Lee Seung-gi performed as a kind-hearted policeman. But, behind his character, a vicious monster lurked inside his mind. The psychopath monster fools everyone except for one person. Find out everything about the K-drama Mouse in this article. Stay tuned!

Mouse: Short Synopsis

Mouse is a Korean thriller-mystery drama about the world of psychopaths. It was broadcasted on tvN from March to May of 2021 and consisted of 20 episodes. Lee Seung-gi took the male lead role while actress Park Ju-hyun acted as the female lead role. Jung Ba-reum (Lee Seung-gi) is a new police officer who started working at a small police station. His character is naïve but kind to people and animals around him. He must collaborate with a team to solve a series of suicide cases. Might be you like to check: Lee Seung-gi’s Plastic Surgery Rumor He is joined by Lee Hee-joon, a suicide detective, and Choi Hong-joo, an investigation director, to find a psychopath who just started murdering people around his station. Midway through the drama, Jung Ba-reum starts acting strange, and he transforms into a merciless psychopath. What causes his transformation and what is the story behind this transformation?

Mouse: Review

Lee Seung-gi finally returned to acting in dramas after his last appearance in the action drama Vagabond. His appearance in Mouse brought every K-drama fan to the edge of their seats. Mouse tells the story of a team of police who try to solve murder cases pertaining to psychopaths. The serial murder cases bring fear into the public. In earlier episodes, the drama was rated 19++, proof that this drama was gruesome and horrifying. The plot of this drama is very unpredictable. Viewers are left guessing who is the boy in the first episode and why does Lee Seung-gi’s character transform into someone else. Mouse‘s director, Choi Joon-bae, did great work in arranging the scenes into a coherent plot and easy-to-understand storyline. This drama is definitely worth watching and guarantees thrilling and entertaining episodes.

Mouse: Cast

Lee Seung-gi as Jung Ba-reum Jung Ba-reum’s character is the most suspicious character in this drama. Jung Ba-reum is a handsome, kind-hearted junior police officer who is placed in a quiet substation. He was an excellent student and he even received a medal for helping local citizens. During office hours, he works as a policeman, but when he is not working, he becomes a friendly neighborhood guy, helping others and caring for the elders. He encounters some serial killing cases, and he has to work in a team with other officers. Strangely, his character changes abruptly after an incident. The nice guy has changed into a bad guy. Lee Hee-joon as Go Moo-chi Go Moo-chi is a seasoned police officer. His character and appearance make people confused about whether he is the police or the criminal. He has a hot temper and frequently assaults suspects to get information. He has the talent and the brains to get a job promotion and earned a high-ranking position, but he gave all of it up to investigate the murder of his family. His family was killed when he was a child, and he is determined to find the murderer. Park Ju-hyun as Oh Bong-yi Oh Bong-yi is a problematic high school student who lives with her grandmother. She is bold, tough, and able to singlehandedly subdue bad guys because of her martial art capabilities. 10 years ago, an accident occurred and changed her character. She learned that the best way to protect herself is with herself. The new actress Park Ju-hyun played the tough girl Oh Bong-yi. Kyung Soo-jin as Choi Hong-joo Choi Hong-joo is a documentary TV producer. She has a strong sense of pride, and she is able to make something out of every project thrown at her. Her sense and intuition have never failed her. Choi Hong-joo is a bright and clever journalist and one of the most talented employees in her broadcasting station. She approaches Go Moo-chi to get as much information as possible about the serial murder case.

Mouse: Important Scenes

Jung Ba-reum and Oh Bong-yi’s relationship make this drama less thrilling and suspenseful. Oh Bong-yi trusts him and leans on him whenever problems happen. But, it was just a cover. Jung Ba-reum is just playing with her and using her.

Jung Ba-reum confronts a man who wants to kill him. Instead of running away, he teases with his mind. In this scene, Jung Ba-reum shows that he doesn’t care about any person, and he can subdue a person easily. People are just his toys, and he can play with their lives as he wishes. https://youtu.be/_Ld60S6Fd1Q This scene shows that Jung Ba-reum is a master in playing mind games. Oh Bong-yi finds out about Jung Ba-reum’s true character, but she wants to confirm it for herself. He confesses to murdering, but he makes Oh Bong-yi hesitate about the revelation.

Mouse: Ending

Spoiler Alert! Go Moo-chi and Oh Bong-yi visit Jung Ba-reum during his last days in prison. Jung Ba-reum’s days are numbered because of his disease. Before his imminent death, Jung Ba-reum apologizes to Go Moo-chi and Oh Bong-yi for the wounds and pain that they suffer because of his killings. However, the wounds are too painful, and they still can’t forgive him. Oh Bong-yi says that Jung Ba-reum deserves an even worse punishment.

5 Reasons to Watch the K-Drama Mouse

1. Unpredictable Plots

Through the 20 episodes, viewers were taken on a thrilling rollercoaster ride. The plots are very hard to predict, and even the main role has something hidden in his character. The director did a good job of arranging the scenes. In the end, the plot is complex but coherent and entertaining.

2. Lee Seung-gi’s Character

Just like the main plot, Lee Seung-gi’s character changes midway through the drama. In earlier episodes, he is portrayed as a naïve and kind police officer. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Does he pretend to be nice or do past memories transform him into a psychopath? More articles about K-Drama Reviews:

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3. Are Psychopaths Born or Made?

Doctor Lee’s findings give us food for thought. If psychopaths are born, then, do we have the right to eliminate them in the first place? If psychopaths are made, then, what can we do to stop them from becoming one? This drama gives some background stories about psychopaths and what they can do to society.

4. Solid Cast

The cast is filled with solid veteran actors, excellent young actors, and awesome child actors. Child actor Kim Kang-hoon impressed viewers with his acting. He is the key character in earlier episodes. With only a few lines, he shows the viewers what a thin line separates a genius kid from a psychopathic kid.

5. Rare Drama Plot

It is not common to see Korean dramas about psychopaths. Through this drama, viewers get to see what a psychopath can do and how they often look like normal people. Additionally, viewers can also see some unusual behavior that can reveal a psychopath’s character. What do you think about Lee Seung-gi’s performance in the K-drama Mouse? In this drama, his acting credentials are tested. However, he can perform two different kinds of personalities within one role with ease. Initially, he is a naïve and kind-hearted guy, but later, he becomes a merciless psychopath.   Don’t forget to share this article with your Twitter account, and tell us your opinion about this thriller drama below!

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