Fresh from being heartbroken by her cheating boyfriend, Han So-hee’s character promised to not trust and not fall in love again. That is until a handsome junior appears and starts approaching her. Is this handsome guy truly falling in love with her or is he just teasing her? Who will fall in love first, the shy girl with sincere love Han So-hee, or the womanizer Song-kang? Find out more about their love story in the K-drama Nevertheless!

Nevertheless: Review

Nevertheless is a drama based on the popular Korean webtoon of the same title. It aired on cable TV, jTBC, from June to August 2021 and was later available to stream from Netflix. Han So-hee, famous for her role as the young mistress in the popular drama The World Of The Married, starred alongside Netflix’s Sweet Home lead actor, Song Kang. The drama was highly anticipated after the success of both actors in previous dramas. Nevertheless started with moderate ratings but, unfortunately, soon failed to live up to early expectations.

Nevertheless: Synopsis

After a heartbreaking separation, Yoo Na-bi promised herself to never date another guy again. She meets a handsome guy, Park Jae-eon, the guy that every woman in the university knows for the wrong reason, the playboy student. Later, they find out that they are studying in the same department. Initially, Jae-eon is only looking for a love companion but as he gets to know her, he falls in love with her. On the other hand, Na-bi, who received warnings from her best friend, can’t help herself either and falls in love with him.

Nevertheless: Cast

Han So-hee as Yoo Na-bi Yoo Na-bi vowed to never fall in love again after her boyfriend, her first love, cheated on her. She dated her ex-boyfriend for two years. They were a campus couple and they majored in the same department. Little that she knew, her ex-boyfriend has been taking advantage of her love and has been cheating on her. Yoo Na-bi is a smart student with incredible artistic talent. Although she looks cold and arrogant outside, Na-bi is very considerate and an easygoing young woman. When Na-bi starts forgetting romance, a handsome guy with a butterfly tattoo—her name means butterfly—appears and her heart flutters again. Song Kang as Park Jae-eon With his tall physique, big eyes, handsome looks, and overflowing confidence, Park Jae-eon can make any woman fall in love with him with ease. He has a kind heart and is very attentive to everyone but he is never interested in dating. Jae-eon studies in the same department as Na-bi but they don’t know each other until they meet in a bar. At first, Jae-eon’s intention is only to tease her and play with her heart. The longer he plays with Na-bi’s heart, the deeper he becomes attracted to her. Chae Jong-hyeop as Yang Do-hyeok Yang Do-hyeok is a gentle and positive guy who operates a popular cooking channel on YouTube. After finishing his military service, Do-hyeok returned to his hometown and met his first love, Na-bi. He falls in love again and after approaching her for some time, Do-Hyeon finally confesses his feelings. He sees hope in Na-bi’s eyes and Na-bi feels the sincerity in Do-hyeok’s eyes. He faces competition from Park Jae-eon. Lee Yul-eum as Yoon Seol-ah Park jae-eon is Yoon Seol-ah’s first love and first boyfriend. They became separated after Seol-ah continued her education in the United States. Even after calling the quits to their relationship, she still has feelings for him. She visited Korea for vacation, but her actual reason was seeing Jae-eon again. After calling him and asking to meet him, Seol-ah finds something different in his eyes. His eyes used to be cold and emotionless but now, they are warm and alive. It turned out that there is another woman that changed his heart.

Nevertheless: Romantic Scenes

The playboy Jae-eon finally makes his move. Just by looking at her eyes, Jae-eon knows her heart is made up already. Love confession is not needed actually, but he couldn’t help to tease and play with her heart.

A man who knows how to cook and prepare a meal can make a woman’s heart flutter, especially when you are as handsome as Song Kang. Song Kang prepared special seaweed soup to celebrate Na-bi’s birthday.

After calling it quits on their romantic relationship, the couple is separated. During that time, they realize their true feelings and reunite again. This time for real!

Nevertheless: Ending

Spoiler alert! This drama teaches us that love is always a learning process and one shouldn’t take it for granted. Heartbroken Yoo Na-bi’s defense is finally collapsed after the constant approaching of Jae-eon. Meanwhile, Yoo Na-bi’s shyness and sincerity make Jae-eon find out about true love. They end up dating after going through a difficult breakup phase.

5 Reasons To Watch The K-drama Nevertheless

The combination of Song Kang and Han So-hee, two top visuals in one K-drama, is enough to get fans to stream this romantic drama. Han So-hee deserved a shot as a lead actress after her performance in The World of The Married. 2. Excellent OST

The OST of the K-drama Nevertheless consists of 8 easy-listening tracks, including a track from Sam Kim. 3. Heated Romance Scenes

Some of the scenes in the K-drama Nevertheless could be put in the over 19 ratings. 4. Artists playing the opposite of their image

Song Kang is known as an actor with a shy and introverted background, while Han So-hee is famous as the mistress who seduces another woman’s husband. In the K-drama Nevertheless, both artists perform roles that are the exact opposite of their image. 5. Webtoon adaptation but different ending

Nevertheless is adapted from a Korean webtoon with the same title, but with a different plot ending. Since the ending is twisted, viewers were left surprised by the final episode. Don’t you love a K-drama adaptation of a webtoon? The dramas always deliver something different from the original webtoon series. Although the rating is relatively lower than expected, Nevertheless has positive reviews, especially from global viewers. What do you think about Song Kang and Han So-hee’s romantic love story in Nevertheless? Kindly drop a line with your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this article with your social media account!

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