Not to mention how emotional the story is that leads people to shed tears while watching. Consisting of 20 episodes, Our Blues depicts different stories in each episode that somehow makes people have to focus while watching the drama so that they can get immersed in the storyline. Some viewers might think that there are still untold stories between the characters, and they need more explanation for the ending. In this article, Channel Korea will explain further details regarding Our Blues ending, so keep on reading!

K-Drama ‘Our Blues’ Review and Ending Explanation

Our Blues is a 20 episodes drama with an omnibus format with the background of Jeju Island. The Jeju natives are struggling with their stories and personal matters that somehow relate to our daily lives. Since the drama tells various stories in every episode, the viewers also get to know each character’s story, such as the friendship between Jeong Eun-hui (Lee Jung-eun) and Choi Han-soo (Cha Seung-won), the young couple relationship between Bang Young-joo (Roh Yoon-seo) and Jung Hyun (Bae Hyun-sung), the relationship between Lee Young-ok (Han Ji-min) and Park Jeong-jun (Kim Woo-bin), the complicated story of Min Seon-ah (Shin Min-ah) and Lee Dong-seok (Lee Byung-hun), and many more. The drama also depicts the betrayal between friendship, the broken promises, how young love can lead you to adulthood trouble, where the romantic relationship isn’t always easy, and how complicated when a son and a mother are involved in a long-term hostility. Our Blues also stars many famous actors and actresses with their incredible acting. No wonder that the drama hit the double-digit ratings very quickly. The drama somehow reminds us that behind every problem, there is always a way out and a way to be happy.

‘Our Blues’ Ending

During the last episode of Our Blues, especially episodes 19 and 20, the story focused on Dong-seok and his mother and Young-ok and Jeong-jun. The couple eventually meets Jeong-jun’s parents and gets their approval for their relationship. Meanwhile, after their long-term hostility, Dong-seok and his mother, Ok-dong started to rebuild their relationship and be honest about their past mistakes. Dong-seok can treat his mother better and vice versa. However, destiny is always there. Dong-seok witnessed his mother die in front of him, but at least he has been a good son for a couple of days after they went to Mokpo together. Even his mother met Min Seon-ah and witnessed her as the woman his son loves. Time passed by, and the whole Jeju natives were gathering together in the 23rd Pureung-ri Unity Athletic Meet. All the main characters of Our Blues were there and enjoying the sports event. Even we can get to see Young-joo and Hyeon’s daughter who was newly born! They were laughing, competing, and sharing a bunch of happiness. Even Choi Han-su, Min Seon-ah, and Go Mi-ran return to Jeju and participate in the Athletic Meet! The last episode of Our Blues wrapped up with such a beautiful and realistic ending, that eventually, people will get their chance to be happy despite the blues that they have been going through. But still, some parts haven’t been wholly explained such as why Dong-seok’s mother never clearly apologized to him, how about Dong-seok’s mother’s childhood memories, and more. You can watch a little bit of the ending of Our Blues through the clip below:

That’s a wrap for Our Blues review and ending! After all, every character gets a chance to deserve their beautiful ending no matter what happens. For those of you looking for meaningful and slice-of-life drama, Our Blues is highly recommended! Well, does the ending of Our Blues makes you stream down your tears? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!

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