A mini sitcom drama Vampire Idol made us curious about what it would be like to see idols who actually are vampires. We have seen many K-Pop idol dramas so it would not be a waste if you decide to give this sitcom a try and add it to your watchlist. It is a story of a vampire prince who wants to become a K-Pop global idol. For this, he struggles a lot and all the hard work of him and his friends makes the drama more interesting. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with the K-Drama review: Vampire Idol – a hilarious rom-com full of handsome models. Stay tuned and let’s learn more about the drama!

Vampire Idol: Review

Vampire Idol is a South Korean youth sitcom that aired on MBN on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from December 5th, 2011, to March 30th, 2012, for a total of 79 episodes. The screenwriters of the sitcom are Lee Sung-eun and Ha Chul-seung and it was directed by Lee Geun-wook. Each episode is only 30 minutes long. Vampire Idol tells a story about a naive vampire prince from Vampire planet who visits the Earth to see a live performance of his favorite idol opponents. He remains stuck on Earth with his three trusted and loyal servants. He then decides to join the competition himself and struggles to become a global pop idol to fulfill his lifelong dream of fame and glory. Vampire Idol ended in episode 79. Fans were really frustrated with the sudden ending of the sitcom. Some fans even stated that it was literally the worst ending in history. As the series was originally planned for 120 episodes, scenes of Soo-hyuk and Min-kyung have been few and far between. That is why in episode 78, the writer strongly hinted that Soo-hyuk has feelings for Min-kyung. Throughout the show, Woo-bin has always been the one among the vampires who wanted to stay on earth. The ending also set up his proposal to Yu-bi. In one episode of Vampire Idol, there is a bike scene where Min-kyung meets the Prince. It is really a hilarious scene where the Prince falls from the bike because he does not know how to ride a bike. Remembering those scenes made us realize it does not matter if this drama was not a high budget drama with an average 16 to 20 episode featuring an extraordinary cast. The weird acting and the awkward scenes, the struggle of the vampires who try to solve problems obviously make a humorous scene and all these elements were in Vampire Idol.

Vampire Idol: The Cast

Main cast

Lee Jung as Prince (Wang-ja)

Wang-ja has everything perfect, from appearance, character, talent, to attitude. But only when he is the prince of Vampire planet, on Earth he is considered the exact opposite and hated for being unattractive.

Kang Min-kyung as Min-Kyung

Min-kyung is 19 years old and she works as a road manager in a talent agency. Later she becomes the vocalist of a girl group.

Shin Dong-yup as Dong-yup

Dong-yup is the manager of a talent agency. He is in charge of Vampire Voice. Everything he says is a lie and he is extremely good at lying.

Kim Soo-mi as Soo-mi

Soo-mi, an old woman who is 61 years old. She works for the talent agency and is in charge of providing meals in the boarding house for the members of Vampire Voice.

Lee Soo-hyuk as Soo-hyuk/Mukadil Paejua

Mukadil is 22 years old and he is one of the servants of the Prince. He is the vocalist of Vampire Voice and also plays the guitar and drums. He has a serious personality and is very vampire-like, always craving for blood.

Kim Woo-bin as Woo-bin/Gabri Rates

Gabri Rates is 22 years old. He is also one of the servants of the Prince. He has a superpower to hear something far away or he has a sharp hearing.

Hong Jong-hyun as Jong-hyun/Yariru Genius

He is a genius with an IQ of 790. He is also very socially awkward. Supporting cast Hwang Kwanghee as Kwang-hee Bang Minah as Minah Chun Woo-hee as Woo-hee Kim Soo-Yeon as Soo-Yeon Lee Yu-bi as Yu-bi Oh Kwang-rok as Kwang-rok Kim Dong-soo as Dong-soo Kim Sook as Oh Sook/Jenny Don Spike as Teacher Don Song Soo-Hyun as young Soo-mi Oh Hee-Joon as Kwang-hee’s manager Lee Hae-in Kim Sung-hoon Cameo appearances Kim Wan-sun as Do Woo-mi Jay Park as J Lee Eui-jung Jung Heechul as himself (ep.07) Moon Jun-young as himself (ep. 07)  

Vampire Idol: The Soundtrack

The theme song used for the sitcom Vampire Idol is a song titled “Lucky Star” by Lee Jung Feat. Ha Dong Kyun.

In the sitcom Vampire Idol, there is a girl group called Fantastic Girls and they sing a song titled “Girls Girls.” The song is kinda catchy and easy to listen to.

Fantastic Girls is a girl group consisting of 4 people:

In episode 73 of Vampire Idol, the girl group Fantastic Girls perform their song on stage.

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