Lee Min Ho has been absent from acting for around three years, and this drama becomes his choice to come back again. Along with Kim Go Eun, who popular with her work in Goblin and Woo Do Hwan. The King: Eternal Monarch was written by Kim Eun Sook and directed by Baek Sang-Hoon, who has been released so many best works including, Secret Garden (2010), The Heirs (2013). So, let’s read more about this drama review on this Channel-Korea below!

The King: Eternal Monarch: Review

This drama is about the parallel world that connecting between the Corea Kingdom and South Korea. Lee Min Ho is acting as The King Lee Gon, the highest leader in the Corea Kingdom. He was become a King for eight years old and substitute his father, who is killed by his step-uncle. Lee Gon could save his life thanks to helping the mysterious people who are left the identity card named Jung Tae Eul. After 25 years, Lee Gon has been grown to be a tough man, and he always keeps the Jung ta Eul identity card and willing to find this woman who saves his life. Jung Ta Eul is acted by Kim Go Eun, who is living in a different world and works as Leuiteunant in the Seoul police office. She is a reliable, robust, and pure lady. Lee Gon and Jung Tae Eul finally meet each other in the first episode in South Korea. Lee Gon was accidentally found the door of a parallel universe and enter South Korea specifically in Seoul. He made a fuss by riding a white horse in the pack of Seoul street. Jung Ta Eul dragged him to the police officer and he can’t show his identity card, either way, Lee Ta Eul interrogate him. Lee Gon reveals his identity as the King of Corea Kingdom. However, Jung Ta Eul is not believing him and assume him just insane. On the other hand, Lee Gon feels pleasant because he finally found someone he’s looking for. So this is how it starts between them. In the beginning, you may be confused to understand the story since it was started by telling about the history of Corea Kingdom and become suddenly goes to another story-line. Some other scenes also left it unfinished without any explanation. This made the viewers made their own speculation. For instance, how come Lee Rim wasn’t old, and how Lee Gon could find the door to a parallel universe, who is the real savior of Lee Gon? So many questions were merely unanswered and odd. The plot also comes to be so fast between the Corea Kingdom and South Korea, be ready to be the focus and understand the scene. To be highlighted, the Corea Kingdom has been shown with dark color whereas Seoul used a bright color. You may find The King: Eternal Monarch has Goblin vibe; it may because the genre and the writer also the same. The enthusiasm for Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun collaboration made the drama-filled with curiosity; this has been made the drama git 10.1 percent on their first release. Furthermore, the bromance between Lee Min Ho and Wan Do Hwan also beautifully presented in this drama. Wan Do Hwan has become the two characters who are super contradictory and making the drama spicier. Most appreciation goes to the cinematography, how the angle and editing technique has been made this drama so attractive to watch.

The King: Eternal Monarch: The Casts

Lee Min-ho as Lee Gon/ Lee Ji-hun Jung Hyeon-jun as young Lee Gon (Kingdom of Corea) and young Lee Ji-hun (Republic of Korea) Kim Go-eun as Jung Tae-eul / Luna Woo Doo-hwan as Jo Eun-seob / Jo Yeong Kim Kyung-nam as Kang Shin-jae Moon Woo-jin as young Kang Shin-Jae/ young Kang Hyeon-min Jung Eun-chae as Goo Seo-ryung / Goo Eun-a Shin Soo-Yeon as young Goo Seo-ryung / young Goo Eun-a Lee Jung-jin as Lee Lim

The King: Eternal Monarch: The Soundtracks

  1. I Just Want To Stay With You – Zion. T

This ballad song has proven the best soundtrack on this drama. Zion T’s vocal gives the right nuance to the first part of this drama. This song is about someone who wants to be with his lover no matter obstacles will be dealt with. He believes id they meant to be separated; they will be meeting again. 2. Orbit – Hwasa

The youngest member of MAMAMOO, Hwasa has unique voices that suitable for this song. This song tells about the hymne of support of someone they loved. This will be easy to touch your heart. 3. I Fall In Love – Ha Sungwoon

This song is about miracles, Ha Sung Woon really succeeds to interpret this song beautifully which is about the art of falling in love. 4. Please Don’t Cry – DAVICHI

Davichi is the queen of drama soundtrack, couldn’t she? This ballad song is capturing the voice of the song which tells about somebody sad if someone they love get hurt. 5.Dream – Paul Kim

Paul Kim sang this song so serenade. Dream talks about someone who feels day by day more beautiful when falling in love. Check this song out!. 6. My Day is Full of You – Zico ft. Wendy

My Day is Full of You and so eargasm. This song sang by Zico featuring Wendy Red Velvet. Their voice combination so prefect and shine to portray how people are falling in love.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The King: Eternal Monarch

  1. Someone who loves the genre fiction like the way of Goblin is, would be love this drama since the story plot has offered two different universes. 2. The brightest acting of Lee Min Ho couldn’t be denied; he could easily attract your mind. 3. The cinematic of The King: Eternal Monarch is so fascinating, likewise watching a movie. 4. The chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun is undeniable. 5. The drama soundtracks never failed in your ear. You will get along with it day by day because it is so attachable. That’s all about The King: Eternal Monarch. What are your thoughts about this drama, share it below!

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