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Moreover, people were very shocked by the ending scene of this movie. So, in this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with information about the Parasite ending scene. Stay tuned!

Parasite Review and Ending Explanation

Parasite tells the story of the lower class family of Kim Ki-taek (Mr. Kim), Kim Ki-woo (son), Kim Ki-jung/Jessica (daughter), Chung Sook (Mrs. Kim) who live in a semi-basement apartment. One day, they come up with a plan to live as a luxurious family by working at the Park family apartment. The family contrives a cunning, deceptive plan to creep into the Park family going so far as to pretend that they don’t know each other. At first, Kim Ki-woo gets an offer to be a private teacher hired as Park Dah-hye’s (Park’s daughter) English tutor. But suddenly, Ki-taek changes his goal and wants to take all of Park’s property.

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As time goes by, Ki-woo becomes more greedy and he wants to take all his family members to live in the Park family estate. And so Mr. Kim becomes Mr. Park’s chauffeur, Mrs. Kim is hired as a housekeeper, while Ki-jung is hired as Da-song’s art therapist. CAUTION: The content below contains a spoiler!

The Parasite Ending Explained

In the ending scene, the conflict is heating up and it reaches its highest point. In the final act, during the birthday party of the Park baby boy, the husband of the former housekeeper of the Park family emerges from the bunker and stabs Ki-jung having previously injured Ki-woo. Then, Mr. Kim kills Geun because he stabbed his daughter. At the moment, Mr. Park demands Mr. Kim to drive them to the hospital because their baby boy is unconscious even though his daughter is badly bleeding. Hearing Mr. Park’s command and not seeing his condition, he immediately stabs him to death and runs away. Then, Mr. Kim hides from the police in the bunker. In the final scene, we can see Ki-woo wake up in the hospital after recovering from the injuries. The alluring part is that when Ki-woo is hiking up a mountain, he looks at the Park house and notices there’s a flickering light sending a code. To check out the scene, you can watch it below!

The Parasite Ending Explained by Fans and Their Response

Actually, this movie isn’t included as a plot-twist movie. Instead, this movie is very relatable in a social environment with different points of view. Every fan or viewer has felt that the ending was perfect and superb! They enjoyed the plot, the acting of the actors, and the set cinematography. So, here are some of the fans’ responses! So, that’s all the information regarding the explanation of the Parasite ending scene. Then, what do you think about this amazing movie? Please kindly put your thoughts in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial.

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