In this plot, there is always a character with an arrogant personality and that every fan loves to hate and a character with a caring personality that we love. How the characters can go from bickering to kissing, only K-drama can do that. That’s why we love them and keep asking for more.

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Find out about the full list of drama couples from enemies-to-lovers plots in this article! Stay tuned!

Full House

Full House is the drama that started the enemies-to-lovers plot. The change of chemistry or relationship from a house owner-maid relationship to a lovers relationship is gradual and smooth. Lee Young-jae buys a lakeside house from two swindlers. It turns out that the house belongs to Han Ji-eun (Song Hye-kyo), a beginner movie scriptwriter. The swindlers are Han Ji-eun’s childhood friends who sent her on a vacation in order to sell the house. After returning from vacation, Han Ji-eun makes an agreement with Lee Young-jae to work as his housemaid until she finds her friend.

At first, Lee Young-jae barely considers her attractive and barely has any interest in her. On the other hand, Han Ji-eun hates him for being arrogant and looking down on her. For each of them, any small mistake can lead to bickering and arguing just like a brother-sister fight. However, Lee Young-jae slowly and surely starts to look at her differently and starts falling in love with her.

Boys Over Flower

Goo Joon-pyo (Lee Min-ho) is a spoiled rich kid and leader of the famous flower boys group. Arrogant, ill-mannered, but handsome and rich, it is very easy to hate him. Jan Di (Ku Hye-sun) is the only daughter in a low-income family. Goo Joon-pyo sets his eyes on bullying the poor girl after she is transferred to their prestigious school. Jan-di is not the type of weak girl that every student can bully. Using her brain and compassionate character, slowly but surely, Jan-di makes her bullies like her and even fall in love with her.

I Am Not a Robot

Kim Min-kyu (Yoo Seung-ho) suffers from a rare allergy that forces him to avoid contact with other people. He buys a sophisticated android that resembles a human being. However, the android breaks down and has to be replaced. Yoo Seung-ho bought the android from Jo Ji-ah (Chae Soo-bin), and he becomes angry with her. In order to earn money, Jo Ji-ah (Chae Soo-bin) pretends to be the new android that Kang Min-kyu wants. After being isolated for too long, Kang Min-kyu longs for affection and romance. Gradually, he falls in love with her.

Strongest Deliveryman

Lee Dan-ah (Chae Soo-bin) cares nothing about her appearance or her pride. In order to earn money, she works relentlessly as a food delivery woman. One day, a new guy comes and, suddenly, she has a competitor. The new guy, Choi Kang-soo, slowly but surely takes up most of her work. For a woman who knows martial arts and knows how to defend herself, Choi Kang-soo’s appearance only adds up to her competitive spirit. The two fight head to head in order to become the most productive delivery person. As they get to know each other more, Lee Dan-ah’s feelings toward Choi Kang-soo start growing while Choi Kang-soo falls in love with her character.

Touch Your Heart

Oh Yoon-seo’s (Yoo In-na) career is in a downward spiral. She used to be a popular actress, but due to a scandal, her image is destroyed and she remains jobless for two years. One day, she sees an opportunity to get a role as an attorney in an upcoming drama. In order to get experience firsthand, she applies for a job as a secretary for a popular attorney, Kwon Jung-rok (Lee Dong-wook). You might like: Are They Dating In Real Life? Let’s See Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na’s Romantic Moments in Dramas Kwon Jung-rok’s employer forces him to accept the actress as a temporary secretary. Both Oh Yoon-seo and Kwon Jung-rok are known for their strict and egoistic characters, and they fight a lot before falling in love with each other.

The chemistry between Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na in the drama Goblin – The Lonely and Great God has fans wanting more of their love story. Although, in Touch Your Heart, their romance only develops in later episodes.

The Innocent Man

Kang Ma-ru’s (Song Joong-ki) life takes a significant turn after a woman refuses his love because of his poverty. From that moment on, he decides to become a womanizer and seduces women to get their money. After serving some time in jail, Kang Ma-ru meets a rich heir, Seo Eun-ki (Moon Chae-won), and tries to seduce her. However, Seo Eun-gi is not an ordinary woman, and, finally, she is aware of Kang Ma-ru’s true intention. Her father taught her to play cold and never show any feelings to any man. However, he slowly gets carried away by his feelings and starts loving her wholeheartedly. You might also like: Are They Dating? The Truth About Moon Chae-won and Song Joong-ki’s Relationship!

Secret Garden

A tomboy stuntwoman, Gil Ra-im (Ha Ji-won) accidentally switches bodies with a handsome department store CEO, Kim Joo-won (Hyun Bin), when they enter a secret garden. Until they find out the reason and discover how to return to their original bodies, both Gil Ra-im and Kim Joo-won must pretend as the opposite person. Before switching bodies, Kim Joo-won had developed feelings for Gil Ra-im, but she was constantly ignoring him. But, after learning about the other person’s world, she becomes attracted to him. You might like: What’s the Relationship Between Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won After Their Amazing Chemistry in ‘Secret Garden’?

The legendary sit-up scene can make any drama fan’s heart flutter and has become a truly classic drama scene. How can you keep a straight face when the handsome Hyun Bin is looking fondly at you?


Jung Geum-ja (Kim Hye-soo) works alongside her junior Yoon Hee-jae (Joo Ji-hoon) in a prestigious law firm. Yoon Hee-jae falls in love with Jung Geum-ja, and they agree on seeing each other. It turns out that Jung Geum-ja was using his love to get more money and important cases. The couple in Hyena has totally opposite characters, and their relationship is bound to fail at any moment. Jung Geum-ja’s manipulative character goes head to head with Yoon Hee-jae’s clever brain.

Her Private Life

The art director Ryan Gold (Kim Jae-wook) must pretend to date one of his curators, Sung Deok-mi (Park Min-young), in order to get rid of unwanted rumors about embezzlement and corruption in his institution. On the other hand, Sung Deok-mi is accused of dating a popular idol. She agrees to the fake relationship to fend off the idol’s hardcore fans and to protect the idol’s public image. They must pretend to be an official couple even though they have different personalities. You might also like: From Namgoong Min to Kim Jae-wook, Here’s a List of Korean Drama Villains Who Have Stolen Our Hearts!

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