Good Casting delivers action pack scenes with mandatory K-drama romantic scenes. Choi Kang-hee showed that she could perform both in action and romantic dramas. Her match-up with actor Lee Sang-Yeob showed the trend of combining senior actress with handsome young actors that proves successful in ratings. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk all about action comedy-drama Good Casting. So stay tuned!

Good Casting: Review

Good Casting is a fresh, funny, and entertaining comedy-drama aired from April 27 to June 2020. SBS TV broadcast 16 episodes undercover government agents trying to revive their career dwindling career. The first four episodes received good ratings nationwide. It received an average of 8.5% viewership ratings while the highest rating was recorded in the opening episode. Good Casting gave viewers full action, humor, drama and of course, romance. Actress, Choi Kang-hee made a return from long hiatus and teamed up with actress Yoo In-young and Kim Ji-young. Lee Sang-Yeob was cast for the leading male role in Good Casting. Baek Chan-mi (Choi Kang-hee), Im Ye-Eun (Yoo In-young) and Hwang Mi-soon are grouped in an undercover mission to IT company, Il Kwang HiItech. The team should find evidence of the company activities in stealing the government’s document. Baek Chan-mi’s previous mission resulted in the death of her junior and the escape of the main suspect, Michael. Baek Chan-mi’s evidence lead to Michael’s involvement in Il Kwang Hitech. Baek Chan-mi and her undercover team, who mostly are a mother in ordinary life, must find out and capture Michael to avenge the death of her junior.

Choi Kang-hee showed her tough character and the reason that she is called the royal psycho in the first episode of Good Casting. She singlehandedly overcomes a group of inmates without breaking a sweat.

Good Casting: The Casts

Lee Sang-yeob as Yoon Seok-ho

CEO of Il Kwang Hitech. He has everything, excellent education background, wealthy family, fashion style and the aura of a successful businessman. He has the personality to complete his perfect background. A lot of women come and go in her life, but he can never forget his first love. One day, he found a new secretary that resembled his first love. At the age of 20 years, he met Baek Chan-mi, his first love. He would love to do anything for the tutor, but it was an unrequited love. She never loved him back. He remembers her as the worst memory of his life. One day, he met a new employee that looks like his first love, has a name like her first love but is older. He found out that the new employer sneaked out and did something suspicious in their company.

Choi Kang-hee as Baek Jang-mi

Baek Jang-mi is an undercover government agent with the right talent. However, she is sloppy and lacks the planning in doing an undercover operation. Her colleagues hate her because she never operates a plan according to the rules. All of her operations was a huge mess even though she completes the mission. One day, her world goes upside down, Her operation failed, and one of her team members passed away during the mission. To make it worst, she failed to capture her target. It was the worst operation. Due to her failure, she was refrained from getting anymore field job. One day, she was assigned to find out about a suspicious company trying to steal government secrets. It is her chance to get things right and made her career back in track

Yoo In-young as Im Ye-eun

She is blessed with good looks but lives her undercover agent life as a single mother with her daughter. In school, she endured bullying but finally able to pass the entrance exam to university. She passes the examination to become government officials. Her career stuck as a behind desk government officer. She fell in love with an office co-worker and got pregnant from her relationship. Her lover passed away in the field during a mission. She ended up giving birth and raised her only daughter alone. Since she has a daughter, she pleaded to work behind a desk and left fieldwork. It was a good job. She had everything that she needs, from salary to insurance. One day, she was called to work as an undercover agent that is far from the safe work behind the desk. While barely passing the recruitment, she passed the entrance examination to work in an IT company as part of her undercover mission. She struggles between working in IT and working as a single mother. One day, her life change, and due to her appearance, she was selected as the company’s model to promote their product.

Kim Ji-young as Hwang Mi-sun

She is an undercover agent and also a mother with one daughter and beloved wife of a happy family. Her family and neighbors don’t know her actual job. Her husband, daughter, and family underestimate her. She is a seasoned spy with international experience. She had to deal with the physical demand of working in the field. She suffered low back pain and arthritis, but she must run and fight criminals in the field. She wanted to retire but decide to keep working to pay her family bills.

Lee Jun-young as Kang Woo-won

He is the ambassador and model for an IT company. He has good looks, handsome, and can make any woman fall in love with him. Despite his appearance, he has low self-esteemed. He stays away from SNS, interacts with a girl group, and going out for fearing that his activities will ruin his image. He manages his skin more than any female actress. One day a new female employee enters the company and found out about his mistake. He does everything for her to keep from her revealing his secret.

Lee Jun-hyuk as Dong Gwan-su.

He is a former lover of Baek Chan-mi and once lived together with her. After breaking up with her, he got married, but his wife died due to an accident. He is working as the head of the National Intelligence Service and the leader of Baek Chan-mi’s team. As a team leader and director, he never leaves his office even on holiday.

Good Casting: The Soundtracks

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Good Casting

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