Not only about the leading plot in fighting zombie plague at Joseon Dynasty become the centre but also with the conflict politic in emperor between Lee Chang and the Queen, Cho. The movie aired in March 2020 has stolen many viewers all over the world, which makes this movie worthwhile to watch. Let’s get to know more about this movie on this Channel-Korea below!

Kingdom Season 2: Review

The Kingdom Season 2 was adapted from webcomic whose genius written by Kim Eun-Hee and cartoonist, Yang Kyung-Il. Netflix has televised this serial movie of 6 episodes in the middle of March 2020. The Kingdom Season 2 was adapted from a web-comic whose genius written by Kim Eun-Hee and cartoonist, Yang Kyung-Il. Netflix has broadcasted this serial movie of 6 episodes in the middle of March 2020. This movie started precisely aired on March 13, 2020, get high attention since it was the continuity from Kingdom season 1 in 2019. The first season got successful and lead the anticipated movement to this season. Beware of the Spoiler that might intrigue you, but if you want to know what is more and ask the unanswered question, you may find in this review. Check this out! This Kingdom Season 2 is more emotionally exhausted rather than Season 1. If it could be said as crazy, tense, sad, and puzzled yet made curiosity higher. The story still begins with the Prince, Lee Chang (acted by Joo Ji-hoon) in tackle the disease epidemic source from a zombie that infected almost all people in the region. Moreover, in this Kingdom Season 2, the starving become the main problem, how people get access and safety in getting the food. Another conflict in getting the throne becomes the source of challenge that was showing deeper on Kingdom Season 2. It is why the story leads to emotional drain and anger. To some of you who watched Season 1, this Season 2 will explain all the mysteries that happened before. So, it worth it to watch Season 1 first. You can find the answer to some questions that appeared in Season 1 and making new knowledge with the story flow back and forth. In the first season, the zombie becomes the most spotting scene on Season 1, but in Season 2, it becomes the supporting story in the Kingdom conflict. Queen Cho in the first season always seen as the charismatic Queen and obey her father’s request, now in Season 2, she showed her cunning in defending the throne. Nonetheless, she becomes the primary threaten in the second season rather than a zombie. She becomes more dreadful and unpredictable. Season 2 has fast-paced and undoubtedly showing the sharpness of the story-line. The effect of slow motion, lighting, sound effects made the movie become a more suspenseful and dramatic thriller. The background of all casts on Season 2 becomes more transparent. It shows all behind after some of the flashback scenes and confrontation among them. The motive of the cast is seen, and one by one the secret of them becomes revealed—for instance, the mystery of someone spying the crown prince all this time. The story has many surprises that were engaging the viewers until episode 6. The crown Prince, who still fed up with corruption, was realized that the honor of his people is the most important. Issues of social class and patriarchy are presented beautifully through the storyline. South Korea has been known as making the man more important since a long time ago, and this movie also gives the lesson regarding this issue. After all, one conflict has been ended, but another conflict is waiting to be solved. The epidemic has been ended after seven years. But at the end of the episode, someone mysteriously coming and seems to have interest besides getting the throne. It may have a connection with occultism, since the source of plants that made the epidemic is found on the mountain with religious accessories around it. It will lead to Season 3, so stay tuned!

Kingdom Season 2: The Casts

Ryu Seung-Ryong as Lord Cho Hak-Ju. The Chief State Councilor of Joseon and head of the Haewon Cho clan. He becomes the father of Queen Consort Cho and Cho Beom-il and the uncle of Cho-Beom-pal. His character is a cold, ruthless leader, wanted to secure his power over the throne through Queen Cho’s unborn child that leads him to found a way to the throne in place of Lee Chang. Bae Doona as Seo-Bi. A physician’s assistant from Dongnae. He becomes the first to found the outbreak of the mysterious epidemic. She is curious to find a cure and want to journal crucial information about the disease. Kim Sang-ho as Mu-Yeong. Prince Chang’s loyal personal bodyguard who guides him to the southern provinces to research the epidemic. He was bravely leaving his pregnant wife in the capital. Kim Sung-kyu as Yeong-shin, a mysterious tiger hunter from the South who is also among the first to find the outbreak of the epidemic. A skilled fighter who carries early European muskets, he supporting Lee Chang and helps him in leading the confrontation against the undead. Jeon Seok-Ho as Cho Beom-Pal. The incompetent magistrate of Dongnae and Cho Hak-Ju’s nephew. He is interested in self-preservation rather than protecting his people. Kim Hye-Jun as Queen Consort Cho. The young and pregnant Queen of Joseon who is Cho Hak-Ju’s daughter, and stepmother’s of Cho Beom-il sister, and Lee Chang. She fights to secure her power over the throne by giving birth to a son that will displace Crown Prince Lee Chang as the rightful heir as her father did before. Heo Joon-Ho as Lord Ahn Hyeon. The former governor and war hero who has retired from public service. He is popular among the people and lives a quiet life in Sangju. He is the mentor to the young Lee Chang.

Kingdom Season 2: The Soundtracks

This movie apparently doesn’t have any soundtrack, yet it is not become disturb the story. The sound effect and the whole story-line have been engaging and well presented and making this movie without a soundtrack has not been noticed.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Kingdom Season 2′

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