When Camellia Blooms offers a story that seems close to every viewer, viewers can feel the difficulties in being a single mother. The director of When Camellia Blooms has an excellent job in building a plot that slowly builds up and peaks up at the final episode. The viewership rating of this romantic miniseries achieved one of the highest ratings in the final episodes of Korean drama. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk all about the role of Gong Hyo-jin as a single mother in When Camellia Blooms. So stay tuned!

When the Camellia Blooms: Review

Gong Hyo-jin starred on 2019 KBS2 miniseries When The Camelia Blooms. The romantic-comedy miniseries was broadcast on Wednesday and Thursday from September 18 to November 21, 2019. Gong Hyo-jin acted alongside actor Kang Ha-Neul, Kim Ji-Seok, Son Dam-bi and Kim Kang-hoon. Viewers love the scenic view of the shooting location and the realistic plot. When The Camelia Blooms received various awards and acclaims, including Baeksang Arts Awards, especially for acting performances. The viewership rating of a single episode could soar as high as 23.8%. The average viewership ratings from 40 episodes ranged from 13,9% to 14.6%. Gong Hyo-jin performed the role of Oh Dong-Baek, a single mother who starts a new life in a fictional seaside town called Ongsan. She operates a bar called Camelia to support her only child. Years later, a young policeman named Hwang Yong-Sik, played by Kang Ha-Neul, approaches and confesses his love to her. At first, she doesn’t return his love due to her young age and status as a single mother. Hwang Yong-Sik parents find out about their son’s love interest to a young single mother and are against the relationship. To make it worse, the father of her boy suddenly appear and ask for his daughter. In the end, Oh Dong-Baek fall for his love and persistence. Meanwhile, a killer set a plan to kill Oh Dong-Baek. Hwang Yong-Sik is determined to protect her and catch the killer.

When the Camellia Blooms: The Casts

Gong Hyo-jin as Oh Dong-baek Oh, Dong-Baek is a hardworking single mother who operates Camelia, a small bar in the seaside neighborhood. She loves operating Camelia because people come to the bar when they are having fun. She wants to give fun and warmth for free by operating Camelia. Oh, Dong-Baek considers herself as a friendly and calm mother hippopotamus. She hides herself and her family beneath the water surface but attacks another person who disturbs her family. She determines to give Camelia customers more happiness despite her sadness. Even though other people treat her badly, Oh Dong-Baek refuses to treat other people badly as well. When Yong-Sik appears in front of her eyes, she finds someone that she can trust. Suddenly, something inside of her awakes and opens up for another chance to find love. Kang Ha-neul as Hwang Yong-sik The young policeman fell in love at first sight upon seeing Oh Dong-Baek. Hwang Yong-Sik’s character is simple, pure, honest, courageous, and faithful. As a member of the local police station, he almost has nothing to do in the quiet neighborhood. He is the typical countryside policeman who uses his body rather than his brain to solve the case. He loves the reading book, and it made him look intelligent and quiet. Hwang Yong-Sik is awkward and a little bit stubborn. He has a traditional mind that made him appealing to a woman. His stubbornness is also a good point for his character. He loves Camelia very much, and Camelia is his precious place. He can beat criminals if they disturb Camelia. He wants to protect Oh Dong-Baek and her daughter and keep them away from bad people.

When the Camellia Blooms: The Soundtracks

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch When the Camellia Blooms

When Camelia Blooms delivered a genuine story with a realistic plot, let’s find out five reasons why you could spend your time watching this romantic drama. That was all the information about When Camellia Blooms. Gong Hyo-jin showed that she is once again the queen of romantic Korean drama. Her acting performance in When Camelia Blooms got her the prestigious entertainment award. Korean drama lovers seem to be rooting for her when it comes to romantic and comedy miniseries. Kang Ha-Neul once again performed as a young policeman. Let’s hope that he can find another role and another drama casting that can break his beautiful guy image.

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