One popular drama in 2014 is ‘You Are My Destiny/ Fated to Love You.’ This drama was adoption and remake from Taiwanese drama with the same title, starred Joe Chen and Ethan Ruan, which reached high ranking those days. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain show You Are My Destiny Review, The Casts, OST, Off-Screen Moments/Behind The Scene, Awards, and Nominations, and Reason Why You Should Watch ‘You Are My Destiny.’ So, stay tuned!

You Are My Destiny: Review

This drama began because of Lee Gun and Kim Mi-young’s mistake. Lee Gun was the successor CEO of a large company with a pretty girlfriend, Kang Se-ra, who was a ballerina in New York City. Meanwhile, Kim Mi-young was an average-looking secretary at a law firm company. Mi-young has a secret admired who has a crush to her, Kim Tae-ho, an international designer that meets with Mi-young by accident. Since that day, Tae-ho has fallen for Mi-young because of her kindness and became her ‘Daddy Long Legs.’ The story plot first told about Lee Gun, and Kim Mi-young made a mistake by accident. They met with the unpredictable situation when their two cross paths one night together after separately having drunk at a hotel. Mi-young goes into the wrong hotel room because the room number accidentally change and that room was booked by Lee Gun. Shortly, the two were sleeping and having one night together. Later, Mi-young finds that she is pregnant. What should she do? In the long story of this romantic comedy-drama, Lee Gun and Kim Mi-young experience many situations in their unique destiny and later having a relationship. Later, the couple was having a happy ending story in the of the series.

You Are My Destiny: The Casts

You Are My Destiny/ Fated to Love You have four main casts in the drama. They are Lee Gun, Kim Mi-young/Ellie Kim, Kim Tae-ho/ Daniel Pitt, and Kang Se-ra. Lee Gun is a male main cast in the drama which was role by actor Jang Hyuk. He was a descendant of a large company with the trademark maniacal laugh. He was only one of his family generations who has a long life of the Jeonju Lee Chan, inherit was all of the male in his family was died due to Huntington’s disease. The disease affects and toward all the people Lee Gun cares about. That what he acted like cool hearted, careless, selfish, and prickly to other people. Meanwhile, after he meets with Kim Mi-young he looks more care and heartwarming toward his girl. He does his best to protect his sweet nature and pure heart girl and their future baby. Then the drama has the lead female cast, Kim Mi-young, who has been acted by pretty actress Jang Na-ra. Kim Mi-young’s character is an average-looking secretary at a law firm. She has a pure heart, naive, and sweet nature personality. She coming from a small island and nonwealthy family with a mom who ruining her own small restaurant for living. Because of her personality, Kim Mi-young always sees the best in other people and upholds quite strange even she has many lacks. This drama also has lead support casts that have Kim Tae-ho/ Daniel Pitt and Kang Se-ra. Handsome actor Choi Jin-hyuk make role as Kim Tae-ho/ Daniel Pitt is an international famous Korean-American designer who lost his younger sister. When he meets accidentally with Kim Mi-young, he has done his goals to finding his long-lost biological sister. Tae-ho was distracted by Kim Mi-young’s kindness and become her ‘Daddy Long Legs’ who worried about her and always try his best to help Mi-young. Later he conscious about his feeling toward Kim Mi-young. Last, in this drama, we also have Kang Se-ra. This character played by beautiful actress Wang Ji-won. She is a ballerina in New York City who also the love or girlfriend of Lee Gun with a surprisingly no-nonsense attitude. She was in a relationship for six-year with Lee Gun, delaying any plan about marry. She was back in Korea and finding drastic Lee Gun life change and shock when she knows that she is the long-lost biological sister of Kim Tae-ho.

You Are My Destiny: OST

  1. Morning of Canon_ Baek A-yeon

This first soundtrack mix lyric and melody with a sweet melody that can relieve your ear. The storyline about a male who loved his first meeting with a stranger girl that make his heart feeling warm and calm with the girl’s appearance. The girl unexpectedly shows off with her natural beauty and kindly heart in front that male, make he can’t take off his eyes into her. 2. Be The One_ Jeff Bernat

Jeff Bernat participated in this drama OST passionately enough to writing the lyric himself. The song told about someone who falls in love unexpectedly with her/his destiny. This OST make harmonious collaboration between Jeff Bernat and composer Oh Jun-seong. The composer created a soft sweet melody with acoustic guitar and piano lines, bring the best soft warm Jeff’s vocal. 3. Ready for Love_ Megan Lee

Ready for Love by Megan Lee is the third soundtrack of drama You Are My Destiny. This song works collaboration by the number one composer and angel voice Megan Lee. Fresh vocal of Megan Lee meet with Vivaldi-like string and exciting guitar riffs created a fun and bright song. The melody match well with the song storyline tells about someone who always wants to be with his/her love forever although in happy, sad, and pain life. 4. Destiny Sonata_ Jung Dong-ha

Following three of drama soundtrack, this time composer Oh Jun-song worked with features flowy piano and beautiful string sound fit well with Jung Dong-ha’s amazing vocal that delivered lyric well. This song perfectly describes about the lead male Lee Gun in drama feels toward Kim Mi-young. 5. My Girl_ VIXX’s Ken

The fifth soundtrack of MBC drama series ‘My Girl’ was sung a song by VIXX’s Ken. The song is a fun mambo song with lovely chorus and tropical rhythms which really bring out Ken’s sweet voice. OST describe about a couple feeling each other when they meet unpredictably and not know they in destiny in the future. 6. Goodbye My Love_ Ailee

This song describes Lee Gun and Kim Mi-young decided to broke up and choose separately way. Meanwhile, Ailee’s voice very amazing that can bring sentimental, emotional vocal, and she make the song delivered perfectly. 7. You Are My Everything_ Melody Day

This song is the final ost of the drama. The original remake from Jeff Bernat’s ‘Be the One’ song. This time composer Oh Jun-seong wants to sentimental and sweet voice into ballad song with a medium tempo. Melody Day’s sweet voice and sentimental vocal brought this final song perfectly.

You Are My Destiny: Off-Screen Moments

Off-Screen Moments of the drama scene always success make everyone curious. Viewers want to know how the chemistry about the actor and actress interaction on behind the scene. That also happens with viewers and fans drama ‘You Are My Destiny’.

The funny and romantic moment all of the actors with drama on-air make happen when they are in off-air. During making a film, actor Jang Hyuk and actress Jang Na-ra seem enjoyed their acting and interacting with each other. They look caring for each other and their chemistry still seems even they are in off-screen moments. However, other players too doing like them.

The behind the scene of drama You Are My Destiny should make you constantly smile and laugh when you watched it. So, make sure you also watch off-screen moments.

Awards and Nominations

Drama You Are My Destiny/ Fated to Love You was one of the popular drama series in the year 2014 in South Korea. From the first broadcast on-air on July 2 until the end of the episode on September 4, 2014, this drama ranking always reached high ranking in the country. Because of that, they nominated and won many awards that year. The drama won the 7th Korea Drama Awards and 3rd APAN Star Award with Best Ost category. Then they also won MBC Drama Awards with four categories in total such as TOP Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries, TOP Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries, Popularity Award, Actress, and Best Couple Award in 2014.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch You Are My Destiny

You have many reasons must watch this drama. This is some reason you must know. First, the genre drama that was Rom-Co or Romantic Comedy brings a fresh and healing vibe when you watching. The storyline was very light that make you happy and curious at the same time. Second, you can see a talented, popular, handsome, and beautiful actors and actresses in one frame. The best part of all episodes of this television series. Third, the remake drama from the original Taiwanese drama with the original storyline. It recorded and reach the highest rating in every episode and get the ‘Best Television Series’ award. Fourth, crazy acting of the cast that make you laugh hard every time you watched this drama. It quite funny really and can’t help to watch the drama unfold itself. The important one is the happy ending drama story. The last reason is not only the storyline and actors that make you stuck with this drama but only soundtrack or ost that applied in which fit every scene. The soundtrack was pretty great as well.      

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