One Spring Night told a story about a complicated love story in adult life. Being in a relationship doesn’t guarantee that your partner stays loyal. Being in a relationship doesn’t guarantee that you can’t look for a better partner. In this article, Channel-Korea talks about taboo and infidelity in One Spring Night. So stay tuned! One Spring Night: Review One Spring Night is the second drama project by duo writer and director, Kim Eun, and An Pan-seok. The duo previously collaborated in romantic drama Something in the Rain (aka Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food). Initially, K-Drama lovers were skeptical about One Spring Night since it was created by the same team that created Something in the Rain; it even casted the same lead male actor. However, One Spring Night brought more than just a pure romantic drama. It started as infidelity, but viewers took sides with the person who started the affair in the end. It was hardly an affair considering that your formal relationship was merely a formality: stale and lack of affection. Lee Jung-in is a charming and warm librarian who is in a stable relationship with a banker, Gwon Gi-seok. They had been dating for more than four years, and people around them, especially their parents, expected them to tie the knot shortly. Gwon Gi-seok is a boyfriend who neglected Lee Jung-in and chose to spend time with his friends rather than going out with her. day, Lee Jung-in went to the pharmacy store to treat her hangover. She was in a hurry and forgot to bring her wallet. She promised the pharmacist to return again with the money. Yoo Ji-ho, the pharmacist, lend some money for her to pay for the taxi. Initially, he didn’t really care whether she will return the money. However, Lee Jung-in insisted on changing the phone number and promised to pay back in later days. In her house, she could help but think about the kindhearted pharmacist. She tried to contact him in order to pay her debt by transferring the money. Yoo Ji-ho neglected her call in a way to meet her and receive the money in person. After the second meeting, both of them started feeling something special toward each other. It turned out that Yoo Ji-hoo is a single father with a son. Yoo Ji-ho didn’t take long in expressing his feeling to her. She responded by saying that she is in a relationship. Yoo Ji-ho turned out to be Gwon Gi-seok’s junior in university. Yoo Ji-ho realized that Gwon Gi-seok is Lee Jung-in’s boyfriend when they played basketball and Lee Jung-in visited her boyfriend. Yoo Ji-ho couldn’t contain his feeling and kept expressing his affection to Lee Jung-in. She continuously rejected him but her action says the opposite of her words. She kept in contact with him and always welcomes his approach. Deep inside her heart, she kept questioning her stale relationship with her official boyfriend. She fell in love with Yoo Ji-ho. Meanwhile, Gwon Gi-seok found out about Yoo Ji-ho’s approach to Lee Jung-in. He confronted Yoo Ji-ho and asked him to stay away from her. Immediately, Gwon Gi-seok pressed her about their marriage plan. Her feeling of Gwon Gi-seok has long gone and she became stressed due to the marriage plan. Finally, she confessed and told that she lost any affection for him and it was too late for their relationship. One Spring Night is a realistic romantic drama. Many couples are in a relationship that became sour after a certain time but in denial to admit it. It is a drama about an adult relationship that is more than just lovey-dovey affection. One Spring Night might be the perfect drama for a western culture that treat relationship and romance in a more mature way. One Spring Night was broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday from May 22nd to July 11th, 2019 on MBC. It spanned 32 short episodes. One Spring Night started slowly in ratings and plot. As plots and characters developed, ratings improved and reached 9.5% in the last episode. MBC gained criticism for airing One Spring Night in two short episodes of 35 minutes. Korean Laws forbid commercial in between break for TV programs in a terrestrial TV stations. Usually, Korean dramas aired as a single 70 minutes episode with commercials at the end of the drama. By dividing One Spring Night into two shorter episodes, MBC aired commercials between two episodes and earned more profit from the commercials. Allegedly, MBC charged more for commercials in between two episodes.

One Spring Night: The Casts

Han Ji-min performed as Lee Jung-in the librarian who worked in a famous library. She has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for more than 4 years. However, the affection is nothing more than just a formality in front of her boyfriend and her parents. Her relationship has lost its sparks. Her female friend even went as far as saying “Your relationship is like that of middle age married couple.” Although she lost affection for her boyfriend, she didn’t do anything to repair their relationship. She met a kindhearted pharmacist and fell in love with his charm and kindness. Her words said that she is in a loving relationship but her action said that she is looking for love and affection. Lee Jung-in didn’t leave his boyfriend even though she found somebody new. Yoo Ji-ho performed as a pharmacist. He enjoyed playing basketball with colleagues and friends. One day, he met Lee Jung-in and fell in love with her at first sight. He approached her and persisted even though she has a boyfriend. He noticed that Lee Jung-in felt the same chemistry. Yoo Ji-ho has a son that lives with his parents. The reason for them living in separate houses will be revealed in later episodes. Gwon Gi-seok is Lee Jung-in’s boyfriend. He considered her relationship with Lee Jung-in is just a formality. He preferred spending time with friends rather than spending time with her. His father encouraged him to get married to his public image. Although his affection for Lee Jung-in has gone, he confronted her upon knowing her infidelity. He immediately pushed for a marriage plan when it was the last thing on his mind before knowing her affair.

One Spring Night: OST


One Spring Night: Off-Screen Moments

Han Ji-min and Jung Hae-min could help to laugh and to enjoy the One Spring Night photoshoot. Both of them are well known for their youthful look and rightful personality.

Jung Hae-in and Han Ji-min prepared spring flower jar for fans while doing the interview for One Silent Night. Han Ji-min’ cheerful and bright personality made the interview fun and entertaining. Han Ji-min used formal language when speaking with him even though he is much younger than her. During the interview, fans and viewers asked about Han Ji-min’s first impression of Jung Hae-in. Regarding their her first impression, she thought that Jung Hae-in is very light and pure. He looked clean and neat. When he smiled, he looked like a puppy.

Jung Hae-in and Han Ji-min competed in a Jenga game while doing the interview for One Night Spring. Both of them showed a really competitive edge and determine to win.

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