The person who killed his father had developed a successful food company, Jangga Group. He opened a bar-restaurant and pledged to make the restaurant bigger and to defeat the food company. While operating his bar-restaurant, Park Sae-ro-Yi interacts with his cute bar-restaurant manager, Jo Yi Seo, and the manager of the food company, Oh Soo-ah. Let’s check out the chemistry and on-off screen relationship between Park Sae-ro-Yi and Jo Yi-SEO or Oh Soo-ah. Who is the woman that he loves? In the article, Channel Korea will talk about the chemistry between Park Sae-ro-Yi and the women around him. So stay tuned!

Park Saeroyi and Jo Yi-seo’s Relationship

Park Sae-ro-yi operated a bar-restaurant called Danbam in Itaewon, one of the most popular areas in Seoul, and He determines to make his restaurant bigger so that he can defeat the company of the person who killed his father. He got help from restaurant-manager Jo Yi-SEO, performed by Kim Da-mi. Jo Yi-SEO is a highly intelligent and social person. She used to study in New York before continuing her study in South Korea. She accidentally found out about Park Sae-ro-yi and decided to work with him. She fell in love with the handsome and determined restaurant owner. Jo Yi-SEO is a socially active person whose social media account gains, huge followers. She uses social media and blogs to increase the popularity and traffic to Danbam restaurant. She expressed her love and affection to Park Sae-ro-yi several times, but it took quite a long time before Park Sae-ro-yi return her love. Park Sae-ro never saw her as a woman. But time to time and due to her determination, Park Sae-ro-Yi’s heart melted, and he fell for her love.

At their first meeting, Park Sae-ro-yi interviewed her when applying for a manager position at Danbam Restaurant. Park Sae-ro-yi asked about her intention for working with him. She said, “It’s my gut feeling. I believe that you are the one that worth the gamble in my life”. Her blunt and unusual answer surprised him. Since he found her answer interesting and truthful, he accepted her application. However, when introducing her to a coworker, he said, “From this moment, this kid is the manager of Danbam Restaurant.” His first introduction to coworkers meant that he just considered her as a young kid with a unique passion.

Park Sae-ro-yi thought about his relationship with Jo Yi-seo was strictly business, an employer, and employee relation. Inside of his heart, he always thinks about Oh Soo-ah, his first love, and his childhood friend. However time to time, subconsciously, his heart starts to swing to Jo Yi-seo. After finishing their daily meeting, Park Sae-ro-yi went to see Oh Soo-ah. Jo-yi-seo flirted and teased him, telling him that she has to work overtime to complete the task while the boss can go out with another woman. Park Sae-ro-yi became slightly upset about Jo Yi-seo’s interest in his private life. Her interest made him slightly uneasy and uncomfortable. He told her many times that he has no romantic feelings to her. Initially, Jo Yi-seo surprised to see his reaction and anger. At that time, she realized that Park Sae ro-yi started caring about her feelings

Cold and romantic winter night is the perfect time to express love to her crush. She couldn’t hide her feelings anymore. It felt like her heart started to explode due to her emotion. Jo Yi-seo said “I love you, I love you, I love, Boss. I love you. I said I love you”

On the night before the most important day of their company, Jo Yi-seo called Park Sae-ro-yi and encouraged him to do his best for the best pub competition. Her call and her support made him realized her feelings. It was her support that made him continuously fight for his dream. Park Sae ro-yi’s heart flustered and melt because of her sweet support and affection.

Park Sae-ro-yi finally got permission from Jo-yi-seo’s mother to continue their relationship. Initially, she was against the relationship due to his criminal and educational background. She could live with his dark past but she couldn’t live if he causes danger to her daughter. Park Sae-ro-yi made a pledge that he will protect her from anything and he will take full responsibility of her. He kneeled down in front of Jo Yi-seo’s mother when giving the pledge. Jo Yi-seo’s mother finally approved their romantic relation but she will monitor their relationship. Before leaving the hospital, Park Sae-ro-yi realized how much she meant to him. Finally, after a long time, he shyly confessed that he loved her.

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