In this article, there’s detailed information for fans who are curious about Jung Hae-in’s income and net worth as one of the most famous actors in South Korea. Without waiting any longer, let’s learn more about Jung Hae-in’s recent net worth that you should know!

Jung Hae-in’s Net Worth: $14 Million

Jung Hae-in’s net worth is up to $14 Million. This wealth does not include the investment owned by Jung Hae-in. Jung Hae-in’s contract value at JTBC has also significantly increased. Even the value of the contract is three times compared to before. Previously, he only received a fee of 100 million Won per advertisement. This is a pretty big fee for an actor, especially for Jung Hae-in, which is getting increasingly popular daily. Jung Hae-in’s debut began with being a model for the girl group AOA‘s video clip through the “Moya” music video. One year later, he officially debuted in the tv series “Bride of the Century” and started a career in acting and the movie industry. From the career path that Jung Hae-in has as an actor, it can be assumed that his net worth will be even more significant in the future.

Jung Hae-in Came From Wealthy Family

Jung Hae-in’s parents work by operating a hospital, which is where his father worked as a professor of ophthalmology at the Medical University in Korea. Meanwhile, Jung Hae-in’s mother, Kang Yu-mi, is a doctor at a large hospital in Seoul. Moreover, Jung Hae-in has a great-grandfather of a great thinker in Joseon, Jung Yak-yong. Jung Yak-yong is one of the most famous historical figures in Korea. Jung Yak-yong was also a philosopher, poet, and botanist. He is also a relative of the 22nd king of the Joseon Dynasty, King Jeong-jo.

Jung Hae-in Villa And Property

Jung Hae-in bought a luxury house in an elite area of ​​Gangnam for 4.4 billion Won. Jung Hae-in is one of the young actors with a brilliant career he managed to collect. The house will be used as a residence. FNC Entertainment, the agency overseeing Jung Hae-in, was reluctant to comment on the actor’s life. “This is a personal matter for the actor, so we cannot give an official statement,” said a representative of FNC Entertainment in response to the purchase of Jung Hae-in’s house. In addition to the luxury house, evidence of Jung Hae-in’s wealth increased after it was reported that he bought a luxury villa in the Cheongdam area. Reportedly, the villa is a classic building that was built in 1984 and consists of 10 villa units. According to a property expert, Jung Hae-in’s decision to buy the villa could be a profitable investment. “Even though it’s an old villa, it’s a building that can provide huge returns if given a little renovation, and it’s a lucrative investment,” said a property expert. Jung Hae-in was also reported to have given the manager a gift in the form of a luxury car. He is not only successful but also has a good heart, isn’t he?

Jung Hae-in’s Advertisement And Endorsement

Jung Hae-in has starred in various well-known product brands, from food products, cosmetics, skincare, and many more. Jung Hae-in is one of the Korean actors who often appears in various advertisements for famous products. He even ranked first in the best reputation brand in May 2018. He has appeared in several advertisements, such as sports clothing, brand ambassador for shopping malls, red ginseng, department stores, and insurance. An insider from the advertising industry said that Jung Hae-in’s commercial value also rose significantly. He said that Jung Hae-in received a guaranteed payment of 150 million Won before starring in the drama. This amount is used for contracts for a year. After appearing on ‘Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food’ starring Son Ye-jin, Jun Hae-in’s fee jumped to around 500 to 600 million Won. This amount is for the contract period of one year after more success. FNC Entertainment also confirmed that the actor had received many offers for advertisements. “It is very difficult to confirm any details about the performance fee. However, Jung Hae-in indeed received many offers for advertisements,” the agency said. Well, that was all for the information about Jung Hae-in’s net worth and his recent income. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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