In this article, we will discuss more thoroughly and find out in more detail about one of the dramas that just aired. Although this drama is a news release, the rating is also quite high. It is able to attract a lot of interest and enthusiasm of the audience because of the plot and chemistry of the cast who are very good towards each other. There is no doubt that this drama will be one of the best-nominated scenes at the awards show. K-Drama, which we will discuss further in this article, is the Mystic Pop-up Bar. Have you ever heard that title before? If you are curious, scroll to the bottom of this article to get complete information! Mystic Pop-up Bar: Review Mystic Pop-up Bar (Hangul: 쌍갑 포차) is a Korean drama that aired on May 20 – June 25, 2020, on JTBC with a total of 12 episodes. The Korean drama Mystic Pop-up bar (2020) has a comedy genre that tells the manager of Ssanggab Cart Bar, Wol Joo (played by Hwang Jung-Eum), who must help 10,000 people to be reincarnated after committing two significant sins. The plot and concept offered by Mystic Pop-Up Bar are suitable for you who like to watch comedy shows. Appearing more relevant to the tastes of today’s audience, this drama is guaranteed to entertain and make you laugh. Besides that, Mystic Pop-Up Bar also presents a series of social issues that can make you look at life’s problems differently. We will also share the short synopsis about the Mystic Pop-Up Bar below. Spoiler Alert! In this drama, Wol Joo is not working alone; she is assisted by manager Gwi (played by Choi Won Young) and Han Kang-bae  (played by Yook Sung-Jae) to help the last ten humans before Wol Joo’s time in the world runs out. The Korean drama Mystic Pop-up Bar focuses on the journey of the three main characters, namely Wol Joo, Manager Gwi, and Kang-bae, who must find the last ten humans to help Wol Joo reincarnate.

www.weheartit.comIn the beginning, Wol Joo was only assisted by Manager Gwi, but fate said differently when the two of them met with Kang-bae who turned out to have special abilities, it appeared when Kang-bae was in contact with someone else, then at that moment everyone he touched would immediately vent about the problems of his life without stopping. Wol Joo thinks Kang-bae ‘s ability can help her to find the last human remains. Herself was punished by a god to help 100,000 human souls as punishment for sinning in her past life. In the end, Kang-bae agreed to help Wol Joo with one condition, that she must eliminate Kang-bae’s ability in order to live a normal life. This is where the real story has just begun. There are always exciting, eccentric, and also social issues in every episode of this K-Drama. The Korean drama Mystic Pop-up Bar has an atmosphere that is more or less the same as the Hotel de Luna (2019). Even so, the focus of the story in this drama is actually the relationship between the three main characters earlier. After watching after 8 episodes, the audience is not difficult to know that it was fate that led Kang-bae to Wol Joo and Manager Gwi. From some rumors and conversations on the internet, Kang-bae is the son of Wol Joo and Manager Gwi. The Korean drama Mystic Pop-up Bar has been running for eight episodes and increasingly here the audience is directed at the possibility of Manager Gwi being the reincarnation of prince Joseon who is at once the true love of Wol Joo. The two of them actually fell in love with each other, but social class differences blocked their love. And as discussed earlier, Wol Joo has two big sins. First, she killed herself in a sacred tree and made the Joseon kingdom lost the war until 100,000 innocent lives were killed. Meanwhile, their sins have not been revealed so far. However, there is a suspicion that Wol Joo’s second sin is killing the baby branch she is carrying and she is unaware of it. If this prediction is correct, then Kang-bae is most likely her son because she also has special abilities and similar attitudes with Manager Gwi, especially in the 8th episode when they both look at the moon.

Mystic Pop-up Bar: The Casts

Mystic Pop-up Bar features several actors and actresses who have excellent chemistry. They have also previously performed in several well-known K-Dramas. Let’s get closer to the cast of Mystic Pop-up Bar and their characters in this drama. Han Kang-bae  (played by Yook Sung-jae) works at the Gap Eul supermarket at the Customer Counseling Center. He is a part-time employee at Ssanggap Pocha. He got the job because he followed Wol Joo who said she could help fix it with the problem. People who have physical contact with him can confess their secrets. Wol Joo (played by Hwang Jung-eum) works at Ssanggap Pocha. She is the advisor of people between life and the hereafter. She paid for the sins of his previous life. She has to relieve 100,000 people and currently 10 people are left, as a punishment because she has killed 100 thousand people in her previous life. Manager Gwi (played by Choi Won-young) is Ssanggap Pocha’s manager. He is a former detective who helped Wol Joo to solve customer problems while taking care of kitchen work at the bar. He is currently responsible for the tasks of Ssanggap pocha. With a total of 12 episodes, the Korean drama Mystic Pop-up Bar can knit the story perfectly even when there are no moments that feel rushed. Interestingly, there are still two characters with mysterious backgrounds that will make the audience curious about what their relationship with the three main characters really is. First, there is Kim Won-Hyung (played by Na In-Woo), an evil spirit who is a friend of the prince and for some reason, he is targeting the lives of the three main characters. Then there is Jung Da-Eun (played by Kang Yeo-Rin), who is the love interest of Kang-bae but she is told to have a strange curse that makes all the men who like him run away.

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