at the age of 24. His wife’s name is Kim Ji-sook and after their marriage, Jo Jae-hyun and Kim Ji-sook got their first son named Jo Soo-hoon, and then, their second child, a daughter named Jo Hye-jung. His son and daughter are both very talented children. Jo Jae-hyun’s son, Cho Soo-hoon (Hangul: 조수훈) was born on March 25th, 1989, and he is a former short-track athlete from South Korea. He won the Gold medal at the National Winter Sports Contest in 2008, 2013, and 2014. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxBaGFIBIDL/ Jo Jae-hyun’s daughter, Cho Hye-jung (Hangul: 조혜정), who was born on December 22nd, 1992, is a South Korean actress that has appeared in many popular dramas, such as Go Back Couple (2017) as Cheon Seol, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (2016-2017) as Jung Nan-hee, Cinderella and Four Knights (2016) as Hong Ja-young, and many more.

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Jo Jae-hyun’s Sexual Assault Scandal

Although he has already been a father and husband for more than 20 years, Jo Jae-hyun’s personal life and family were attacked by a piece of bad news and a potential scandal. Around 2018, actor Jo Jae-hyun was involved in a sexual assault sexual harassment allegations. The actor who was starring as Gwang-baek in the box office movie titled The Fatal Encounter (2014) was reported by a media source, Xportnews, claiming that the popular actor with the initial “J” has sexually harassed a member of the staff in their 20s on the set of a television show in 2013. He was referred to as a famous actor who often plays main characters and is also a producer. According to the report, “J” called the staff member away from the other staff, then kissed her lips and touched her chest and thigh forcefully. “J” was also claimed to have called the staff personally. On February 22nd, 2018, actor J’s agency responded and stated, “The report that he has sexually harassed a female staff is baseless.” However, as quoted from Sports Seoul via Naver, the actor himself later admitted his depraved deeds on February 24th, 2018, through an official statement. “This is Jo Jae-hyun. The first rumor claims that an actor, who is also a theater owner, forcibly kissed a young staff after sitting the staff on his lap. When the report appeared, I wanted to give an explanation because some parts of the story were different from the truth. After a while, we were interviewed [about allegations of sexual harassment] which seemed to arouse suspicion. I was very surprised and could not remember the story of a short [interview]. I had a bad outlook at the time, thinking it was all just slander. Some articles also began reporting false speculations, so part of me hoped it would all end.” “Instead of reflecting, I even thought badly. I was a monster because I tried to avoid [the consequences of] stupid thoughts and my disgusting actions in the past. I confess. I have lived a sinful life. During 30 years of acting, I made many mistakes with words and sinful actions against my colleagues, staff, and juniors. I am a sinner. I bow my head in regret to the victims who have been very hurt. I will let go of everything now. I will not think of myself. I will not avoid it. I will let go of everything. From now on, I will look back on life with a heart full of regret for the victims. I am very embarrassed and sorry.” As a result of the sexual harassment scandal, Jo Jae-hyun was expelled from the production of the drama Cross. TvN production staff released a statement stating that they had to remove the actor. “We will try to get rid of the character from the drama as soon as possible,” said one of the representatives of tvN, citing Sports Seoul via Naver. On March 11th, 2018, a TV program from South Korea, PD Notebook, investigated to uncover cases of sexual harassment committed by Jo Jae-hyun. They conducted an interview with an insider who used to work with Jo Jae-hyun and was one of the employees at one of the actor’s former agencies. PD Notebook initially opened a questioning session about the employees who had worked with Jo Jae-hyun in the past and he explained about the sexual harassment by Jo Jae-hyun. The insider explained that rumors circulating about Jo Jae-hyun were true and stated that the news could not spread without a clear reason. He explained that at first, he had eavesdropped on Jo Jae-hyun’s telephone conversation with someone. “The employees and Jo Jae-hyun were walking somewhere and suddenly he got a telephone call, but he answered very aggressively. When he ended the call, I came and asked if something was wrong? Then Jo Jae-hyun replied that he had paid the woman but she is still coming after him.” The anonymous employee began to become suspicious and assumed that Jo Jae-hyun’s reaction at that time was evidence of the sexual harassment that was recently rumored. The employee continued that he calmed Jo Jae-hyun at the time by saying, “You will get in trouble. Don’t you have a family? What will you do?” Then the actor who plays Lee Tae-joon in the drama Whisper (2017) answers, “I’ll take care of that later.” At the end of the episode aired by PD Notebook this time, there was an actress who revealed that Jo Jae-hyun had sexually assaulted her. The anonymous actress explained that Jo Jae-hyun came into her room while they were filming continuously. “He told me to open the door, and when I did that, he came and kissed me. I was confused and asked what he was doing and he said he liked me.” Then the actress continued that Jo Jae-hyun tried to make the situation look fine but at that time, the actress who was also a victim of sexual abuse experienced painful things every time during filming. “He would not stop coming to me and then he would forcibly rape me.” In her last statement, the actress said that there were many victims of sexual violence from Jo Jae-hyun and they were actually afraid because Jo Jae-hyun was rich and powerful. Recently, it was discovered that the actress who reported that she was the victim of sexual harassment committed by Jo Jae-hyun was actually Choi Yul. Shortly after, she issued a statement and spoke up that she had been raped by the actor, she decided to delete her Instagram posts and change her account to private. The reason was that she started being attacked with malicious comments and getting death threats after revealing that Jo Jae-hyun was the perpetrator of sexual harassment. That was all the information and details about actor Jo Jae-hyun’s sexual assault scandal that caused him to leave the production of his upcoming drama. We can never truly know everything about how the entertainment world works behind the scenes and all the troubles some of the people involved have to go through. The scandal involving Jo Jae-hyun has affected his career and his family which is even more important in one’s life. Well, let us hope for the best for Jo Jae-hyun and his family in the future!

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