In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about shocking K-Pop wardrobe malfunction accidents. So stay tuned!


Hwasa revealed her wardrobe malfunction on a guest appearance on Happy Together. She said that in November 2015, while performing Mr Ambiguous, her upper strap was stretched out and snapped out of place. It happened because she moved her arm out too strongly and too suddenly. At first, she didn’t notice that the strap fell out of place, but when she continued dancing on the stage, she finally realized it. She managed to hold the strap while dancing, she held it before it fell further down and dropped her outfit. Too her surprise, her best friend, Whee In, realized that she was in trouble and she immediately went behind Hwasa’s back and fixed the strap at its original place. Whee In did it within a very short time and without losing the choreography. Hwasa said that she liked wearing halter tops since they showed her prominent shoulders. However, the outfit was prone to wardrobe malfunctions. On the program, she said that she could almost have been called the nation breast if she exposed her breast at that moment. Luckily, Whee In spotted the problem and fixed her outfit before disaster struck.

Again, Hwasa made headlines with her bold outfit selection. During a concert performance for her song Don’t with Rapper Loco, she chose an incredibly sexy outfit. The outfit was deemed too sexy by netizens. The outfit was too tiny and small, as if she was wearing lingerie. She exposed her shoulders and upper body while her butt cheek was also exposed. Netizens claimed that the outfit wasn’t appropriate and that she looked slutty in the dress.


Sana had several wardrobe malfunctions throughout her stage performances with TWICE. One of them was at SBS’s 2017 Gayo Daejun. Sana wore a stylish white onepiece with additional white ribbon on her hair. While performing their hit single, Likey, her ribbon started falling from her hair. It started bothering her since she was moving around while the ribbon dangled around her hair. She waited for the right moment and the right choreography to grab and hold the ribbon in her hand. Later, she stuffed the ribbon inside her outfit without any hesitation. Fans admired her professionalism and her quick thinking persona. She managed to solve a wardrobe malfunction with barely anyone noticing. She deserved praise for holding on to her top throughout her performance and completing her dance choreography perfectly.

While performing at the FINA Super Concert in Gwangju City, TWICE did a rehearsal before their actual performance. At the time, Momo was wearing a halter top for her stage outfit. TWICE’s dance choreography was very intense and cause Momo’s halter top to come untied. She managed to grab the tie and held onto it during her dance choreography. She tried to fix it several times during the performance, but due to the intensity of the choreography, she couldn’t fix it. Other TWICE members tried to help her but they failed to secure her top.


In Yunho’s first stage appearance after serving in the military, he suffered a wardrobe malfunction. Yunho and TVXQ made an appearance and were performing their latest song, Drop, at the SM Town Live World Tour VI in Seoul, Korea. Perhaps since it was his first stage performance after almost two years on hiatus from performing on stage, he performed very passionately. Due to the intensity of his choreography, he ripped his pants in the middle of the stage performance. His red underwear was clearly visible as he danced along with the music. He kept his composure and was completely immersed in his own performance.


Taemin is famous for his powerful and energetic dance. He is also famous as the trousers-ripper for having had numerous trousers-ripping accidents. While performing on KBS Gayo Daejoun, he accidentally ripped his pants due to his intense dance choreography. SHINee members wore multi-colored flower patterned suits. During their performances for Clue and Note, Taemin’s trousers ripped at the crotch, making his underwear visible. However, he continued his performance without much hesitation. Another wardrobe malfunction occurred while performing at a SHINee concert in Nagoya Japan in April 2017. When performing Step By Step and Do Me Right, again, Taemin’s trousers split open at the crotch in the middle of his solo dance. In the middle of the performance, he went backstage while continuing singing his parts, and changed his trousers. He returned with a new pair of trousers and continued dancing as if nothing serious has happened.


Rookie dance group Bambino made headlines for the wrong reason. During their stage performance, one of their members, Hadam, was allegedly performing without safety pants. Hadam was famous for her sexy and glamorous figure. While performing New Thang, Hadam wore a sexy white tank top and incredibly short shorts. Bambino is a female dance group, and they were infamous for their sexy and provocative dances. When performing the usual provocative dance moves, Hadam allegedly revealed too much skin on her private parts. Netizens condemned her daring and provocative outfit. To make it worse, her facial expression seemed a bit too horny to normal people. Bambino often performed in universities’ festivals and high schools. Their outfits were considered too bold and provocative for the young generation. Hadam left Bambino in 2017 after going through numerous controversies, mainly regarding wardrobe selection and wardrobe malfunctions


EXO performed at their EXO’LUSION concert in Macau in November 2015. While they were performing Lucky, they were standing behind a paper screen to change their outfits while continuously singing. However, the paper screen was torn out at several parts, revealing Chen and Lay’s upper bodies in the middle of changing. The EXO members were shocked and immediately covered their upper bodies with their shirts. Some of them ran backstage while Baekhyun went to the center stage to divert the audience’s attention. The EXO members experienced cute wardrobe malfunctions when performing at the 2018 MBC Show Champion in Manila, Philippines. When they performed Power, parts of Sehun’s sleeves got entangled to D.O’s suit. They were stuck for a moment and stopped to fix their wardrobe. After a quick fix with Sehun’s swift hands, the parts were separated and both of them continued their dance routine. It happened very fast, and other members barely noticed the accident. However, Sehun and D.O couldn’t hide their embarrassment, and smiled at each other while performing their choreography.


Girls Generation’s Yoona appeared as one of the MCs for the 2017 Busan International Film Festival. She looked gorgeous in her long, nude-white and semi-transparent dress. During an appearance in the Red Carpet ceremony, she looked amazing as she walked, while being accompanied by handsome actor Jang Dong-geun. From the front, there was nothing wrong with her dress. However, her back was a problem, since the dress clearly showed the outline of her bottom. Her outfit selection made headlines because of the design of the back.


SISTAR performed live on KBS GAYO Daejun 2017. They received criticism for their incredibly short one-piece outfits. Their undergarments were easily visible when members bent forward. The member that received the harshest criticism was Hyorin, perhaps because of her sexy and voluptuous figure, which stood out from the rest of the members. In February 2013, SISTAR made headlines for wrong reasons. In a comeback performance on Mnet’s M! Countdown, Hyorin was wearing a tank top. However, her push-up bra was clearly visible from the side view. It came as a big surprise, since Hyorin was well known for her glamorous body shape. Netizens criticized and doubted her sexy figure because of the push-up bra. Most of SISTAR fans weren’t worried about the incident, since they liked Hyorin because of her voice and singing talent.


When performing for KBS’s Music Bank, 4Minute’s Nam Ji-hyun suffered a wardrobe malfunction. During the live show, her bra became loose and detached, and some parts were seen waving around her side. Fortunately, she wasn’t disturbed by the accident and she managed to complete the performance without any trouble. Netizens praised her coolness and wished that in the future, 4Minutes stylist became more aware and careful when selecting their stage outfits.

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