Find out about the details of Jun Ji-hyun’s appearance in Kingdom Season 2 and her character in season 3 in this article. Stay tuned!

Kingdom Seasons 1 and 2

The Kingdom series is a hit zombie apocalypse drama series that was released on Netflix in January 2019. The series revolves around a fictional event, a deadly plague that spreads around Korea during the Joseon period. The drama gained a large viewership amid the current COVID-19 pandemic. During Korea’s Joseon Dynasty, Crown Prince Lee Chang discovers a mysterious plague attacking the country. The plague turns the dead into zombies that can attack and turn the citizens into zombies. Aside from overcoming the zombie plague, the Crown Prince must stop his political rival from taking over his throne.

Jun Ji-hyun’s Appearance in Season 2

After a 4 year hiatus from acting, Jun Ji-hyun made a brief cameo during the dying moment of Kingdom Season 2‘s last episode. Her dramatic entrance left viewers surprised and curious about the upcoming season 3. The Crown Prince has finally overcome the plague with the help of a nurse and his soldiers. They discover the source of the plague and trace it all the way to the Northern Provinces. Their search leads to a mysterious house that is filled with zombies. A woman has been taking advantage of the plague and is selling the zombies. The Crown Prince is trying to find out her motive. The woman, Ashin (played by Jun Ji-hyun), appears as the camera shows the zombies inside the house.

Jun Ji-hyun’s Role and Character in Season 3

Jun Ji-hyun is set to appear in Kingdom‘s special episodes, Kingdom: Ashin of the North. Her appearance in the teaser that was released by Netflix brought speculation about her role in the Kingdom series. According to Kingdom‘s screenwriter, Kim Eun-hee, Jun Ji-hyun is set to play a new and central role alongside established roles. She explained that season 1 was based on hunger while season 2 was based on blood. Kim Eun-hee revealed that season 3 will be based on resentment. In season 3, the Crown Prince finds out about a woman who keeps the zombies alive. The woman, Ashin (performed by Jun Ji-hyun), is able to hoard and handle all of the zombies. The Crown Prince is curious about the actual reason behind her intention and her true origin. Season 3 will be based on Ashin’s motivation in keeping the zombies. The background of Kingdom Season 3 will be placed in a different ecosystem. Perhaps the ecosystem in the North can serve as a hint. In the last episode of season 2, Jun Ji-hyun was seen as the person responsible for spreading the plague across Korea. Rumors circulated that season 3 is based on a prequel story. Another rumor revealed that a short movie will be made as a prequel to season 3. However, a source from Netflix revealed nothing is decided yet, the production crew, plot, or the actors.

Fans’ Expectation of Jun Ji-Hyun’s Character

Fans are expecting Jun Ji-hyun’s character to be an outsider who came from another country. Some fans are suspecting her as a warrior of the Joseon Dynasty since she carries around a weapon with her. Other fans commented that Jun Ji-hyun’s character is a merchant who sells the dead for money. Others suspect that Jun Ji-hyun is an observer or a scholar who conducts experiments on the zombies. However, only a few fans believe that Jun Ji-hyun’s character is a villain. Jun Ji-hyun’s appearance in the last seconds of season 2 made fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming Kingdom Season 3. After a hiatus, Jun Ji-hyun is finally making a long-awaited comeback to acting and fans are expecting much from her character, Ashin. What do you think about Jun Ji-hyun’s appearance in Kingdom? What role do you think she will be playing? Let us know your opinions about her character and leave a comment. Don’t forget to share this article with your Twitter account.

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