Not only Lee Sung-kyun, but this drama also features the famous actress Song Ji-hyo. Song Ji-hyo herself was amazing thanks to her outstanding acting in the debut television drama Goong aka Princess Hours in 2006, The series became a hit across Asia, contributing to the Korean Wave and in 2010. Song Ji-hyo has joined the urban action variety show Running Man. The show has become popular in other parts of Asia, and has gained online popularity among Hallyu fans, of course, this also has an impact on the popularity of Song Ji-hyo who is commonly known as an actress, in Running Man she shows a different side of herself and is more and more liked by many people through this show. Moreover, this drama also features BoA, more active as a singer, many people are curious and are looking forward to the appearance of BoA in this drama. Let’s find out more about My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week!

My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week: Review

This drama, which has the genre of romance, comedy as well as melodrama, tells the story about Do Hyun-woo (Lee Sung-kyun), a ten-year veteran producer who believes that his wife (Song Ji-hyo) is having an affair. They have been married for eight years in what he believed was a strong relationship until he catches on to a sign that his wife is on the verge of cheating. This pushes him to talk with anonymous people on online social networks to figure out what to do and try to save his marriage. At the beginning of the episode, it has been well illustrated that Do Hyun-woo thought that his wife, Jung So-yeon was having an affair with another man. Many things keep on popping up that further strengthen Do Hyun-woo’s suspicions of his wife. He becomes even more convinced when he sees his wife get out of the car and smile happily at someone in the car, Jung So-yeon even has time to hold hands with the man who is driving the car for a few moments. When he returns home his wife acts perfectly normal and apologizes to Do Hyun-woo for returning home late from work, and Do Hyun-woo is only standing in the living room, looking lost. While drinking, Do Hyun-woo is deep in thought and trying to find answers through an online site, he is writing an online post: “This week, my wife will have an affair. What should I do? Should I ask her about it, or should I just watch it happen? Everyone, please tell me. I only have three days left.” Taking a deep breath, Hyun-woo submits it, then leans back to wait for an answer. Hyun-woo and Soo-yeon finally sit down to talk, Soo-yeon describes how she went out of her way to smile and be relaxed even when she was exhausted. She adds that she was always running around to pick up Joon-soo and take care of their home while also having a career. She says that she thought that everyone lived like that, so it didn’t matter if she wasn’t particularly happy or unhappy. But when she met Ji Sun-woo and he started noticing how overworked she was that things started to change, she claims. That a stranger could see what he couldn’t, made her look at her life differently. He asked her what she wanted to do, and she realized she hadn’t thought about just herself in a long time because she was too busy with her life. Soo-yeon finishes, saying that she knows it isn’t an excuse for cheating. She apologizes again, and annoyed, Hyun-woo asks if she had an affair because he didn’t notice how tired she was. He says that that’s how it is for everyone, pointing out that he hasn’t had an easy life either, but he still makes an effort to help with Joon-soo and the house. Soo-yeon tries to say that isn’t what she meant, but ends up just apologizing again, saying that she should have told him she was having a hard time. Still, she cries that she can’t face him anymore and that it’s all too difficult. Taking a breath, she finally tells a stunned Hyun-woo, “Let’s just stop.” It really is sad to see that while Hyun-woo is fighting to hold on to his marriage and understand his wife, Soo-yeon just wants to end it. That day was a bad day for Soo-yeon, she faces some troubles at work. As news of her personal life spread that she had separated from her family, her boss advises Soo-yeon to quit the project for fear that the problem would affect the project she has been working on. Soo-yeon firmly said that this would not affect the project and she has always separated her personal life from her work. In the final episode, there is a scene where Hyun-woo walks in hurry, he narrates that he couldn’t leave his wife because he was scared of forgetting her and because he was scared of being forgotten. Meanwhile, Soo-yeon sees Joon-soo off to school. Joon-soo gets on the bus and waves goodbye to Soo-yeon, then turns the opposite way to look out the window. Before the bus pulls away, he also waves to someone. That someone is Hyun-woo, he’s across the street, winded from sprinting to the bus stop. When Soo-yeon finally sees him, she freezes in shock. In the narration, Hyun-woo says that the most important thing in his life now is the Soo-yeon that’s standing in front of him, and continues that he hopes she can leave the “old” Hyun-woo in the past too. As they smile at one another, Hyun-woo narrates, “This week, our new story begins.” He runs across the street to his wife, and the two walk off together, into their future. Even though they were divorced in the end, the ending of this drama is satisfying enough for people who watch this, because they are not actually separated, but the divorce ends up making them both lighten up from guilty feeling towards each other.  

My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week: The Cast

After glancing at the storyline of this drama, it is certainly not complete if we don’t reveal the cast who is also a very important factor contributing to the success of this drama as well as to the viewership. Let’s check it out!

Main Cast

Lee Sung-kyun as Do Hyun-woo Do Hyun-woo, a chief producer of an Outsourcing Production TV program for 10 years who finds out that his wife (Jung Soo-yun) is about to meet with an unknown man whom he suspects is his wife’s cheating partner. He becomes a wreck because of his wife’s affair, but is also a realistic person.   Song Ji-hyo as Jung Soo-yeon Song Ji Hyo was the main spotlight in this drama. She played as Jung Soo-yun, a career mom, and wife of Do Hyun-woo, and also a mom of Do Joon-soo. She is a perfect wife and passionate working mom, she sacrificed herself. She would break up her time as she wanted to be perfect with her family or at work, so she didn’t have time for herself. Kim Hee-won as Choi Yoon-ki He is Do Hyun-woo’s friend who is also a playboy. Kim Hee-won is a total womanizer and going around sleeping with tons of women behind his wife’s back, named Eun Ah-ra. Even though he is a mean person he can also be really cute. Ye Ji-won as Eun Ah-ra Eun Ah-ra is Choi Yoon-ki’s wife, she is a perfect wife, wise mother, firm and gentle person. They have lost their faith in one another as a middle-aged married couple. She dared to find out whether her husband cheated on her or not. Lee Sang-yeob as Ahn Joon-young Ahn Joon-young had mixed characters between gorgeousness and worthlessness. He had 1-2% gorgeousness and the rest is worthless. He is pretending to be married for three years because he is too ashamed of the fact that his wife left him three days after their honeymoon. BoA as Kwon Bo-young Kwon Bo-young is a writer with a straightforward and cool personality. She is in a love-hate relationship with Ahn Joon-young. She was married once before but divorced because her husband cheated on her and she is not considering to remarry after her first failure.

Supporting Leads

Kim Kang-hoon as Do Joon-soo He is the son of Hyun-woo and Soo-yeon. He is a seven-year-old boy who acts and speaks like an adult, many of his words are either laugh-inviting or sad. Lee Suk-joon as Ji Sun-woo Ji Sun-woo is a work colleague of Soo-yeon’s as well as Soo-yeon’s affair partner. He is also a married man. Jung Ji-ahn as Kim Mi-ha In My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week, Jung Ji-ahn plays Mi-ha. She is unpredictable, bouncing with unrelenting honest personality and remarks. And there are many other supporting roles in this drama.

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