Many don’t know some of the K-Drama titles starring Ji Sung, and many essential roles make Ji Sung, who is always mesmerizing through his acting, this is the first time he plays a doctor. Even so, his acting was still praised and considered able to bring the figure of a talented doctor. Let’s see more detailed information about Ji Sung’s appearance in Doctor John below! Doctor John: Review The medical genre is usually the scene that captures the most attention is a very intense and bloody surgical opera. For those of you who are afraid of blood, you don’t need to worry, Doctor John has the theme of Anesthesia which is rarely noticed in the medical genre. Doctor John tells the story of doctors who try to uncover the causes of pain felt by patients suffering from chronic diseases.  Doctor John (Hangul: 의사 요한) aired on SBS on July 19 to September 7, 2019, with another title as Doctor Yohan. This drama has a total of 32 episodes. This drama is the story of a doctor who is a convict. In fact, before being arrested as a convict, Ji Sung, who played the role of Cha Yo-han was a famous doctor. Not infrequently, he saved the lives of other prisoners who are now in custody. So, do not be surprised if the doctors who served there were on average directly resigned, aka sudden inferior because his expertise was unmatched. He is able to analyze the disease of a patient with only a period of 10 seconds. After his prison term ended, he returned to the hospital where he used to work. However, many pros and cons must be dealt with. Naturally, someone who has already been labeled a prisoner is a frightening specter for the public, even though he may not necessarily do the wrong things he does. When in detention, every day asks for a check on his health. Kang Si-young (played by Lee Se-young), who at the time was a doctor in a detention center, was quite frustrated by Cha Yo-han’s behavior which, according to him, was troublesome. Especially when everything is checked, Cha Yo-han seems fine, showing no behavior that leads to unhealthy. If we pay attention in the early episodes, actually Cha Yo-han shows things that are not as common as most other humans. Like drinking coffee but not cold, not too hot. Even eating office rations doesn’t take everything, only rice, and milk. The person also closed himself, not just anyone can play to his house. The doctor who was present in Doctor John was an anesthesiologist, a kind of pain reliever. Don’t be surprised if many of the diseases raised as themes in this drama are unfamiliar to our ears. One of them is CIPA, which stands for Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis. Namely, disruption or deterioration of the nervous system results in a person losing a sense or sensation from the outside, aka not being able to feel pain when falling over something, a knife-sliced ​​hand, or bleeding. Yes, can’t handle that kind of pain. Doctors are also human. The doctor can get sick. The doctor can be wrong. Doctors also have problems. Doctors can also cry. That’s the theme raised in this drama: the doctor has two sides in his life. As a doctor for the profession and as an ordinary human being. Doctor John also managed to get a fairly high rating of 6% and 8.4% in the first episode. The first episode of Doctor John immediately crowded into the spotlight of netizens. But unlike the achievement rating, South Korean netizens actually feel this SBS drama is quite frustrating. Check out the following line of netizen comments : “Everything is good but is the director working on a medical drama for the first time? Or is he bad enough directing? It’s an emergency but they do that. Does this make sense? It’s very frustrating.” Even in some early scenes, Doctor John is told that he was accused of malpractice which caused the patient to ‘sleep’  3 years ago, Cha Yo-han had to be willing to spend time in prison. Meanwhile, an anesthesiologist who is interested in studying with Cha Yo-han, Kang Si-young joins and associates with Cha Yo-han. The task of Cha Yo-han and Kang Si-young is to be able to cure all kinds of illness symptoms suffered by patients, both general and uncommon. Not only that. In particular, Cha Yo-han had to face an accuser who had sued him. Son Seok Gi (played by Lee Kyu-hung) apparently has a strong dislike of him and wants to immediately throw him into the iron bars. This drama tells the story of a doctor who dares to refute the proper code of ethics so that patients can freely determine whether he can survive or vice versa. Like, in the case of euthanasia which is an action to take a person’s life so that he does not suffer from the pain he experienced. Not only about euthanasia, but subtle ways to ‘kill’ are reviewed. Like breaking a resuscitator device and ending the hemodialysis process. In addition, it is also exposed to how to complete the investigation of the source of the disease until it is completely finished like a detective who tries to resolve a case.

Doctor John: The Casts

Cha Yo-han, played by Ji Sung, is the youngest anesthesiology professor at Hanse Hospital and the most promising doctor in his field. Although he is considered a genius in doing his work, Cha Yo-han has an arrogant attitude. Kang Si-young, played by actress Lee Se-young, is a young doctor who is running away from her problems. Past fear often haunts her. For this reason, she accepted the offer of an uncle who was her father’s friend who invited him to become a temporary doctor in a detention center. There is one romantic scene from Kang Si-young and Cha Yo-han, that is when Kang Si-young is running around indecently looking for a restaurant where she last met and ate with her father. Cha Yo-han calmed her down. Actually not without reason Cha Yo-han has not welcomed Kang Si-young’s concern. There are several considerations that must be done. One of them is that he does not want to bother others in his problems. Kang Si-young looks very fond of Cha Yo-han. If we are in the same position as Kang Si-young, we will definitely do the same. We tried not to care, but we still thought of it. We tried to forget, but we kept wanting. Meanwhile, supporting casts present in several supporting roles are:

Lee Kyu-hyung as Son Seok-ki Hwang Hee as Lee Yoo-joon

Hansae Hospital Pain Management Team :

Jung Min-ah as Kang Mi-rae Kwon Hwa-woon as Heo Joon Oh Hyun-joong as Kim Won-hee Son San as Nurse Hong Lee Yoo-mi as Na Kyeong-ah

People at Hanse Hospital :

Kim Hye-eun as Min Tae-kyeong Kim Young-hoon as Han Myeong-oh Um Hyo-sup as Kang I-moon Oh Seung-hyun as Min Joo-kyeong Jung Jae-sung as Kwon Seok

Patients :

Ham Sung-min as Yoon Seong-gyoo Kim Do-hoon as Park Jung-bo Ha Do-kwon as Joo Hyeong-woo Yoon Chan-young as Lee Gi-seok Lee Ju-won as Choi Seung-won Lee Do-kyung as Yu Dok-gyu Chun Young-min as Lee Da-hae Oh Yu-na as Yu Ri-hye

Others :

Shin Dong-mi as Chae Eun-jeong Jang Hee-soo as professor Kim Gyul as Seong Dong-ho Yoon Joo-sang as Lee Won-gil Moon Hak-jin as Kim Jung-woo Kim Seung-hoon as a prison guard

Special Appearances :

Jeon No-min as Kang I-soo, hospital’s chairman and Shi-young’s father Jung In-gi as Oh Jeong-nam, Shi-young’s uncle and prison warden Jung Kyung-soon as Yoo-joon’s mother and owner of a restaurant Lim Dong-jin as Shim Joon-cheol, a neurology professor and Yo-han’s doctor

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