GOT7’s Jackson

First on our list is GOT7’s Jackson! Even though he is known for being friendly and talkative, Jackson also knows how to do aegyo properly. During one of the episodes of Weekly Idol, Jackson surprised himself and the other Weekly Idol guests when he was did an aegyo! The other people couldn’t stand against Jackson’s cuteness, and they couldn’t stop calling Jackson a cute person!

Jackson also showed his aegyo when he was at a dance practice along with the other GOT7 members! The funny part was GOT7’s Yugyeom’s disturbed expression when he glanced over at Jackson’s aegyo at that time!


EXO’s D.O is well-known for being manly and reserved. Even though he used to say that he didn’t do aegyo that much in real life, he was caught doing some aegyo during the filming process for Pure Love. Since his character was kind of a romantic and cheesy person, D.O practiced some aegyo to make his character look even more natural! Besides that, the moments when D.Odoes aegyo have also become some of the most anticipated moments for EXO-Ls! Even EXO’s Kai has said that the member who had the most aegyo in EXO was D.O! In JTBC’s Knowing Brothers, D.O said that aegyo was hard for him to do, but, eventually, the other members and hosts made him try to do some on the show.

During one of EXO’s fan meetings, D.O finally showed his aegyo to the fans! Even though actually he won’t usually do that, he finally did. The crowd got pretty crazy and was totally charmed by D.O’s aegyo.


People must be familiar with the edgy and manly image of the BIGBANG members, especially as it’s seen through their style and music. But have you noticed that the members can do pretty good aegyo? One of BIGBANG’s members, T.O.P, proved it! When he appeared on Weekly Idol with the other BIGBANG members, T.O.P was asked to do the famous ‘kiyomi’ aegyo! He seemed to be struggling with it, and the aegyo turned into something hilarious instead of just being cute! With his deep voice and manly image, the aegyo from T.O.P made people burst into laughter! Since the idol didn’t have lots of aegyo, it also made the fans think he looked adorable with his version of aegyo!


AB6IX’s Woojin

Park Woojin, who’s famously known for his sexy and husky voice, is just adorable when he does aegyo! During one of the AB6IX‘s performances, Woojin was asked to do some aegyo. In response, he just gave himself chubby cheeks and a pouting expression, which got the crowd really excited at the time. Not only that, when he appeared in one of the episodes of Idol Radio, his fans couldn’t get over his cuteness! He turned his normally-husky voice into a cute, pitchy voice, and his cute gesture looked as adorable as ever!

NCT 127’s Taeil

Moon Taeil from NCT 127 was famously known as one of the cutest members. No wonder that there were a bunch of aegyo moments from him, which made him look even more adorable! Through one of the episodes of Weekly Idol, NCT 127 appeared as the guests, besides that, Taeil showed his effortless aegyo! The other NCT members revealed that Taeil used to practice a lot when it comes to aegyo, and he’s good at it. Then Taeil showed his aegyo while he sang a cute song, as well!

On another variety show, Taeil again showed his cuteness through his aegyo, as well. Well, it has been %100 proven that Taeil has the power of aegyo, right?


SEVENTEEN’s fandom must agree that Woozi is the cutest members of SEVENTEEN due to his cute image and adorable appearance. But, do you know that actually Woozi dislikes aegyo? The other SEVENTEEN members have said that even though Woozi has a cute image, he’s actually a very manly and earnest person. It also revealed that Woozi hates touching, even if it’s just in a friendly way. Woozi said that the other members keep on touching him, just to tease him even more! When SEVENTEEN came as the guest on Weekly Idol, Woozi was asked to do some aegyo. With the song Oppaya as the background, Woozi finally showed off his ‘hidden’ skills for for being cute, and the result was really mind-blowing! Woozi was looking naturally cute while he did the aegyo, and he even looked like he was enjoying himself!

Former Member of HIGHLIGHT’s Junhyung

One of the former HIGHLIGHT members, Junhyung, also used to appear with his aegyo! The other members have said they thought that Junhyung was a sweet person, as well. When HIGHLIGHT appeared in Weekly Idol, Junhyung was asked to show off his aegyo with one of TWICE’s songs! It turns out that his aegyo was really adorable and effortless!

Still with regard to a Weekly Idol appearance, this time Woojin showed another aegyo expression! He appeared with a cute smile and sheepishly bit the tips of two of his fingers, making it so the other members couldn’t stand his cuteness! Then he gave two love signs directly to the camera, as well!

That was all of the information about K-Pop idols and their struggles while they were trying to do aegyo! Even though some of them found it kinda difficult, they could still manage it, making their fans really happy. Let’s always support them and wait for future aegyo moments from other K-Pop idols! You can make a comment down below about which one is your favorite aegyo among all of them!

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